What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen is basically just a battery, mouthpiece, and heating chamber all combined into one sleek, simple design. There can be all sorts of definitions for a vape pen such as a vaporizer, portable vape, e-cig, dab pen, etc. All of these get to the main idea: vape pens create vapor by vaporizing some form of herb or herb concentrate and are portable (as opposed to desktop vaporizers). There are varying kinds of vape pens based on size and capacity, battery power, brand, and what is being vaporized. The diversity can be astounding but this guide helps break it down into manageable chunks.

Dry Herb Vape Pens

Dry herb vape pens go back to the very beginnings of vape pens and vaping. These vaporizers are common and are often the first thing someone would think of when thinking of a vape pen. With a dry herb vaporizer, there is a singular unit that combines the battery and the heating chamber together and is therefore inseparable (as opposed to other models). Dry herb vape pens come in either convection or a combustion vape model. In a convection model, hot air is circulated (hopefully) evenly and begins to ‘cook’ the dry herb inside the chamber to create the vapor. This is similar to an oven. In a combustion scenario, the herb is actually burned. This means that when inhaling there will be some smoke formed as opposed to the vapor. Convection vape pens are increasingly more popular but a combustion model is only available for dry herb.

Wax Pens

Wax vape pens are tremendously popular because they are the most convenient way to consume wax. While dry herb can be placed in pipes, rolled, etc wax is not easily consumed. It requires high temperatures and is extremely sticky and difficult to handle without the proper equipment. Being more user-friendly than a blowtorch and dab rig, wax pens (or dab pens) are some of the most popular products around. They consist of the same battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece but also contain special quartz or ceramic rods or coils that allow the wax to be vaporized. These coils can be purchased in varying sizes and offer a wide range of flexibility in creating a convenient, fun vaping atmosphere. These coils and rods should be replaced periodically and the wax pen not used too often for too long to avoid the risk of burning out the coils.

Oil Vapes

An oil pen is pretty simple to grasp – it is a battery and often an oil cartridge. A cartridge is simply an attachable piece to a battery that holds a certain amount of oil (or e juice) and contains the necessary heating elements to turn the oil into vapor. Generally speaking, most cartridges utilize the ‘skinny’ 510 threading ‘universal’ threading. As such, almost all cartridges and batteries are compatible absent from specialized threading patterns for particular brands or vape pens. This will certainly be clearly expressed somewhere on the product page or on the shelf where the product is located. In fact, oil vape pens being long and thin are often the image conjured up in the average person’s head when thinking about vape pens. Most cartridges are disposable but can be refilled with care to avoid spilling sticky oil.

Multi-Use Vape Pens

Some vape pens contain the ability to use multiple types of concentrate or derivatives. For example, box mods (gigantic batteries) often have interchangeable mouthpiece or chambers to accommodate different types such as wax and oil or dry herb and wax, etc. If it is hard to decide between two different pens for two different substances, it might be best to see if there is a pen or mod on the market that is interchangeable or compatible with more than one. This typically doesn’t reduce the quality of the product or vaping experience.

How to Use a Vape Pen

Vape pens are rather simple to use although, like most other products, they can become rather sophisticated at the higher end of the spectrum. For example, some high-end vape pens will include temperature control, wattage control, and all other different forms of additional features. However, in general, a vape pen only requires basic knowledge of using an electronic product to operate. For starters, most vape pens turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ with a quick succession of power button presses. For example, to turn on a vape pen might require 5 quick taps of the power button for either ‘on’ or ‘off’. This is a general rule for most vape pens. Additionally, each vape pen needs to be plugged into a charger and allowed a moment to get some juice. Additionally, make sure not to use the vape pen too much too quickly. Refrain from holding down the power button for too long and allowing some cooling time in between. While almost all vape pens are durable, overheating is definitely a problem. Not to mention this can affect the flavor of the vapor. All in all, vape pens are simple to use as a general rule but a quick consultation with the owner’s manual will provide any specific needs, tips, or tricks associated with that specific brand or type of vape pen.

How to Clean a Vape Pen

Vape pens are easy to clean as a general rule but make sure to take into mind what the specific needs of that category of vape pen. For example, wax is much stickier than dry herb and oil more liquidy than wax so each must have a specific set of procedures to avoid leaving behind any grime or simple causing a bigger mess to occur. Generally speaking, make sure that the heating chamber is wiped down regularly for wax and herb and even burn off any residues in between seshes. This will make sure that there aren’t any nasty leftovers causing any flavor problems. Moreover, make sure to keep an eye out for leaving a vape pen sideways or on the ground. In an oil or wax vape this can lead to leakage out of the chamber as well as into the mouthpiece. No one likes a sticky, waxy or oily surprise to hit them when they are expecting smooth, tasty vapor. Generally, keep a maintenance routine and just keep the moist, sticky places of the vape clean and there won’t be any issues. Naturally, keep the battery dry and avoid using liquids directly on the vape pen itself (use moist rags to wipe things down, etc). Make sure the vape pen itself is off when being cleaned to avoid injury or malfunction.

How to Charge a Vape Pen

Vape pens, much like cell phones or other electronic devices, rely on battery power and must be charged from time to time. How often and how long is going to be determined based on the battery size, its power, and the frequency and intensity of use. With bigger seshes and groups expect more charging time more frequently. However, some vape pens can last quite some time. If this is an important factor make sure to pay attention to the product details and the strength and size of the battery itself (make sure to look at both because size is not an immediate indicator of strength). Vape pens use simple chargers and are not difficult and do not require specialized voltage to charge (whatever is appropriate for the geographic area/country). The specifics of charge time, etc is determined by the specific battery and should be included with any vape pen purchase.

Benefits of a Vape Pen

Vape pens are adored because of the tremendous benefits vapers get from them. Below are some of the most common:

Healthier Way to Smoke

First and foremost, most people like vape pens because it is much better than inhaling a lot of smoke. Without a doubt it is much better to vape than inhale smoke (regardless of the kind). Particularly for medical patients, vaping provides relief from the harsh realities of smoking dry herb, wax, etc.


Vape pens are much more discrete than a bong or pipe or rig. For one thing, vapor is much more inconspicuous. For another, vape pens are much smaller than the average pipe or bong or blunt even. This is by far one of the most discrete ways to go about enjoying dry herb or other derivatives without causing a disturbance.


Vape pens are not difficult. While there are certain products that are not recommended for newbies, there is absolutely no reason anyone can’t simply pick up a vape pen and be able to use it effectively. There is not a steep learning curve at all.

This is the Way

Particularly for oil, this is just about the only way to enjoy these products. More importantly, for wax and dry herb, it is not much of a hassle at all (and in the case of wax is much simpler). While a dugout or one-hitter is super easy for dry herb as well, when combined with the aforementioned benefits, there is no comparison. Vape pens are wonderful pieces of technology that should not be discounted without being given an honest consideration first.

Best Vape Pens by Category

Many enjoy the E-CLIPSE dry herb vape pen. It comes with a powerful battery in a small package that can reach temperatures of over 400 degrees in less than 20 seconds. Most importantly, this is not an overly complex piece of vaping technology. As for wax or oil, the SteamCloud series of products and box mod is highly regarded as a fantastic piece of equipment that provides a great amount of versatility. With a range of affordable, high-quality products the SteamCloud might be the best bet for either wax or oil as it is compatible with either (and even dry herb if that is of interest). There are a number of amazing products but these two are some of the best.

How to Fix a Vape Pen

Generally speaking, fixing a vape pen is not necessarily an easy ordeal. This isn’t because there is something difficult but rather because a true vape pen is only made of three parts – mouthpiece, battery, and heating chamber – and the battery or heating chamber is often combined in dry herb pens and inseparable. Even in wax or oil pens, a bad battery requires replacing as opposed to being able to fix wires. Not only is it difficult but it is certainly not recommended. The electronics and wiring on vape pens are sophisticated and compact to allow for a workable size. Mouthpieces and atomizers can be replaced and changed out (and are often meant to be interchangeable) and so there is not an issue of repair. Essentially, be aware that as far as repairs are concerned there is not much that can be done outside of replacing a broken piece of equipment.

Where to Buy Vape Pens

Vape pens, given their popularity, are widely available throughout the US and abroad. There is dozens in almost any smoke shop on any corner. Across the web, there are thousands more waiting to be bought and used to their fullest potential. Basically, it is not hard to find a vape pen. But, great vape pens can sometimes be hard to find. Save yourself the trouble of traffic, lines, and weird encounters by checking out vapevetstore.com and the tremendous amount of inventory available. Not to mention, ALL orders shipped in the US are absolutely FREE!

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