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Smoking Pipes are made of a variety of materials such as glass, silicone, wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic. In our online shop, we carry silicone pipes and glass smoking pipes. Amongst these two types of smoking pipes, we have designs available such as chillums, spoon pipes, bongs, sherlock pipes, and steamrollers. We can ship any of this to you in discreet packaging. All Shipping in the US is FREE!

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How to Choose the Best Smoking Pipe

Choosing a smoking pipe to buy is never an easy decision. Some people like glass pipes because of the taste; however, amongst glass smoking pipes you have chillums, spoon pipes, and Sherlock pipes. Chillums are basically a one-hitter. So if you're looking to take a quick hit, buy a chillum pipe. If you want to stand something upright on your desk or you just want to hold a glass pipe in your hand and look discreet, buy a glass sherlock pipe. If you need a smoking pipe that is easy to use at home or bring traveling with you, buy a spoon pipe. It really depends on how discreet you want to be or how big of a hit you want to take.

If you don't like glass spoon pipes because they're too heavy or fragile, then we suggest trying out our Plastic Pipes, Silicone Pipes or Bongs. What's great about the silicone bongs is that you can use them as a silicone dab rig too. Our customers have been raving about all of our NEW silicone pipes. We carry them in many different designs and colors and they're very easy to take around with you.

What is a Smoking Pipe?

A smoking pipe is a device you use to smoke dry herbs. There are a variety of different pipes. They vary by both material and design. In addition to smoking herbal material, some people like to sprinkle extra pollen on top for better taste. The more experienced smokers will buy glass screens to put in their smoking pipe so that it prevents ash from being sucked through. Check out all the different smoking devices we have in our online store.

How are Pipes different?

If you prefer using glass pipes, well then you've come to the right place. We have several different glass pipe styles. The first style is our Glass spoon pipes. We have several types of glass spoon pipes and depending on what color or art design you like, you can choose between a lot of popular designs.

The Sherlock pipe design is a very popular design too. Our color changing Sherlock pipe is pretty and hits like a champ. You can buy glass screens so that you can prevent dry herbs from entering your mouth.

Silicone pipes are another unique material for a smoking pipe. They're heat resistant and are made of food-grade silicone. The airflow quality is great too. If you want an indestructible smoking pipe, such as our silicone pipe or silicone bong, then get one of these so that you can take them anywhere you want. They're super easy to clean too.

Our chillum glass pipes are easy to travel with. They're super small and portable. Not only can you use ground up dry herbs in the chillum, but if you want to finish off your joint or blunt, you can put the roach clip in the bowl piece and smoke the rest of it. It's one of the most convenient glass pipes we carry.

Another super convenient smoking pipe is our glass blunt. The glass blunt is one incredible glass pipe. All you have to do is fill the glass tube with ground up dry herbs. Then screw the metal screw inside and you got yourself a glass blunt. Make sure that when your dry herbs ash, you use the screw to get rid of it so you can smoke fresh dry herbs. If you feel like putting your glass blunt away, then make sure to put the silicone cover on and you're good to go.

Lastly, the vape pipe is another smoking device that combines vape and smoking technology together. There are a few types of vape pipes from different brands. Whichever brand you go with, the vaping pipe is discreet, convenient, and fun to use.

Why Buy a Smoking Pipe?

Smoking pipes are a great way to consume your dry herbs. What's great about smoking devices is that you can build up a big collection over time. Buy a silicone pipe for travel purposes or get a beautiful glass bubbler pipe to keep at home. There is a reason for every smoking pipe material and design. So figure out what your needs are and then decide which smoking pipe to buy.