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After owning a vaporizer, buying vape parts becomes a normal maintenance task over time. We have a variety of mouthpieces, atomizers, coils, filter screens, and batteries available in our online store. Our vape parts are compatible with a variety of different brands. Check them out below to see which vape part you need.

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How to Choose Vape Parts for Your Vaporizer?

We have a wide range of vape coils, batteries, mouthpieces, filters, and chargers available in our online vape shop. If you are looking to buy replacement vape coils, you will see we have dry herb atomizers, wax atomizers, and e liquid tanks. Quartz and ceramic coils are better than a wick if you're looking for a wax coil. If you need replacement vape mouthpieces for your dry herb vaporizer, we carry most of the vape brands. We suggest buying vape pen filters with your mouthpieces so you don't need to keep replacing your mouthpieces. If you want to buy replacement vape batteries, make sure you check the threading. At the end of the day, it will depend on what type of vaporizer you have in order to figure out how to choose the vape part for your vaporizer.

What are Vape Parts?

Every portable vaporizer is made of three vape parts. The mouthpiece is for inhaling your vapor. They usually come with built-in screens, but there are some mouthpieces where you can buy the replacement screens so you don't have to replace the whole mouthpiece. Vape coils are the heating element that makes up a portable vaporizer. Vape coils for dry herbs are typically made with pancake style coils, while vape coils for wax are typically made with ceramic or quartz coils. The final vape part is the vape battery. The vape battery provides all the power needed to heat up your portable vaporizer. Most batteries are made with 510 threads, but there are some batteries such as the AGO vaporizer, that is Atmos thread.

Why Buy Vape Parts?

As soon as you buy a portable vaporizer, you are going to need replacement vape parts such as mouthpieces, vape coils, and batteries. There is no way around it. Over time you will want to change your mouthpiece because the screens are too clogged or there is too much residue stuck to the mouthpiece. Vape Coils are replaced even more often, especially vape coils for wax. Either there is too much residual wax build up or the wax vape user wants to have a new vape coil for a fresher taste. Lastly, batteries are mainly needed because you want to have an extra in case one runs out of power. Some people will just buy a stronger battery so it lasts longer. As long as you continue to use a portable vaporizer, you will keep buying the vape parts.