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Vape batteries are essential vape pens without the mouthpiece! They are perfect for vaping prefilled 510 threaded skinny cartridges or using refillable oil or wax cartridges that you can find on this store. They come in a variety of battery capacities and features, so we are certain that you will find the perfect vape battery for your vaping needs in the selection of products below.

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What is a Vape Battery?

Smaller vaporizers that are handheld and very portable are widely referred to as vape batteries - while this term can also refer to the battery that keeps your vape powered. Vape batteries normally come in the form of small pens that either requires specialized pre-filled cartridges or have compartments where juice or concentrate is loaded into. These batteries have long battery lives and are very sturdy and clean, most of which feature very simplistic and minimal designs for top-of-the-line subtlety and style. Vape batteries do not simply refer to the battery portion of the vape, it refers to the whole device which is basically a vape pen battery with an attachment or compartment that vaporizes the concentrate or e-liquid.

How to Choose a Vape Battery

Vape batteries have various classifications that describe their voltage, battery life, and strength. Battery rating is a method of quantifying these qualities in a standard structure. Most e-cigarette and even CBD vape batteries are lithium-ion batteries, and these are rated using mAh. Of course, there are also other parameters you can use to rate a battery including the voltage it produces, how many amperes it supplies, and also the battery life capabilities and juices that are compatible. However, the milliamp-hour (mAh) is preferred since it defines how much load it can take and how long it can last. A battery with a higher mAh rating is likely to last longer compared to one with a lower rating and will perform better with a cleaner taste. Before beginning to search for a new battery for your vape, you should know the specifics of the coil it contains regarding the mAh it is meant for. Not matching up with the coil (such as putting a very high mAh battery in a vape that has a coil with low mAh demands) could lead to a variety of issues including fast damage to the vape and even spontaneous explosions. Find out how many mAh the vape coil is rated for, and then buy the battery that matches these specifications. The alternative is to change the coil to a higher mAh rating so that you can get a longer-lasting battery without damaging the vaporizer’s coil. Lithium-ion batteries might seem small, but they can store a lot of power. This consequently means that if they are damaged or not taken care of properly, they could end up catching fires or exploding. When choosing a vaporizer battery, make sure that the casing of the battery is well made so that you can avoid such problems. A battery that feels flimsy or whose outer covering seems far too thick should be avoided since this can put your vape at risk for a lot of damage.

Why Buy a Vape Battery?

Vape batteries are a very common purchase for vape owners who’s vapes require replacement power sources to power their coil. Pocket vaporizers like the disposable CBD vapes normally cannot have their batteries replaced, while larger box mod batteries and more customizable vapes usually require 510 batteries for replacement every few months. Always watch out for hits that do not taste as good or are not as thick, as these are signs that point to it being time to replace your battery. Keeping a fresh vape battery in your vape at all times will ensure the coil is not damaged and has a long lifespan, and that the inner mechanics of the device are not overworked. For the most satisfaction, all the components of an e-cigarette need to work properly, and this includes the510 vape battery. Always make sure that you buy a battery that matches the technical specifications of your vaporizer for the best and safest experience and to ensure that your vaporizer lasts and functions well for as long as possible. Thanks for reading if you have any more questions on types of 510 batteries and Standard 510 threaded cartridges please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for some more information!