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We have an extensive collection of dry herb vaporizers in our online vape shop. We carry a wide variety of brands for you to choose from. Check out our healthier convection style vaporizers or the simple combustion style pens below. We'll ship your dry herb vapes for FREE in discreet packaging.

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How to Choose the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

With the extensive selection of portable herb vapes available at Vape Vet Store, it can be overwhelming to choose which one to buy. There are two main types of dry herb vape pen, convection and combustion vapes. This is the most important decision when selecting a dry herb vaporizer pen. Convection vaporizers use true vaporization to produce a vapor that is healthier and better tasting than smoke. The E-CLIPSE is the best dry herb vaporizer in our opinion and our customers love it as well. It’s compact, reliable and heats up quickly. If you are looking for something more affordable, both the Titan 2 and Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vape Pens are great choices. While these vapes are more economical than the E-CLIPSE, they are still very reliable but just take a little longer to reach the desired temperature. We carry many additional premium vaporizer brands. If money doesn't matter to you, then you can choose between the DaVinci IQ, Firefly 2, and Crafty Vaporizer. Lastly, if you don't care about portability, then the Arizer Extreme Q is the best desktop dry herb vape pen. Choosing the best dry herb vape is never easy, but if you visit our Vaporizer Learning Center, you can read all our product reviews and buyers guides to help you choose the best dry herb vape pen for you.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Whether a desktop or portable, these vapes allows you to inhale vapor from dry herbs. There are two main types of portable dry herb vaporizers:

  1. Combustion Vapes - Vaporizers such as the AGO Vaporizer or Yocan 94F Vape Pen use combustion vapes, which means they use combustion to burn the herbs rather than vaporize it. These aren’t true vaporizers but are still considered vapes due to their similar style and portability. Because the dry herbs make direct contact with the vape coils and there is no way to control the temperature, the herbs combust. This usually negates the health benefits associated with vaping. However, you can place glass screen filters on top of the coil in some combustion vapes to get closer to a pure vapor.
  2. Convection Vaporizers - reduce the negative effects of inhaling smoke. These true portable vaporizers heat the dry herbs by passing hot air through the dry herb chamber. This temperature can be controlled so that it is just hot enough to extract all the beneficial compounds from your dry herbs without burning them. Not only is this much healthier than smoking, but you also get clean tastier hits. The E-CLIPSE portable dry herb vape is our top selling convection vaporizer due to its high-quality, clean look and precision. Additionally, the E-CLIPSE heats up to the desired temperature in just 30 seconds and it has excellent battery life.

Dry Herb Vapes vs Wax Vapes

While some dry herb vapes like the AGO G5 can vaporize wax, all herbal vapes are mainly designed to heat up dry herbs. Any true convection vape for herbs will have temperature settings to prevent the herbs from burning. We recommend setting your dry herb vape pen temperature between 375°F and 430°F. On the other hand, wax vapes are typically equipped with ceramic or quartz coils. These vape coils also heat up to a higher temperature to vaporize the wax. This temperature is usually between 420°F and 550°F.

Dry Herb Vapes vs Oil Pens?

Convection dry herb vapes use a heating element that is separated from the herb chamber and then pass hot air through the herbs to create a vapor. When you buy a portable dry herb vaporizers, the main body includes everything - the battery, heating element, refillable herb chamber and mouthpiece. On the other hand, oil vapes often take sealed cartridges that contain the oil, heating atomizer, and often a mouthpiece. With these, the atomizer is discarded when the oil cartridge is empty. So essentially, the difference between dry herb vaporizers and oil vapes is that an oil vape is just a battery and 510 oil cartridge.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

There are two ways to use a dry herb vape pen: 1) Using a temperature controlled device, such as a convection vaporizer or 2) Using a combustion vape pen. Read below to learn about how to use each type.

Temperature Controlled Dry Herb Vaporizers

  1. Use an herb grinder to grind up the herbs and pack lightly into the chamber. Make sure the chamber is full of ground, dry herbs but not overpacked. This will ensure that you get the most out of your portable herb vaporizer pen.
  2. Press the Power button 5 times consecutively to turn it on.
  3. Use the +/- buttons to set the temperature. If there isn’t a digital temperature control, then you should hold down the power button to change the setting. Again, we recommend setting your herb vaporizer pen between 375°F and 430°F. If you are unsure of the best temperature, start at 375°F and increase the temperature until you get visible clouds that dissipate quickly after exhaling. If it tastes like smoke or is getting harsh, lower the temperature.
  4. For some vaporizers such as the Titan 2, you need to hold down the power button for 2 seconds. After you release your finger from the button, the dry herb vape pen will begin heating to the desired temperature. If you are using the E-CLIPSE or Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer, then you don't need to hold down the power button to start the heating process.
  5. Take long, deep breaths to inhale the vapor.
  6. After 5-7 minutes, depending on your vape, it will automatically shut off.

How to Use a Combustion Dry Herb Vaporizer?

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and add your ground dry herbs into the heating chamber. If you want less combustion you can place a glass filter screen on top of the coil before adding your dry herbs into the chamber. Once you’ve lightly packed the chamber with ground herbs, replace the mouthpiece.
  1. When using a simple dry herb vaporizer pen such as the AGO Vaporizer or Yocan 94F vape pen, just press the power button 5 times consecutively to turn it on/off.
  2. Press and hold down the power button. After 2 seconds, you may begin inhaling your vape pen. If you're using glass filter screens, you might want to wait a little longer before inhaling your vape pen.

How to Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

  1. Empty out all the dry herbs from your vaporizer or vape pen.
  2. Use a cleaning brush to wipe off all the residual dry herb material.
  3. You can use a Q-TIP dipped in isopropyl alcohol and clean the heating chamber.
  4. If you’ve used alcohol, give it a quick wipe with another Q-TIP dipped in warm water.
  5. Make sure your heating chamber is fully dry before using.
  6. To clean your mouthpiece, make sure to remove the metal filter screen and brush off all the residual dry herbs. You can use alcohol to clean it just like the herb chamber. You can always replace the metal filter screen if there is too much residue stuck to the screen or you can soak these screens in isopropyl alcohol for a minute and wipe away the residue. Make sure you give them a warm water bath or rinse them under the tap after.

How To Fix a Dry Herb Vape Pen?

  • PROBLEM 1 - I pull hard but I can’t get a good vapor out of my vape
  • SOLUTION 1 - Potentially, you have not packed the herb chamber properly. Make sure you ALWAYS grind your herbs into smaller fine pieces. Then pack them in to the chamber so that it is full and the ground herbs slightly compact but air can still flow through them easily. Also, make sure you battery is fully charged and you wait for your vape to heat up.
  • PROBLEM 2 - My dry herb vaporizer feels clogged
  • SOLUTION 2 - Portable dry herb vapes don’t build up as much residue as wax pens but they can still get clogged with residue or small pieces of dry herb. Take off your mouthpiece and check for clogs there. You can usually clear it with a paperclip or give it a good cleaning. Also, re-pack the herb chamber lightly in case a chunk of herbs is blocking airflow.
  • How to Choose a Combustion Vape Pen?

    For those who are looking for a vape pen that functions like a portable pipe (meaning there's combustion), we have a couple suggestions. First, the Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer has a very large heating chamber and you can get powerful hits with it. If you want something smaller, you can use the AGO vaporizer. What's good about these types of vapes is that you can put a glass screen on top of the coil to prevent immediate combustion. So basically if you want to have some vapor, use a glass screen in the heating chamber. If you want your dry herbs to taste as if you're smoking a glass pipe, then just place your dry herbs in the heating chamber without a glass screen.

    How to Choose the Best Convection Vape

    The E-CLIPSE is the best dry herb vape sold in our store. It's super small, discreet, and can be taken anywhere with you. It heats up in 30 seconds, which is considered very fast amongst Conduction Vaporizer Devices. It's easy to use and we only hear positive feedback from our customers.

    Overall, it really depends on the size, chamber capacity, battery length, and heat time. For dry herb vape pens such as the Titan 2, it takes around 45-90 seconds to reach the desired temperature. If you use a product such as the Stoner Joe or Yocan iShred, it takes 30 seconds. Make sure you read the features and specifications section so you can compare and contrast between the different portable dry herb vaporizers in our store.

    How to Travel with a Dry Herb Vape?

    1. Before you leave home for your next vacation, make sure you've fully cleaned your dry herb vaporizer.
    2. Make sure to pack your vape pen in your carry on luggage. If you put it in your checked luggage, you'll run the risk of having it confiscated by security.
    3. If you're bringing your Atmos Vaporizer or Yocan 94F, you might want to replace your used vape coils with new ones. Then there will be less of a smell in your carry-on bag.
    4. When your vacation is over, we suggest leaving your used dry herb coil behind and using a new one when you get back.

    Which Vape Parts make a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

    1. Vape Mouthpiece - Usually comes with built-in filter screens
    2. Heating Chamber - Some vaporizers have a stainless steel chamber and others may have a ceramic heating chamber.
    3. Vape Battery - Depending on the size and functionality, the battery can be very small (650mah) or a bit larger (2200mah).