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Herb Grinders are useful accessories for smoking pipes and vaporizers. We carry various types of grinders, such as 2 piece, 3 piece, and 4 piece grinders. We also have electric grinders available. Any of these grinders below are a great choice. We'll ship them in discreet packaging for you.

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How to Choose the Best Herb Grinder

When looking for a new grinder, it is important to keep in mind what size and build type you are looking for. Grinders can range from simple, two-piece handheld designs to more complex and sizeable electric grinders that can chew through even the thickest of dry herb. Herb grinders can be made from sturdy titanium and also can come in lighter and easier to handle plastic and silicone designs. They also can feature simple two-compartment designs as well as larger three to four compartment designs that also have pollen catchers at the bottom of them to collect kief over time. In order to find the best grinder for you, simply keep in mind how simplistic or advanced you would like the grinder to be and what your preferences are as far as size, color, design features, and number of compartments. If you do not mind grinding by hand but still want a high-quality grinder, a 3 compartment grinder with razor-sharp metal teeth is a staple option for those who frequently use grinders. If you are looking for a more advanced option, electronic grinders automate the whole process for you and give a finely ground product without the hassle of twisting and turning the grinder yourself.

What is an Herb Grinder?

Herb grinders are devices used to grind dry herb into a fine powder so that your bowls burn more evenly, giving you a much cleaner and better tasting hit than if you used the chunks of dry herb alone. They are cylindrical devices that come in multiple pieces, and some feature more pieces depending on if they feature a kief catcher at the bottom or not. They contain small metal pegs or “teeth” on the inner portion that are used to chew through dense flower to give a fine powder that is easier to use for packing bowls. Herb grinders are essentials for any smokers setup and will take your smoking sessions to the next level - not to mention they will make your favorite dry herbs last much longer while giving you tastier hits and more evenly-burned bowls. Herb grinders are one of the most widely used smoking accessories and for good reason. No matter what type of device you are using to consumer dry herbs, grinders will give you much better rips and get the most out of each time you use your piece.

Why Buy an Herb Grinder

Buying an herb grinder is a no brainer. If you have been getting by without one, chances are you are wasting a good amount of your product and also missing out on a lot of the flavor profiles your favorite strains gave to offer. Whether you routinely use a small pipe or bubbler or a bong, bowls packed with finely ground herb powder from a grinder burn more evenly and give off much more potent and good tasting smoke than simply burning chunks of herb that has been broken up by hand. Some may say that grinders are optional - and while this is true, the downsides of not using a grinder far outway the benefits. Grinders vary greatly and can come in easily portable sizes as well as larger at home varieties that will effortlessly chew through even the thickest and most dense strains of flower. Adding an herb grinder to your collection is a perfect way to streamline your smoking experience and help you get the most out of your flower. Reviews and advice from around the internet prove that herb grinders are a necessity. No matter whether you want to save time with an e grinder or get a durable and easily portable silicone grinder, buying an herb grinder is the best way to begin getting more from your smoking sessions and enjoy them more than ever before.