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Dab nails are mainly used with dab rigs and are made of either titanium, ceramic, or quartz. There is no best material to buy. It boils down to your preference. Check out our variety of unique dab nail designs. We'll ship them to you in discreet packaging. Free in the US!

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How to Choose The Best Dab Nails

Dab nails are one of the staple accessories for dab enthusiasts everywhere because of their superior ability to provide perfect dabs. Dab nails are easy to choose from as there is not a lot of variety aside from the size of the nail itself. The main feature of the dab nail is the open-ended design all of these pieces feature. When looking for a dab nail, the main thing to keep in mind is the size of the portion of the nail that attaches to your rig. Be sure that they are the same dimensions so that your dab nail will fit snugly and form an airtight seal with your rig. Other than this, be aware of the type of material you prefer to dab with. Dab nails come in titanium, quartz, and ceramic varieties, all of which have their own unique benefits. Quartz is the most popular due to the great heating qualities it possesses and how it retains heat for longer and gives a longer sweet spot for great tasting dabs. Titanium nails are extremely durable but do not retain heat as long as quartz and will cool down quicker and give less wiggle room for getting a perfect temperature dab. While this is true, titanium nails are known for providing very high-quality taste and smoothness. Ceramic dab nails are also a popular choice and are said to give the purest and cleanest tasting dabs compared to all of the other materials.

What is a Dab Nail?

In the early days of dabbing, nails were not domeless and required the use of a vapor dome to cover the nail when hitting. This was done by placing the vapor dome piece over the nail when it is at the perfect temperature to trap the vapor for consumption. With the advent of the domeless nail, this step in the process is removed and allowed for open-air dabs and optional coverage with a carb cap for maximum smoke volume. Domeless nails lose heat quicker than domed nails but are much easier to use and remove extra steps that can be a hassle and create a higher chance of accidental burns and slip-ups. Domeless nails are designed to provide the maximum yield of smoke per the amount of concentrate used and have become the staple nail attachment in recent years for dabbers across the world. They have a larger surface area and are much more convenient than domed nails. Domeless nails are the ideal choice for low-temperature dabbing, a technique that is proven to give better taste and smoothness without sacrificing potency, making domeless nails a must-have for those looking to get the most out of their favorite concentrates.

Why Buy a Dab Nail?

Buying a dab nail is essential for anyone looking to modernize their dab rig and simplify the process while doing so. If you are using a domed nail, you are giving yourself extra steps in the process and also removing the ability to take low-temperature dabs. With a domeless nail, simply load wax concentrate into the heated nail, inhale, and cover with a carb cap. You will begin to get vapor through your rig regardless of whether it is covered or not. Using a domeless nail gives you a larger surface area, better control of the temperature of your dab, and also gives you the ability to take low-temperature dabs that are much better for you, more potent, and not as harsh on the lungs. You also have the option of choosing between your favorite material including glass, titanium, quartz, or ceramic as well so you can get the taste and feel you want from your dabs. Upgrading to a domeless nail will give you much more enjoyment and make your dab sessions much easier than ever before. If you are still using a domed nail, getting a domeless nail is a no brainer and will improve the taste, potency, and smooth quality of ever dab you take from now on.