Collection: Dab Containers

We have a variety of dab containers for sale. They are made of heat resistant food grade silicone. Most people are using these dab containers for storing their wax concentrates. If you want to buy our dab containers, click on any of these products below. Most of them come with dab tools and the Shipping is FREE.

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How to Choose the Best Dab Containers

Choosing which dab container to buy is very easy. We suggest buying silicone dab containers over glass or plastic dab containers because you'll be able to use every last bit of wax with the silicone containers. Wax can stick more easily to glass or plastic. We carry a wide variety of dab containers in our online shop. There is no best dab container. It boils down to design and function preferences. If you vape various types of wax concentrates, then it makes sense to choose dab container with multiple compartments. If you want a dab container that's easily stackable, we suggest choosing a lego style dab container. Any dab container you choose will most likely be the correct choice.

What Are Dab Containers?

Dab containers are mainly used for storing wax. There are many people that use silicone dab containers for taking dabs from their dab pen or nectar collector. Those are pretty much the only functions of a dab container. Besides silicone, dab containers can be made of borosilicate glass or plastic. Food-Grade non-stick heat-resistant silicone is the preferred dab container by most people.

Why Buy Dab Containers?

If you want to easily handle your wax concentrates, then you should buy dab containers. If you like taking dabs with a nectar collector, then you should definitely buy dab containers for yourself. Lastly, if you're a collector of wax and want to store various types of concentrates, then we suggest buying dab containers with multiple compartments. One way or another, you will need to buy dab containers if you like to consume wax.