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Chillum pipes are glass one-hitters that come in all kinds of cool and unique designs. It's the perfect smoking pipe to bring with you on the go. We carry a variety of hand blown glass chillums. We'll carefully pack and ship discreetly for you. FREE in the US.

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How to Choose a Chillum Pipe

When it comes to choosing which chillum pipe to buy, you need to be thinking about which Chillum is gonna look the more discreet. Chillum pipes have been around for many years, but some can still look a bit bulky and it doesn't look as discreet as you'd like it to be. They are great to use because it really does look like you're smoking a cigarette or joint. We have a wide variety of chillum pipes for you to choose from. All of them are excellent one-hitter choices. It's up to you which design you think is the prettiest.

What is a Chillum Pipe?

A chillum pipe is just like a one-hitter and dugout pipe. Almost all chillum pipes are made of handblown borosilicate glass. The metal one-hitter pipes are commonly referred to as a dugout pipe since they usually come in a wooden box. The whole idea of using a chillum is so you can smoke discreetly and take one or two hits and be finished.

Why Buy a Chillum Pipe?

If you like to go out and smoke, then buying a chillum is a great investment. It's super discreet and very easy to use. It's not difficult to clean either. So you can take it traveling with you. Lastly, they are super affordable. Most of our chillum pipes are in the $20 range. Not a bad investment and something you would use frequently throughout the year. Our best chillum pipes are the Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe and the Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe. Both are made by American glass blowing artists and are purchased the most from our store.