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Bubbler pipes are much more convenient than a glass water bong because all you need to do is add a little water inside the bubbler and you can start using it. No need for owning downstems or bong bowls. All of our bubblers have excellent airflow and are made of hand blown borosilicate glass. Choose the bubbler pipe that looks the most stylish to you and we'll carefully wrap it up and ship it to you for FREE in discreet packaging.

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What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a piece used for consuming dry herbs or concentrate that is a hybrid of a bong and a pipe. Bubblers range from small sizes to bigger and can come in the form of large stand up pipes or smaller handheld one-hitters. They are able to provide smooth filtered hits with the added convenience of being easy to transport and conceal. Bubblers are extremely popular household pieces that are famous for their wide array of features and designs as well as their simple yet effective usage. Bubblers are an essential piece to try at one point in your smoking career, as adding any type of water filtration after becoming accustomed to dry, straight hits will make you fall in love with smoking all over again. They also allow you to experience more of the true flavor of your favorite strains while also removing many of the harmful byproducts smoking out of dry pipes create.

How to Choose a Bubbler

Choosing a bubbler is very simple as the many different models all work in virtually the same manner. When looking for a bubbler, keep in mind how big you want it to be and what shape you find the most attractive. Some bubblers stand on their own similar to a bong but are an all-in-one water pipe that doesn’t require a separate downstem and bowl piece. Bubblers are great smoking accessories and it is hard to go wrong when choosing one. By performing a little research on popular styles of bubblers and the many variations they come in, you will quickly develop an eye for your favorite perks and features they can contain. Look for bubblers that have structural stability, smooth design, and appear to be sturdy and well-built. Well-built bubblers are easily distinguished from poorly made models. Also keep a lookout for the size of the carb it features, as the carb should open wide enough for easy airflow that enhances the hit and doesn’t take away from it. By using a little research and keeping in mind your preferences as far as style, color, and size, finding the ideal bubbler for you will be simple.

Why Buy a Bubbler?

Bubblers make for a cleaner and tastier way to consume dry herbs or concentrate. Whether you are switching from a dry pipe or are looking for a smaller and more easily handled dab rig, bubblers are smaller and easy to use water pipes that can provide you handheld smooth hits that have made bubblers one of the most commonly used smoking accessories on the market. Apart from the convenience and ease-of-use, they are also light and extremely durable, bringing together both fashion and function at a very affordable price.

Bubblers are perfect to use in conjunction with your favorite hand rolled creations (blunts or joints) by simply placing them in the bowl cutout and inhaling. Experiencing cleaner hits, maximum flavor, and ultimate convenience all make bubblers perfect for satisfying your elevated enjoyment needs.