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Dabbers are dab tools used for dabbing wax concentrates. We carry standard stainless steel dabbers as well as stylish glass dabbers, such as our special glass dabber made by a glass blowing artist, Tony Kazy. You can buy dabbers separately or together with silicone dab containers. Check out all of our options below.

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How to Choose the Best Dabbers

It's not too difficult to choose which dabber to buy. It depends on what type of dabbing you do. Do you dab only at home? If so, then you should get a nice glass dabber like our Tony Kazy dabber. If you dab at home, but also like to dab on the go, then you should choose our long and skinny dabbers. If you need a simple dabber for loading wax concentrates into a vape pen, then buy a 3 pack of mini dab tools is the way to go. You need to know more about your dabbing needs in order to choose the best dabber for you.

What are Dabbers?

Dabbers are used for either loading wax concentrates in a wax vape pen or handling wax concentrates when dabbing from a dab rig. Dabbers are either made of borosilicate glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Why Buy Dabbers?

If you own a wax pen, it's important you buy dabbers so that you can easily handle the wax and load your wax atomizers without trouble. If you like to use domeless nails and take dabs from a dab rig, then you'll need dabbers for handling the wax concentrates. Dabbers are a dab accessory that you should definitely buy if you intend on vaping or dabbing wax.