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Steamroller pipes are great smoking pipes to own because it hits almost as powerful as a bong and it's a lot less of a hassle to set up. Glass artists make all kinds of cool and stylish hand blown glass steamroller pipes. Check out our designs below. We'll ship it in discreet packaging too!

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What is a Steamroller?

Steamrollers are a form of a pipe that is in the form of a long slender tube that has the bowl cut out of the top area and has a carb at the end of the device. These pipes provide very smooth hits when ripped slowly and can be very simple and easy pieces to add to your collection. They have a variety of designs to choose from in either glass or silicone to fit your stylistic preferences and provide very natural and smooth hits. Most steamrollers have very careful airflow chambers blown into the glass design that create smooth and tasteful hits thats showcase the flavors of your favorite strains. These pieces are easily concealed and very easy to clean. Steamrollers are simple to use and effective pieces that are even more simple to use than a normal shaped pipe, making them perfect travel companions and also great side pieces for your at home collection that provide perfect one-hitters. They are perfectly designed to be a piece that will become a go-to pipe in every situation with ease of use that is hardly rivaled by other similar pipes.

How to Choose a Steamroller

Steamrollers make for the perfect substitute for your tired old sherlock pipes and can be very stylistic additions to your collection. They are fun to use, can give you huge or quick little hits, and are extremely easy to maintain. In order to choose the best steamroller for you, it is good to understand the different variations and features different kinds can have. The main differences between steamrollers is the size and the colorful designs that they feature. Steamrollers are not very big pieces but they can range from small rippers up to the size of a medium-sized sherlock pipe. You can choose from a variety of colors and glass-blown designs that set your steamroller apart and are aesthetically appealing to you. Steamrollers are very simple devices, so do not overthink the buying process and just choose the one that looks and feels like the right size and color. Also, it can be helpful to check reviews on certain products to know what you are in for before buying.

Why Buy a Steamroller?

Steamrollers are very convenient and easy to use pipes that are perfect for quick sessions and use on the go. They are similar to a normal pipe apart from their shape and where the carb hole is located. And make for perfect quick hitters. On these pieces, the carb is located at the end of the cylindrical pipe so you can hold it and cover the carb in one hand, making for very easy and comfortable hits that are easier to hit than typical pipes. Steamrollers normally come in hand-blown glass designs that are very aesthetically pleasing but can also come in the form of silicone as well for improved durability. Steamrollers are known for their ability to handle both smaller hits as well as large bong-sized rips without compromising any flavor or harshness. Buying a steamroller is a great choice for all of these reasons, and can add a fun new piece to your collection that is both unique and fun to use.