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Nectar Collectors are very similar to dab rigs, but they're more portable. In our online vape shop, you can choose between a glass nectar collector Mini or a silicone nectar collector. They both have water filtration and are easy to use. We ship for FREE and in discreet packaging too!

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What is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar Collectors offer a unique approach to dabbing and simplify the entire process. These handy devices act as both the nail and the dab rig in an all-in-one device that is safe and easy to use. These pieces are simply a long and slender tubing that comes in a variety of sizes where the tip of the device is heated and directly dabbed onto wax. When using a nectar collector, the wax is normally held in a dish so that you can easily touch the tip of the collector onto the wax. Nectar collectors are referred to as “dab straws” due to their simple use and ability to easily draw dabs through the single straw-shaped device. They remove the mess and need to carry around extra tools such as a dab rig, a nail, and a torch and are a new trend that is gaining recognition for its portable and efficient dabs. Nectar collectors come in a variety of sizes and can also feature water filtration through percolators to improve taste and smoothness of hits.

How To Choose a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors all feature basically the same design and functionality. The main difference between the different types of nectar collectors is the size and material that it is made from. Larger nectar collectors are obviously able to provide bigger hits with a larger surface area, but with the caveat that they are harder to transport and can be more fragile if in glass form. Nectar collectors can also come in the form of silicone, a heat-resistant material that is rubbery and much less fragile than their glass counterparts. They do not sacrifice any taste and come in a variety of colors and designs as well. Keep these factors in mind before searching for a new nectar collector and you will find the piece that perfectly suits your preferences.

Why Buy a Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors feature a unique functionality that is becoming a very popular trend among the dabbing community due to the simplicity, portability, and functionality these pieces offer. The spill-proof design makes taking it with you on the go a breeze and removes the need to worry about bringing along all of the extra pieces a normal dab with a rig requires. Some nectar collectors can even feature attachments to help improve the experience with tools such as electronic temperature control and wax holders and collectors. Nectar collectors completely remove the need for a dab rig and provide a smaller and easier to handle dabbing experience - and one that provides the exact same potency and taste as a rig. Without having to worry about an entire rig complete with nail and dabber, the nectar collector provides a piece that is a dabber and nail all built into one convenient package. If you are looking for a new way to try dabs and want to ditch the dabber and rig for a more sleek and functional approach, nectar collectors are sure to give you a very fun, potent, and enjoyable experience that all of your friends will want to try.