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Bong Bowls are smoking accessories that attach to the downstem (removable slide) of a bong or dab rig. People generally smoke dry herbs from a bong bowl. When choosing a suitable bong bowl for sale, you want to make sure that the size fits the down stem you own and the bowl is deep enough for you to pack the desired amount of dry herbs. If you want to learn more about our bong pieces, click on any of these products below.

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What is a Bong Bowl?

Typically available in borosilicate glass, Bong bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a very the removable slide piece of the bong. There are a ton of different shapes of bong pieces that can feature screens, holders, and various size bowls to get a perfect size hit every time. The bowl piece is a critical piece of your setup that can either make or break your smoking experience depending on how you like to smoke. WhetherThere are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a bong piece that include:

How to Choose a Bowl Piece

Smokers in today's day and age are very particular about the type of bowl they use with their bong due to the various designs, size (bongs with a 14mm bowl piece are most common, and other cool features. The major types of bowls for bongs that are used come in the form of either borosilicate glass or rubber. The benefit of rubber construction is the addition of an o-ring on the bottom that provides an airtight seal so no extra air constricts your rips and removes quality and smoothness from the hit. Glass bowls also form airtight seals most of the time, but is crucial to get the correct size bowl (male joint or female joint) that fits the stem opening so that it forms the seal tightly and correctly.

Bong Bowl Types

The most commonly used bong pieces are constructed of glass and can feature all kinds of designs and sizes that compliment a variety of bongs. Bowl for bongs can also come in wooden form, titanium, hollow, and many more. The main feature to ensure you pay attention to is the size of the stem on the bottom of the bowl. It is critical that this joint piece is the correct size that it forms an airtight seal when connected to the bong. There are only three main sizes of stem that bowls have attached to them, making it easy to be able to figure what size you need. Check the dimensions of your stem that is attached to your bong and make sure that the sizes match exactly. All sizes of bowls have similar design capabilities and features as the others.

Why Buy a Bong for Sale?

The stock bong bowl that comes with your bong is normally easy to use and well-functioning. It is very common to upgrade this piece and purchase a custom bowl that perfectly fits your needs that may have additional features such as a built in glass screen, a handle to hold on to, as well as a bowl with more depth for larger rips (as most stock bong pieces do not have huge bowls included). Some bowls also feature added holes for improved diffusion and filtration of the smoke before it hits your lungs. Bong pieces are affordably priced for the most part, with the more intricately designed pieces with additional features and fancy designs having a slightly higher price point. It is a great decision to add a custom bong piece to your newly purchased bong or to add some new flare to your old piece. This new bong piece can give you bigger rips with the features that you want it to have. The possibilities are endless and there are a ton of bong pieces to choose from that can refresh your bong sessions and make them more enjoyable and fun.