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Dugout pipes are very similar to Chillum pipes because they both function like one-hitters. We have several types of dug-out pipes for sale and we ship in discreet packaging. Choose which size and case color below are the most suitable for you.

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What is a Dugout Pipe?

Dugout pipes, also known as one-hitter or “bats”, are box-shaped weed containers that also feature additional space for loading and smoking of dry herbs. These dugout pipes often feature an additional small one-hitter pipe either in the form of glass or a small cigarette-shaped pipe. Some dugout pipes are designed to help pack the perfect amount of tobacco or herb into the smaller pipe for even quicker and easier on-the-go usage. Dugout one hitter pipes are considered to be a superior replacement for simply carrying rolling papers, as it is more efficient, discrete, and fits easily in your pocket without the worry of leaking or tearing. They normally come with a scarper tool for easy cleaning of the airway passage of the smaller pipe. The dugout container can carry more than an eighth of ground up herbs depending on the size of the box. Dugout pipes are often found with a wooden design but can also be stainless steel or silicone as well.

How to Choose a Dugout Pipe

Most dugout pipes feature similar construction and features but can vary slightly in the material they are made in and the type of pipe it comes with. If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing and collectible dugout boxes, glass constructed pieces can be a very fun piece to add to the collection. The most commonly purchased dugout one hitter pipe material is wooden or plastic along with the cigarette-sized pipe that can be easily loaded with extra loading compartment feature most models feature. In order to find the perfect dugout pipe for your needs, consider the type of material you would prefer, the size of the box, and also what features you would like it to include. Dugout pipes can vary greatly and by keeping in mind these factors, you can get yourself the perfect dugout one hitter pipe to add a quick and easy-to-use one-hitter that will compliment your setup. Keep in mind details such as size, type of pipe, and the material the box and pipe are made from when searching for your ideal dugout pipe.

Why Buy a Dugout Pipe?

Dugout pipes make for one of the most convenient yet potent dry herb smoking experiences you can have. Using a dugout pipe and box removes the need for even touching the herb, making it one of the fastest and easiest to load pieces you can buy. Whether or not you want a glass, silicone, plastic, or wooden construction dugout pipe, they all are quick, convenient, and are the perfect travel companions. Dugout pipes are the perfect quick fix piece that allows you to use them in a matter of a minute or two without worrying about getting your hands sticky or having to spend time rolling or packing a bowl. With the product already ground and stored inside, it is one of the most streamlined ways to get a quick hit.