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There are many kinds of ashtrays to choose from. Traditionally, each one is made out of plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, or stone. However, now you can buy heat resistant food-grade silicone ashtrays, which are easy to clean and indestructible. If you're interested in learning more, check out one of our high-quality silicone ashtrays below. Keep in mind, shipping is FREE too! Plus by simply rinsing your ashtrays after every few sessions, you can improve both the appearance and the lifespan of both glass and silicone ashtrays.

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What is an Ashtray?

Ashtrays are pieces that are simply used to collect ash after you consume dry herb hits with your pipe or water bong. Some ashtrays can feature open designs or have a lid to close off the ash to the environment when it is not being used. They are popular pieces to have in your smoking area and can come in a lot of different styles, colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Ashtrays are very collectible pieces and really depend on your preferences what type is best for your setup. They can come in glass or silicone, both of which have unique benefits and designs that include portability, customization, and also size.

How to Choose an Ashtray?

Ashtrays are very self-explanatory - simply remove the lid if necessary and empty out your burnt bowls into the ashtray. The type of ashtray that is perfect for you depends on the size and feel of the tray you are looking for. Glass ashtrays are very stylish and sturdy and make for great table toppers that will keep your smoking area clean and organized. Silicone ashtrays are perfect travel companions and help you to bring along a convenient ashtray without worrying about it shattering or damaging the rest of your gear. When looking for an ashtray, keep an eye out for designs that catch your eye while also understanding the material you would like the ashtray to be made from.

Why Buy an Ashtray?

Ashtrays are very handy accessories to have on hand in your designated smoking area or on the go. They can be very collectible and have very cool designs that add flair to your setup and can represent your personal tastes. There are so many varieties of ashtrays including glass designs that can feature very bright and unique designs and can be extremely collectible - the possibilities with these types of ashtray are virtually endless. There are also more sturdy and durable ashtrays in the form of silicone that you do not have to worry about damaging or breaking. These ashtrays make for better travel trays since they can be dropped and thrown without the possibility of breaking and will simply bounce off the ground if dropped. Whether or not you choose glass or silicone, ashtrays help to keep your area clean and organized without the need for constant cleaning of ashes and bowl remnants in between every session.