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Our handblown glass pipes are made of high-grade borosilicate glass. We have various types of glass smoking pipes available in our online store, such as spoon pipes, chillums, sherlock pipes, bongs, steamrollers, and bubblers. We carefully wrap these smoking pipes in discreet packaging and ship for FREE in the US. Check out our cool glass pipes below.

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How to Choose Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes have been around for decades. We’re at a point now that people buy glass pipes based off the artistic look to it. Of course, airflow is very important too. To break it down for those who want to buy pipes from our online store, there are a few different types of hand blown glass pipes to choose from. You can buy a glass spoon pipe that changes colors over time or you can buy a Sherlock pipe that generally has deeper bowls so you can smoke more dry herbs at a time. Then you have two other styles that we classify as a glass smoking pipe, but some people put them in their own category: Glass smoking Chillum Pipes and our Glass Blunt. The Chillum pipe functions the same way as a dugout pipe, but is typically made of glass and not metal. Most people refer to a chillum pipe as a one-hitter. Lastly, the glass blunt is one of the newest pipes out there. You can pack a bunch of dry herbs in there and smoke it like a blunt. It tastes better and you can easily save it for later if you don't want to finish it.

What is a Glass Pipe?

A glass pipe is for smoking dry herb material. This smoking pipe can be broken down into several sub-categories, such as a Spoon Pipe, Bubbler, Sherlock Pipe, Chillum, Bong, Steamroller, and Dab Rigs. These glass pipes range in different sizes and designs. Some glass pipes are better to keep at home like bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs. Then there are other pipes that are great to travel with, such as chillums and spoon pipes. Check out all the glass pipes we have available in our online store and over time you'll be able to build a great collection.

Why Buy a Glass Pipe?

If you like to smoke dry herbs, then owning a glass pipe is a no-brainer. If you prefer to smoke at home, we suggest buying a bong, bubbler, or steamroller pipe. If you want to have the ability to smoke both at home and on the go, then a spoon pipe and sherlock pipe is the better choice. If you want to buy a glass pipe that's for traveling only, we suggest buying a chillum pipe. At the end of the day, it depends on your preference. Our glass pipes are sold at a great value. So you'll be making a great purchase no matter what.