Collection: Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass Spoon Pipes are one of the most common glass pipes to own. They are small, portable and come in all kinds of cool designs. We have some chameleon glass that changes color and some that are made by American glass blowing artists. Check out our spoon pipes below and we'll ship it to you for FREE in discreet packaging.

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What is a Glass Spoon Pipe?

Spoon pipes are the most commonly used and basic type of dry pipe used by smokers everywhere. They are cylindrical and have a bowl and carb hole at one end of the piece, and a mouthpiece at the other hand. They are aptly named for their spoon-like and cylindrically shaped design and just vary in the width and overall size of the piece, but do not vary as far as the shape of the piece itself. Spoon pipes are very popular for good reason - they provide quick access to rips and also are one of the easiest pieces to maintain and take with you on the go. Using a spoon pipe is one of the most classic ways to consume dry herbs and are a staple part of most smokers line of gear.

How To Choose a Glass Spoon Pipe?

Choosing a spoon pipe is simple - just choose between the size and design that fits your preferences and you are sure to enjoy the piece. There is not a ton of variety with spoon pipes, they all have a similar shape and vary slightly in size depending on what you are looking for. When looking for a new spoon pipe to add to your collection, just keep in mind how big you would like it to be and what colors and designs you would like it to showcase. The spoon pipes you have the option to choose from can be made from glass, wood, or metal. Metal pipes hold heat and can sometimes burn your hand, while wooden pipes are fun to use and aesthetically pleasing but can become worn and damaged over time from use. Glass pipes can be maintained and cleaned very easily and will not wear down with use, and also do not expel chemicals for you to inhale.

Why Buy A Glass Spoon Pipe?

Spoon pipes are easy to use and very simple to maintain. Adding a spoon pipe to your collection or starting off with one will make it easy to get quick and clean rips at home or on the go. Spoon pipes are perfect for beginners and veterans alike - use it as a quick hitter addition to your setup that you can take with you for sessions with friends. For newbies, spoon pipes make a perfect starter piece that will give you a great taste and big rips when you want without starting off with a more complex and heavy device.