Do Wax Pens Smell - Wax Vapor Breakdown

Short Answer - Yes, Wax Pens Smell

Yes, when you use a wax pen, there is going to be a smell. When you blow the vapors after taking a hit, the vapor will travel around the room and with them, smells! However, unlike smells that come with smoking tobacco or dry herb, the smell from the vapor of wax dissipates very quickly. For example, if you are across the room while using a wax vape pen, they may not ever smell the vapors you blow out, depending on the size of the room. This is in start contrast to smoke, which will quickly fill a room, the smell will be quite noticeable, and the smell will linger for an extended period of time.

What Does a Wax Pen Smell Like?

The smell produced by your wax pen will vary depending on specifically what kind of wax you are vaping. However, though the smell may vary, it will never be as strong or recognizable as smoke from tobacco or dry herb. As we have mentioned, the vapor from wax is much weaker and will dissipate quickly regardless of what specifically it smells like. Keep in mind that the more concentrated your wax is and the longer draws you take during vaping will increase the potency of potential smells that are produced.

Can You Bake Out a Room With Wax Vapors?

YES. For example, say you are vaping in a small room with no ventilation. Even though vapor has the characteristic of dissipating quickly, it can still concentrate if there is literally nowhere for it to go. If you have a long vaping session while producing heavy clouds of vape, you can absolutely stink up a room. Vaping means fewer smells, but it does not mean zero smells. To help minimize the smells from wax vaping from being noticed, follow the easy steps we discuss below!

How to Minimize Wax Pen Smell

Small Puffs

This is an easy one! Simply taking smaller puffs will reduce the overall smell that builds up in a room from vaping wax. The small vapor clouds will more easily ventilate and dissipate without giving the smell a chance to build and start to become noticeable. Small puffs also let you enjoy your concentrates for longer periods, too!

Vape Outside or Ventilated Area

The most consistent way to make sure that the smell from the wax vapor does not become an issue is to vape outside or in a well-ventilated area. Vaping outside will make the smells essentially undetectable as they will quickly be blown away. A well-ventilated room, while not as effective as vaping outside, will still make quick work of any lingering smells from wax vaping. If you are concerned about baking out a room or bothering others with the smell of your wax, either of these options is a sure-fire bet.

Exhale Upward

Vapor is hot when exhaled, and will naturally rise once exhaled. To help expedite the vapors dissipating, blowing the vapor upwards will help it rise away from the nose-level. Blowing at face level or even down will give the vapor a chance to sit and take longer to dissipate.

Fan Blowing Out the Window

If you have a fan pointed outwards in a window, it will pull are from the room and push it outside. Vaping closely to a fan positioned like this will allow the vapor to get caught in the current of the fan, quickly blowing it outside without any of the smell lingering in the room. This method also guarantees that you will not end up baking out a room, as the fan will consistently keep fresh air moving into the room.

Smoke Buddy

A Smoke Buddy is an accessory that is an option to use with wax vaping. They claim to be able to filter vape or smoke that you blow into it, removing irritants and smells that may result. These are optional accessories and are not required for wax vaping. However, if you are especially concerned about bothering others with the smell of your wax vapors, trying out a Smoke Buddy might be just what you are looking for!

Wax Pen Vapors vs Dry Herb Vapors

Both of these kinds of vapors are similar to each other, though there are subtle differences. The smell of wax vapor and dry herb vaporizers are different (you are vaping completely different substances, after all). Wax vapor tends to produce a thicker vapor than dry herb vaping as well, which means that the smell from wax vaping will be more noticeable. Using a temperature control vape pen on low heat settings will allow you to produce a very thin amount of vapor, making both wax pens and dry herb vapes very discreet.

Can I Vape with a Wax Pen and Remain Discreet?

Absolutely! While it is true that wax vapor has a smell, that is also true of all vaping products. Wax pens remain as one of the most discreet ways to enjoy wax concentrates. This is especially true when compared to other traditional smoking methods. As we have mentioned, wax vapors dissipate very quickly, and far more quickly than smoke. Wax pens also look like e-cigs or other common vaping devices, so using one will not immediately draw attention like busting out a traditional dab rig.

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