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Dab Rigs are great for those who like dabbing wax concentrates. We carry heat resistant food grade silicone dab rigs and glass dab rigs. Both types are excellent quality and have great airflow. What's great about the silicone dab rigs is that they're indestructible. Check out all of the cool rigs we have. We'll ship them to you discreetly.

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What is a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs are the go-to tool for consuming wax or concentrates. Rigs come in all shapes and sizes that include water rigs, large and small bongs, and even some that come in the form of a pen. Dab rigs normally consist of a stem, a chamber that may or may not contain a percolator, and a nail. Dabs have become one of the most popular choices among smoking enthusiasts due to the incredibly potent and clean tasting hits these rigs can provide users. Dab rigs are used to consume concentrates that are very high THC percentage compared to herb and provide lasting and intense effects. Dabs are clean, less toxic, and purer than simply consuming herb and are the national transition for those who have built up a tolerance to dry herb and are looking to transition to a new and stronger way of smoking. Dab rigs can vary and the perfect rig for you depends on your preferences and the type of features you would like it to include.

How To Choose a Dab Rig

Similar to glass bongs, there are a wide variety of dab rig constructions and styles to choose from. They come in the classic beaker and stem setup most commonly but can also feature more intricate features that include percolators, fancier glass designs, and attachments such as custom stems, nails, and dabber holders. If you prefer a smaller and more portable rig that does not sacrifice quality, than a pen dabber or a smaller variation of a water pipe/bong may be a perfect choice. If you prefer a high-quality at home setup, then the wide variety of the larger water bong rigs will be perfect for your needs. The type of dab rig that is perfect for you depends on your preferences. Always keep in mind the size, shape, and functions you would like your new piece to include when searching for a new dab rig - the possibilities are endless and there is no need to start with a small rig to start as they are easy to learn how to use and maintain. Make sure to always use care when handling a torch and to shut it off in between hits and after you are finished heating the piece.

Why Buy a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs are a very popular trend in the smoking community and for good reason. No matter what your preference is, there a huge variety of dab rigs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Dab rigs are normally purchased by those who have built up a tolerance to dry herbs and are looking for a bigger punch to their hits. The concentrated wax that is used with dabs is much stronger than standard dry herb and will give you a high like you have never experienced before. Their use is very straightforward and simply requires the same tools - a heat source, concentrate, and a bowl that takes the form of a nail. Adding a dab rig to your setup will give you the option to use a piece that will get the job done in one hit and leave you satisfied for hours. With very potent hits, simple upkeep, and sleek designs, adding a dab rig to your collection can help you become the envy of your friends.