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Silicone sherlock pipes are heat resistant and have excellent airflow. They are portable and easy to travel with. You never have to worry about breaking it either. We have great quality and the Shipping is always FREE in the US. Check them out below.

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What is a Sherlock Silicone Pipe?

Silicone Sherlock pipes are lightweight and extremely durable pipes that are perfect travel companions. The silicone construction makes them virtually indestructible so you don't have to worry about dropping it or packing it with absorbent materials like bubble or saran wrap. The pipe's silicone construction is smooth and rubbery, and will simply bounce off of any hard surface it is dropped on. Silicone pieces are also very collectible due to their wide range of color schemes that are possible with the silicone material. They also come in a lot of different shapes and sizes that are perfect for any preference. They all feature a glass or plastic bowl that is easily removable for effortless cleaning and masking of the smell when transporting.

How To Choose a Sherlock Silicone Pipe

Sherlock silicone pipes are simple pieces that make great additions to any collection, especially if you have only glass pieces that are fragile, less subtle, and harder to transport without worrying about causing damage. Silicone pieces make for a new type of material that provides great hits with a fresh look and feel. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes that are sure to fit any smoker’s preferences, it all just depends on the type of silicone pipe you are looking for. Silicone sherlock pipes are very simple, they just contain the bowl, the stem, and the carb to hit it with. The type of Sherlock pipe that is perfect for you depends on the size pipe you want - smaller pipes are great for travel but larger varieties are also portable and are capable of providing larger hits.

Why Buy a Silicone Sherlock Pipe?

Adding a silicone pipe to your smoking collection adds an indestructible go-to piece that can provide quick one-hitters or also bigger rips depending on the size pipe you want to get. It is very smart to get a silicone pipe because they are pieces that will last a long time even if dropped all the time, as the bowl is removable and will simply pop out. They also require very minimal cleaning and maintenance since you can just remove the bowl, rinse and clean the stains, and replace. The inside of the bowl takes a while to become dirty, but it is smart to rinse with warm water and small amounts of 420 cleaner every now and then. As you can tell, it is a piece you can use all the time with a fraction of the stress and maintenance that glass pieces and rigs require. All of these streamlined features and the indestructible material it is constructed from make silicone sherlock pipes a must-have accessory for any collection. Choose from a list of a large number of colors, shapes, and sizes that are sure to fit your style and preferences.