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Keeping your accessories and pipes clean is important, and the best way to keep them clean is by using 420 Cleaners. We have formulas for glass, silicone, plastic, and nearly any other material you smoke with! Any 420 Cleaner products purchased here come with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

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What is 420 Cleaner?

420 cleaners are bottles of cleaning solution that are used to remove debris and thoroughly clean all types of pieces and accessories. It is the most simple and effective way to clean bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, chillums, grinders, dabbers, and more much faster than other homemade cleaning solutions. When using the specialized 420 cleaner, there is no need for scrubbing or waiting time for the solution to do the cleaning. Simply apply, shake, rinse a few times, and enjoy the clean shine of your piece. The specially designed 420 cleaner formula is specifically made for the resin, debris, and buildup that accrues over time when using a piece. It easily wipes away stains and debris with its tailored formula and works much better and faster than other typical concoctions that include cleaning alcohol, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. It removes these stains and provides a new sheen that is not caustic to glass designs or filtration systems and restores the like-new feel and taste of pieces of any shape or size.

How To Use 420 Cleaner

The process for using 420 cleaner is very straightforward. Before you begin, you will need a plastic bag that will fit your piece comfortably inside as well as a source of water, preferably warm or hot for more thorough cleaning. Empty out your piece of any residual water or contents inside the bowl. Then, place the piece into the baggie. Fill the baggie with cleaning sufficient to the point where it is nearly halfway full including the piece. Close the bag and shake the bag with the piece inside. Once the piece appears to be cleaned after a minute or two of it sitting in the solution, remove the piece. Then, rinse the piece with warm water. At this point, the piece should be thoroughly cleaned but may require an additional round of cleaning depending on how dirty it was before you began.

Why Buy 420 Cleaner?

420 cleaner is an essential accessory and cleaning tool to keep all of your precious gear working and looking like new all year round. It is a much better and less caustic option compared to homemade cleaning options such as rubbing alcohol, salt, or hydrogen peroxide. If you fail to clean your pieces regularly, they will age quickly and lose their like-new appearance. They will also lose the ability to provide clean and smooth smoke, leaving you with tainted hits that all taste the same and do not showcase the taste of your favorite dry herbs anymore. 420 cleaner is a very important part of any smokers setup and is essential for those who have glass pieces or bongs that are used regularly. Don’t settle for less effective at home cleaners that will damage your pieces and burn off the designs and colors you love. 420 cleaners are a smart purchase and will extend the life of all of your favorite pieces of gear.