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From essential cleaning supplies to detox drinks, there are so many other products to consider than just vaping products and glass pipes. Specialty cleaning solutions like 420 cleaner, complex synthetic urine kits like the Whizzinator, and Herbal Clean detox drinks are items you may come across. Remember, any essential item you find here has free U.S. shipping too!

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How to Choose an Essential Product

Specialty Cleaning Products

Specialty cleaning products are those that are used to keep your smoking pipes or other devices clean and safe. They are able to do so quickly, conveniently and safely. Using other cleaning products not meant for these items can be dangerous, as many leave an unwanted residue that can be toxic if heated and inhaled. They also clean quickly, allowing you to get right back to smoking or vaping. These products are also made for all different kinds of materials, so whether you have silicone, glass, plastic, ceramic or more, there is a cleaning product for you!

Synthetic Urine Kits

A common novelty product you will find online is synthetic urine, and it is the perfect component to a gross prank on your friends! Synthetic urine brands, like the brand Golden Shower, make their fake urine from chemicals and compounds found in real urine. What results is a product that smells and feels like real urine, which is the perfect way to absolutely disgust an unwary friend. Synthetic urine does not contract or carry disease and usually have a shelf-life of about a year when in its dry form.

Herbal Detox Drinks

Between diet, lifestyle choices, or even where you might live, it is easy to get your body full of unwanted toxins. It can drop your energy levels, mental health, and even make you susceptible to disease. Herbal detox drinks, like Herbal Clean, are made with all natural ingredients that work to enhance your existing ability to filter out toxins. This includes promoting liver health, kidney health, urinary tract health and more. If you have never tried a detox drink before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try! They can flush toxins out of your body in as quickly as 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions for Essential Products

What are specialty cleaners?

Specialty cleaners are cleaning products designed specifically for all different kinds of pipes, vaping parts, and more! They are specifically designed to clean quickly on a variety of surfaces without leaving any harmful residue that might be harmful if heated and smoked. For example, Formula 420 products have specialty formulas for plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, and silicone surfaces and materials. They excel at removing odor and making your products look and smell like new! If you use glass hand pipes, dab rigs, or other smoking or vaping devices, these specialty cleaners are a must.

What are synthetic urine kits?

Synthetic urine kits are complete kits for those that want a gag product of fake peeing. They include synthetic urine, either in powdered form or premixed bags, a bladder, an exit tube (which can be just tubing or, in the case of the Whizzinator Touch, a prosthetic penis), and even heating pads so the fake urine feels warm. The chemical composition of the synthetic urine is very similar to actual urine, so you will get very close to the look, feel, and smell of real urine. They are great for gross pranks or gag gifts to friends.

Are specialty cleaners safe to use?

Yes! Products like Formula 420 are made specifically for products that you will smoke or vape from on a regular basis. They range from daily cleaners to occasional cleaners to even cleaners that let you soak what needs to be clean. If you prefer an all-natural approach, they even have a formula made with all-natural ingredients. Most smoking or vaping products will need to be cleaned at some point, and specialty cleaners like Formula 420 are one of the best options available.

Do detox drinks really work?

Yes! However, their effectiveness largely depends on how closely you follow the given instructions. Detox drinks are not magical cures. Instead, they contain herbs and extracts that work with the parts of your body that already filter toxins, like your liver and kidneys, and help flush out toxins that may be stored. They also help burn fat, a place that toxins like to be bound and stubbornly stay. Most detox drinks need to be taken on an empty stomach and slowly sipped over the course of 30 minutes to an hour.

How long does synthetic urine last?

In general, synthetic urine, either in its powdered or premixed form, has a shelf life of about a year. However, once the powdered form is mixed with water or the seal is broken on premixed bags, you have 12 hours to get your use out of it before it needs to be disposed of. Any longer than that and bacteria or other contaminants can begin to present in the synthetic urine, making it a health hazard as well as simply gross.

The Whizzinator Touch vs Lil Whiz Kit

As their names imply, both of these products are novelty items for synthetic urine. They are similar but offer slightly different experiences. The Whizzinator Touch definitely offers more bells and whistles, including extra heating pads, a wearable harness, and a prosthetic penis (and of course your choice of skin tone). The Lil Whiz Kit has fewer heat pads, is smaller, and offers no prosthetic, and comes with a pre-filled, one-time use bladder. If you are looking to use this more than once, the Whizzinator Touch will likely be your choice. Another key difference is that The Whizzinator Touch is for males only and the Lil Whiz Kit could be used for both males and females. If you are looking for a one-time prank or gag gift, the Lil Whiz Kit might be a better fit.

Herbal Clean QCarb32 vs Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

Both of these detox drinks seek to do the same thing: rid the body of toxins. So how do they differ? The main difference is their recipe that is how effective they will be in removing toxins. For example, the QCarb32 drink has guarana seed extract, whereas the Ultra Eliminex has green tea extract and nettle root powder. These small differences in recipes, as well as the ratio of shared ingredients, allow the Ultra Eliminex to handle a higher concentration of toxins or bodies with higher body fat content.

Where can I buy essential products?

The nature of these kinds of products allows them to be found in all kinds of places, including brick and mortar stores, head shops, stand-alone adult specialty retailers, and more. However, online retailers consistently offer more selection and better quality guarantees than what you will usually find in your local stores. Here at, all of our products are shipped with free U.S. shipping as well as a satisfaction guarantee of anything that is bought through us. Shopping for essential products is, well, essential! If you have questions, reach out to our customer service and we would be happy to get you set in the right direction.