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The purpose of using stash containers is to hide your valuables such as your vape pen, og kush, 510 oil cartridges, cash, and jewelry. Check out all the different sizes of stash containers we have below. We'll ship it for FREE too!

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What is a Stash Container?

Stash containers are specifically designed for you to easily hide and stash your smoking materials and setup. They come in various shapes and sizes that can hide inconspicuously in the form of common household objects such as chip cans, AJAX bottles, cans of soda, and even hairbrushes. They are very popular and have an unending variety of different styles to choose from. They make for perfect items to hide under the sink, in the bathroom, and in other places where a normal smoking stash would be easily recognized. The stash containers we offer make it easy to hide your stash in plain sight without having to worry about it being discovered by family or children. Stash containers all have a normal looking outside design that mimics common household objects but contain an inner portion that is perfectly designed for inconspicuously holding your various materials including wraps, grinders, concentrate, lighters, and more.

How to Choose a Stash Container

Stash containers may come in many different shapes and sizes, but there is always a common inner portion that is hollowed out for easy placement of your smoking devices. These stash containers, depending on the size you get, can hold various items such as pipes, grinders, herb containers, dabbers, silicone concentrate containers, and more. You can use any hiding place including under the sink in the bathroom, under a desk in your room, or alongside the collectibles you are using to mimic the stash containers design. The type of stash container you choose depends on your planned hiding places and the type of household object you would like the stash container to resemble. There are a wide variety to choose from and it is likely that multiple different types of containers will do the trick. Also keep in mind how much gear you are aiming to place into the container, as larger pieces will be able to naturally hold larger quantities.

Why Buy a Stash Container?

Stash containers make for the perfect container to inconspicuously hide all of your smoking materials if you may have family members or children you wish to keep them away from. Rather than worry about finding a normal object lying about that could end up smelling terrible and getting discovered when you need it to stay hidden, these stash containers are almost always smell-proofed and much easier to pack objects and tools into. This is because they were designed specifically for this purpose and make it easier to fit without worrying about damaging your pieces or the stash object you may be using. They make for perfect stash spots that even in plain sight remain hidden and do not spark any suspicion. They mostly come in designs where the outer portion takes the shape of very easy to overlook common objects that even when placed in plain sight in the correct area, will not be easily noticed. If you like to keep your habits to yourself and need a durable and easy to use stash container, we offer a variety of options that will be perfect for any household or apartment.