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Silicone spoon pipes are made of high-quality food grade silicone. They are heat resistant and indestructible. We carry a variety of spoon pipe designs. Check them out below and we'll ship it to you in discreet packaging. Free Shipping for all US orders too!

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What is a Silicone Spoon Pipe?

Silicone spoon pipes are a simple, average-sized pipe that is made from a rubbery and damage-resistant silicone material. Silicone is a soft material that has a very high melting point, making it a perfect material to substitute for glass that is much more fragile. Silicone is a commonly used material and does not emit any toxins or harmful byproducts when exposed to heat and used as the main material in smoking tools. The material itself is virtually indestructible and can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Pipes made of silicone still provide very smooth and clean hits like their glass counterparts, but it is recommended to not bring the flame or torch in direct contact with the silicone as this can damage the piece and cause the release of harmful toxins. Spoon pipes are a go-to piece for both beginners and veterans alike due to the simple yet effective smoking experience these pipes provide.

How to Choose a Silicone Pipe

The main thing to keep in mind when picking out a silicone spoon pipe is the size of the pipe. They all have relatively similar features and designs as it is a simple design that includes, bowl, stem, and carb cover. There are not fancy features or specs on these pipes, they are simple and natural pipes meant to consume your choice of herb naturally and smoothly. Silicone spoon pipes can also come in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Choosing a smoking pipe is an easy decision that comes down to what size pipe you are looking to get and what kind of design and colors you would like it to include. They can include custom molded shapes and designs made directly into the pipe to add more flair to your piece. Silicone pipes, regardless of the style and color, make for useful and reliable pieces that are stress-free and fun to use.

Why Buy a Silicone Spoon Pipe?

Silicone spoon pipes are a great purchase because of how durable they are as well as how easy the cleaning and maintenance process is. Silicone can be dropped and thrown around without ever having to worry about chips or breaks due to the rubbery and absorbent characteristics of the material. If you only have a glass pipe, you may have learned that is more difficult to keep looking like new and how it is difficult to transport it without constantly worrying about it breaking. Some people claim that silicone pieces do not provide clean hits like glass does, but this is actually not true. Silicone pieces provide very smooth and clean hits just like glass, and do not give off ay bad chemicals or tastes that are harmful to your smoking experience. Silicone is extremely heat resistant and does not stand any chance of damage or warping as a result of the heat. All of the silicone pipes we have available are made with high-grade silicone that is extremely durable and able to provide clean hits for a long time to come.