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Vape cases for vape pens are key if you're going out or on a vacation. Portable vape pens come with many types of accessories, such as mouthpiece sleeves, filters, vape coils, chargers, and dab tools. Check out our vape cases below and see if they fit with your current vaporizer. We also have portable vaporizer travel kits already made if you want to buy those instead.

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What are Vape Cases?

Vape Cases are handy accessories that help you safely and easily transport your travel gear wherever you go. They are perfect for outdoor adventures, road trips, and small trips to hang out with friends. When you are transporting your precious smoking gear, it is important to take care and use a travel case that has padding and will prevent scratches, dings, and cracks for whatever gear you are trying to take with you. Vape cases can take the form of pouches, carrying cases, and also hard cases for more precious and sensitive glass gear. There are many different styles, shapes, and colors that carrying cases can come in that will match your tastes and preferences perfectly. Vape cases are perfect for loose gear as well as carrying fragile gear such as micro vaporizers.

How To Choose a Vape Case

The best types of vape cases will take great care to isolate the different pieces and provide plenty of cushioning and padding so as to not cause damage en route to your destination. Others are much more simple and not meant to handle very delicate glass pieces that can easily be chipped or broken. Before choosing your ideal vape case, understand how much gear you will need to transport. If you are trying to transport larger rigs such as a dab rig or glass bong, a more sophisticated travel case with dedicated compartments and padding are features you should look for your travel case to include. If you are simply looking to easily transport pipes, lighters, and dry herbs or concentrate, then a more simply designed and sturdy vape case will be plenty to safely pack your precious goods.

Why Buy a Vape Case?

Vape cases are a must-have accessory for smokers who have sessions with friends often and would like to bring their favorite gear along for the trip. Without a carrying case, it is difficult to make sure all of your precious glass or other material pieces make the trip without incurring any damage. Backpacks with bubble wrap are a close alternative but can become dirty very quickly and also not provide the padding and stability that more fragile pieces require. Vape cases are specifically designed for this purpose and minimize movement and keep items separated where a backpack or carrying bag with bubble wrap does not. For those who are serious about protecting the longevity of their gear and want to still have the option to bring their favorite pieces along with them wherever you may be heading, a traveling case is a huge necessity that will remove the need to worry whether or not your gear will survive the next trip out of the house.