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Whether you live in a large, polluted city or you simply do not take care of yourself as you should, we all could use a detox once in a while. Herbal detox drinks have become a popular way to quickly start feeling like your old self again. We have plenty of detox drinks to get the toxins out and the good feelings in!

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How to Choose a Detox Drink

Detox Drinks

It may sound like detox drinks are a new, modern fad, but they have been around for hundreds of years. Many of these kinds of drinks started out as natural Chinese remedies but have survived through the ages because of their simple effectiveness. Now, detox drinks are complex herbal recipes used to promote healthy liver function, help keep kidneys clean and healthy, and more! They are great for helping get natural toxins out of the body from the environment or removing toxins from lifestyle choices (like drinking).

Detox Drink Ingredients

What you will find in most detox drinks are all natural, chemical free ingredients that are generally a collection of herbs or extracts. You will not find artificial flavors, colorings, or other chemical ingredients, as that would defeat the purpose of a detox! If you have allergies to certain herbs, always carefully check the supplement list, as all ingredients will be listed. This is also useful if you want to be sure an ingredient is present, like green tea or dandelion root.

Strength of Detox Drinks

Even among the same brands, you will find varying levels of strength advertised. The strength of a detox drink can be a reference to several things. Many brands measure strength by the number of unique herbs or extracts used in their mixing recipes. It can also be a measure of the diuretic effect present in any given formula. The strength of formula needed will largely depend on your body fat content, as toxins have an easier time sticking to fat than they do to muscle.

What is a detox drink?

A detox drink is a drink with a variety of herbs and extracts that are designed to help flush harmful toxins out of your body. In general, detox drinks focus on cleansing the liver (where toxins are often stored), the kidneys (where toxins can often be found), and the urinary tract in general. They can also be used to help increase the level of vital vitamins and minerals your body is lacking as well as helping boost your immune system, increase focus, or give you a general boost of energy. The exact effects depend on the specific herbal concoction being used, but these are the general benefits detox drinks aim for.

How to use detox drinks

Using detox drinks are easy, but for best results, there are a few tips to consider. Make sure the drink is shaken well, and then proceed to drink. You do not want to guzzle it (you will end up flushing out herbs before your body can absorb them properly). Instead, drink at a slow and steady pace for 30 minutes to an hour. You can expect to urinate frequently, as this is a key part of flushing toxins out of your body. For best results, this should be done on an empty stomach with plenty of water. You do not want to become dehydrated while flushing the toxins out!

Are all detox drinks the same?

Products that label themselves as detox drinks come in a variety of different recipes and ingredients. Some are simple and have just a few herbs present, while others are highly complex with dozens of different ingredients. Others are essentially sugar water, so always check the ingredients and by from a reputable retailer before making an investment in detoxing. If you are brand new to detox drinks, Herbal Clean is a reputable brand with powerful effects. It can be bought right here on

Do detox drinks really work?

Yes, though their effectiveness can vary depending on several factors. If you have a high body fat percentage, it may be more difficult to flush toxins as they like to attach and hide in fat cells. Not following the instructions on a detox drink may reduce its effectiveness as well (for example, eating a large meal beforehand or drinking heavily the night before, or quickly guzzling the drink instead of sipping it steadily). If you have a detox drink from a reputable brand, get the appropriate strength according to your body type, and follow the instructions, you can be completely toxin free in as little as 24 hours!

How often should I detox?

You really should not be detoxing frequently, as the process is pretty harsh on your body. If using a detox drink, once every couple of months should be fine. If you have low body fat and have a healthy diet, you can detox even less frequently than that. Drinking and tobacco use also cause toxin build up, so keeping tabs of what you are putting in your body can reduce the need for frequent detox. Once every couple of months should ideal for most people looking to be toxin free on a regular basis.

Are detox drinks safe to use?

In general, yes! However, there are a couple of factors to consider before starting your detoxing journey. If you are pregnant or nursing you should talk to your primary care physician before starting any kind of detox regimen. If you currently take prescription medication and suffer from a serious health condition, you should also talk to your doctor before using any detox drink product. And, of course, detox drinks should not be used to either treat an existing disease or prevent diseases.

Where can I buy detox drinks?

Detox drinks are widely available in a number of locations. Detox drinks can be bought at grocery stores, specialty health food stores and more. However, if wanting to be sure to get the best quality, it is always easier to go through online retailers you trust that can help guide you to the best decisions. Detox drinks can be bought right here at, where U.S. shipping is free on all purchases and products go through a rigorous quality check. If you are anxious about purchasing detox drinks, you can rest assured that we have done our researched and offer some of the highest quality detox drinks available in the industry. If you have questions, reach out to us and we would be happy to help you find the perfect detox drink for you!