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Sherlock Pipes are great bowl pieces to own because they tend to have better airflow and pack a stronger punch than spoon pipes. Sherlock pipes also fit more easily in your hand. Check out all the cool sherlock smoking pipes we have below. We'll ship it in discreet packaging for you too!

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What is a Sherlock Pipe?

Sherlock pipes are ergonomically designed pipes, similar to spoon pipes, that are more elegant and stylish than the traditional basic pipe. Sherlock’s are shaped like the classic tobacco pipes with a sunken bowl design along with the winding stem that can make any smoking session fun and classy. These pipes are known for their ability to provide huge hits that are smooth due to the airflow chambers these pipes have designed into them. While Sherlock pipes are not as easy to clean as a typical spoon pipe, they come in shapes and designs that you will not find in any other type of piece. There are no two identical sherlock pipes, as most of them are uniquely designed. If you are looking to add a stylish and fun to use pipe to your collection, then getting a Sherlock pipe may be a perfect choice.

How to Choose a Sherlock Pipe

There are many different types of sherlock pipes available online and at headshops to choose from. When surfing the options, keep in mind how big you would like the pipe to be, as they can range from being the size of a small handheld pipe up to the size of an average bong with features such as bubblers and percolators. Some sherlock pipes can also stand on their own on the table because of their design, while others are meant to be more portable and easy to carry around. Picking the right sherlock pipe just depends on your preferences, but be sure to check out and research what kinds of sherlock pipes are available before you choose as the variety in these pipes is extensive. Choose a handheld sherlock pipe as a side piece to compliment your bong or rig, or get a larger sherlock pipe for an alternative option to get huge rips and a uniquely crafted piece for your collection.

Why Buy a Sherlock Pipe?

Sherlock pipes tend to be thicker than most common pipes, which means that they are usually higher quality and more care is put into the construction of each one. Most Sherlock pipes are shaped differently and have their own unique colors and designs. Glass artists tend to personalize their sherlock pipes and turn them into a real work of art.

The carb featured on most Sherlock pipes are typically larger than a spoon pipe, which means that it gives you a bigger hit closer to the size of one that you would get from a normal bubbler or bong. The bowl of a Sherlock pipe is also bigger so the bowl smokes longer - making it better for group settings or smokers with a higher tolerance. Buying a sherlock smoking pipe is always a good choice because they are so fun to use and collect, and make for very visually appealing pieces to have around. These pipes are very popular for a reason, the craftsmanship really shows when using a sherlock pipe. Adding a Sherlock pipe to your collection, whether you are a newcomer or veteran, will be sure to give you a fresh new way to consume your favorite products while also giving you a collectible and stylish new piece.