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If you have spent even a moment shopping for a vape, you know that there are literally dozens of different brands from which to choose. There are enough choices that picking a vape brand may feel like a random choice. However, fear not! We are here to help educate you on the best vape brands available. Check out these Vape Brands below. All US orders come with FREE Shipping too!

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What are The Vape Brands?

There are all kinds of different vape brands to choose from, but not all brands serve the same role. Some brands may specialize in a particular kind of vape, while others may be targeting a certain kind of customer (a beginner vaping enthusiast vs. a veteran user, for example). Below is a list of popular brands that cater to a number of different interests. They can also be found on this site!

  • Arizer Vaporizers
  • Flowermate Vapes
  • Boundless Vapes
  • Pulsar Vapes
  • Darkside Vapes
  • SteamCloud Vapes
  • DaVinci Vaporizers
  • Storz and Bickel
  • Firefly Vapes
  • Yocan Vapes

How to Choose Between Vape Brands

Trying to figure out what type of vaporizer you need, and then furthermore which one you want, can sometimes be overwhelming. To make it easier and keep you on track, there are some key vape aspects to pay attention to and we have broken down some vape shopping tips for you below

Oil vs Wax vs Dry Herb Vaporizers

When shopping for a vape, you have to start by asking yourself this question. Certain brands of vapes will only cater to one of these categories, while others have devices for all three. If you know for sure what you want to vape, be it oil, wax, or dry herb, that will immediately narrow down your brand choices and will make research far easier. Once you have made the choice of whether you will be vaping oil, wax, or dry herb, you can begin researching reviews.

Great Vape Reviews

Researching reviews is a key part of finding your ideal vape. However, this should be done with a grain of salt, as a negative review does not necessarily reflect a bad product. For example, a wax vape might have a bad review because the customer was disappointed it could not use normal vape oil. With that in mind, highly reviewed vapes with consistently high ratings that can vape the distillates in which you are interested will frequently point you in the right direction.

Vape Features

Once you have found a handful of products that are well-reviewed, it is time to look at the kind of features the vapes provide. You may want variable voltage options, an LED display, or a beefy battery to last through long vape sessions for travel. Even a quality vape may disappoint you if it lacks features you were looking forward to using. You can perform this step earlier in the search process if there is a specific feature that is a must-have for your vaping experience.

Vape Replacement Parts

Even the best vapes will eventually need parts replaced, and if you fancy yourself handy this is an important part of choosing your vape. An older model of vape may not have any replacement parts available at all while other models simply have hard to find replacement parts. Common parts that need eventual replacing including heating coils for vaping wax, heat chambers for dry herb vapes, specialized mouthpieces, and more.

Which Vape Brand is Best?

The vape brand that is best is the vape brand that is able to best fit what you want in a product. There are a lot of brands in the vape marketplace that offer high-quality vapes and have a history of consistently producing reliable products. The way that high-quality vape brands have distinguished themselves is by offering a unique product or a product catered to a specific use. However, we do have some examples of high-quality brands if you are looking for a starting place for shopping.

Best Brand for Dry Herb Vapes

As we have mentioned, the best brand will largely come down to your preference in vape design, available features, and overall preferred aesthetic. Dry herb vaping has become a popular trend, so there are several companies that offer great options in dry herb vapes. Some brands that have dedicated a large part of their offerings to quality dry-herb vapes include the Firefly 2, Crafty Vaporizer, E-CLIPSE, and Flowermate Vapes. The Firefly 2 and Crafty vaporizer also offer dry herb vapes that can be used for waxes if you are looking for duel use vapes.

Best Brand for Oil Vapes

Not to sound like a broken record, but the best brand for oil vapes will ultimately come down to a brand that offers a vape that fits your preferred features, battery life, look, and feel. Oil vapes also offer the largest variety of choices, so you especially want to be sure to take your time and properly research brands and product reviews before purchasing. A great starting point is the brand SteamCloud Vapes, which have dedicated an entire line of products for oil vaping. This including refillable and pre-filled cartridges.

Best Brand for Wax Vapes

Not only will you want to be sure to find a brand that offers features that you like, but you may want to consider a brand and product that has replacement parts readily available. Wax vaping is a little different than other vaping experiences, and different components offer a very different vaping experience, even within the same product. The Saber Vape is one of the best and most unique wax pens on the market. The Micro Vape is a brand that has been around for years, and Yocan Vapes, for the most part, specializes in wax vapes only.

Where can I Buy the Different Vape Brands?

All of these vape brands can be found here at Vape Vet Store. Each model of vape we sell has undergone rigorous tests of quality to ensure that they meet the standard of quality you have come to expect to find at Vape Vet Store. Quality is guaranteed through us, and we can guarantee you will end up with a vape that you absolutely love (not to mention always free shipping!)