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Though you will find plenty of vaping products and accessories here at, there are plenty of interesting novelty items as well. These novelties range from all different kinds of products, but our specialty is synthetic urine kits. Just like our vaping products, novelty products come with free U.S. shipping!

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How to Choose a Novelty Product

Novelty Product Types

Novelty products can be found in all kinds of varieties designs, so what kind of novelty products can you expect to find on retailers like You can find synthetic urine, fake bladders to hold urine, and even harnesses that have a bladder for the synthetic urine that come with a prosthetic penis included. We carry some of the leading products of pretending to pee!

Synthetic Urine

A common novelty product you will find online is synthetic urineSynthetic urine brands, like the brand Golden Shower, make their fake urine from chemicals and compounds found in real urine. What results is a product that smells and feels like real urine as well as being nearly chemically identical. Synthetic urine does not contract or carry disease and usually have a shelf-life of about a year when in its dry form.

Synthetic Urine Kits

For the ultimate experience in pretending to pee, synthetic urine kits, like the Whizzinator brand, are a great way to go. Not only do they include fake urine but also some kind of wearable harness, a prosthetic penis, and even heating pads to make the synthetic urine feel warm. What results is the appearance of urinating warm, fresh urine. The Whizzinator Touch comes with a prosthetic for men, whereas the Lil Whiz Kit is ideal for women to use.

Novelty Products FAQ

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is fake urine that is designed to be as close to real urine as possible. It generally is made from the same chemical makeup as real urine so the look and feel of it are authentic. When synthetic urine is purchased, it usually comes in a powdered form that will remain stable for up to a year before mixing. If the mixing instructions are followed, there is no need to be concerned about communicable diseases. If the mixing process is intimidating, you can also purchase synthetic urine in premixed bags.

How long does the urine last?

In its dry form, synthetic urine, like the brand Golden Shower, will generally last up to a year and still maintain proper composition. Once the powder is mixed with water, however, it needs to be used within 12 hours. Outside of that window, you risk the fake urine starting to grow bacteria and other unwanted contaminants. If you have purchased premixed synthetic urine, a bag with an unbroken seal will generally stay fresh for about a year as well. However, if you see the seal has been broken, it likely has already become contaminated.

Are synthetic urine kits appropriate for men and women?

Yes! Kits like the Whizzinator Touch come with a prosthetic penis for authenticity, but that does not mean only men can use it. The prosthetic can be removed, while other kits, like the Lil Whiz Kit, have no prosthetic at all, making them a great choice for women! In addition, the male prothetic also comes in several different shades of color, so matching your natural skin tone is an easy task. There are a surprising amount of customizable options with synthetic urine kits!

How big is the prosthetic if one is present?

Generally, attached prosthetics on synthetic urine kits are pretty small. For example, the prosthetic on the Whizzinator Touch is 3.5 inches long. Much larger and it becomes hard to keep the entire kit in your pants, which makes it even harder to pull pranks on your friends! If the size of the prosthetic is too large for your style, they can generally be removed or you may opt for a kit like the Lil Whiz Kit, which lacks a prosthetic entirely.

How do I clean my synthetic urine kit once it is used?

It is important to keep your kits clean after use, especially since, just like real urine, fake urine will promote bacterial growth if left untouched. To help the lifespan of your kit to be as long as possible, it is best to always use specific cleaning products made for them. For example, the Whizzinator and related products should use the Whizzinator Cleaning Solution. Not only will this keep your kit as clean as possible, but the solution does not interact with synthetic urine in future uses.

Where can I buy novelty products?

Novelty products, like synthetic urine kits, can be purchased in a number of places. You can find them in brick and mortar stores in malls and specialty adult stores as well. If you want the best selection and guaranteed quality, we always recommend shopping online for the best novelty products. This, of course, includes the novelty products right here at, where U.S. shipping is always free and our products come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about the best novelty products to buy, reach out to our customer service and we will get the best products in your hands!