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Glass Bongs are one of the best water pipes to use at home. The ones that come with an ice catcher allow you to take smoother hits. Check out our bong options below and we'll ship it to you for FREE in discreet packaging.

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What is a Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are smoking devices similar to pipes that use a water chamber and stem to pass the smoke through for extra filtration. They are made up of three separate pieces - the body of the bong with the beaker and airflow passage, the stem that carries the smoke from the bowl piece, and the bowl piece itself. There are a great variety of bong shapes and styles that range from being beaker-shaped to having zig-zags in the shape of the glass for improved smoke temperature control. The neck of the bong can also feature additional percolators or filters to provide additional layers of smoke filtration for even more purified hits, a popular feature many bong owners look for in pieces. To use a bong, the process is simple - just load the bowl and place it in the stem, light the bowl, inhale and fill the beaker and chamber with smoke, pull out the bowl, and inhale the filtered smoke. Taking full bing rips takes time to adjust to and will be much more potent than pipe hits for first-time users. Start with a smaller sized bing and gradually build up with a larger chamber and neck as well as added percolators for even further improved taste and smoothness.

Why Buy a Glass Bong?

>Glass bongs are massively popular for many reasons. First, they provide an all-in-one setup that filters hits and makes it easy to load in your choice of ground up herb. It has water filtration normally in the form of a beaker that provides more surface area for the smoke to be filtered with compared to smaller water-based pipes and bubblers. The size of the beaker and neck of the bong are able to hold a lot of smoke as compared to most other pieces as well, making the bong a superior choice for those looking for the biggest hits and best taste from their favorite herbs. Glass bongs have probably the most customization among any type of piece with a virtually limitless amount of shapes, colors, and designs to choose from. You can choose from simple and strip down beaker glass bongs that just have the stem, beaker, and bowl piece all the way to huge bings with multiple levels of percolators that have cool and unique colors and designs weaved into the glass. Bowls can be uniquely customized, stems can be colored and feature added filtration, stems can be fitted with herb holders - the choice is up to you to design your dream bong with so many available options. They are easy to use and clean and also have an endless amount of customization options to build your perfect bong. Glass bongs can provide perfectly smooth hits from percolators and ice catchers and give you some of the cleanest and strongest hits you will ever take. The hand-blown glass of most glass bongs feature very cool designs and colors and can also feature additional percolators in the neck or beaker that make the smoke even cleaner and tastier.

Whether or not it is your first bong purchase, glass bongs are a staple piece to have in your collection and are sure to give you some of the best and cleanest hits you have ever experienced.

How to Choose a Glass Bong

Choosing your first glass bong can be a daunting task, as the massive amount of different styles, sizes, and features can overwhelm newcomers. The key to finding the perfect bong for you is to keep it simple. Understand that they all have basically the same features, and the real choice comes down to the size and style that you like best. If you are looking for an at-home bong you plan to use regularly, then a mid-size beaker bong that comes with some ice catchers and possibly a percolator or two is perfect for starters. If you want to go big to start, there are larger bongs that can either have straight necks or curves and designs that add additional air filtration, multiple percolators and have larger bowls for big rips. Picking out the right bong that matches your preferences is very important - if it just your first time picking up a bong just keep it simple. The large hits and filtration will be a huge upgrade from your current setup. If you are a seasoned bong user, it is very beneficial to search for upgrades that can enhance your experience as adding percolators to your hits and using larger bongs can be a very fun and worthy purchase. Glass bongs are a centerpiece of a majority of smoking collections due to their unrivaled ability to provide large and clean hits with the most potency. Whatever type of glass bong you choose, have a general idea of what style you are looking for so you can narrow down your search parameters and look through options that include your desired features specifically.