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FAQ About Vaporizers

When choosing the right vaporizer, first narrow it down by figuring out which substance you are using, such as dry herbs, wax, oil, or eliquid. Based on your preferred substance you will be able to select from a smaller list of vaporizers to purchase. From there you’ll decide based on design, functionality, and color. If you’d like to learn more, you can read our article about How to Choose the Best Portable Vaporizer.

The terms 510 thread describes the thread size of your vaporizer components, such as heating chambers, batteries, usb chargers and mouthpieces. The two thread sizes are different and NOT compatible with each other. The 510 thread is very thin, whereas Atmos threaded products use a thicker thread (aka 710 thread).

DO NOT leave your battery/vaporizer charging overnight. Charging the battery longer than the recommended time can cause damage to the battery. It can be a fire hazard as well. In order to increase the lifespan of your battery, it’s best to remove the battery from the charger as soon as it is finished charging.    

Vaporizers are usually shipped mostly charged. To get the best performance, we highly recommend that you use the battery until it’s empty. Then you can recharge until it’s 100% complete.

FAQ about Dry Herb Vaporizers

During true vaporization, the heating chamber functions similar to a convection oven. The chamber will evenly heat to a controlled temperature that will bake the dry herbs and release their aromas. The dry herbs will then discolor and likely turn brown. If you heat a dry herb vaporizer to it’s highest temperature (typically 430F), the dry herbs can turn to the color black. Dry herbs will not turn to ash. True vaporization is considered a healthier way to vape. If you’d like to learn more about combustion versus convection, please read our in-depth article here.

When you use a vape pen that has combustion, the heating chamber typically has an exposed coil that provides direct heat. The temperature is not controlled and the dry herbs are heated by the touch of the coil. The direct heat will burn the dry herbs and eventually tun them into ash.

While the health impacts of regular vaping are still being researched, using a dry herb vaporizer is comparatively healthy to smoking. Most dry herb vapes produce vapor through convection (super hot air) instead of combustion (burning and creating smoke). Inhaling vapor means you avoid a lot of the carcinogens produced when smoke is created. You can also use dry herb vaporizers at lower temperatures, meaning that the vapor inhaled is less harsh on your lungs than hot smoke is.

Generally, no. Dry herb vaporizers heat the walls of a heating chamber that allows slow, even convection of the dry herbs inside. Vape juice or vape oils need a concentrated heating element (like a heating coil, atomizer, or wick) to produce vapor. You can buy attachments for vape juice to be used in dry herb vaporizers (usually called oil chambers or something similar). For the best experience, we recommend using a dedicated vape oil pen for oil vaping.

Absolutely! Tobacco, and any other dry herb, can be used in a dry herb vaporizer. For many, vaping tobacco may be more convenient than traditional smoking, since vapor dissipates much more quickly than smoke. This allows you to vape tobacco indoors where smoking may not be an option. Vaping tobacco also helps you avoid many of the carcinogens produced when you smoke tobacco. While we can not go as far as saying that vaping tobacco is “healthy,” it may provide a less harsh experience for those trying to wean off of traditional smoking.

FAQ about Wax Pens

Yes! Using a similar process to dry herb and oil vaporizes, wax vaporizers produce genuine vapor from the wax concentrate being used. Not only is vapor produced in wax vaping pens, but the traditional dab rig setup also produces vapor. If you reach a temperature that is able to burn the wax concentrate, you are going to get nasty, unbelievably hot hits that no one enjoys. Dab rigs create vapor using a super hot dab nail, and wax vape pens use a super-heated coil.

Yes! There are a lot of different terms used to describe what is essentially the same product. Dab pens, dab vapes, wax pens, and wax vapes all refer to the same kind of product. They are vaporizers that produce vapor by having wax concentrate applied to an interior heating coil. While some differences may exist between specific models (like the material the heating coil is made out of), these terms do not describe different products.

A nectar collector is a style of wax vape pen. Unlike the terms dab pen, dab vape, or wax vape, which describe the same kind of product, nectar collectors are a genuinely different kind of vape pen. The heating coils are found on the exterior of the vape pen at the bottom, and there is no internal chamber for holding wax concentrate. Instead, the exterior coils are placed directly onto your concentrate of choice, and the vapor produced is inhaled through the pen like a straw. They are the most portable products but are great at-home vaping options!

Absolutely not. Wax pens bring the heating coils to extremely high temperatures, far more than what is needed for oil vaping. If you were to try vaping oils or e-juices in a wax pen, they would scorch immediately. Not only would that produce nasty tasting smoke, but it could cause permanent damage to your heating coils or heating chamber. You could use a box mod with separate attachments for oil and wax if you do not want to buy more than one device, but you should never put oil in a wax pen.

FAQ about Desktop Vaporizers

You will not find a desktop vaporizer that is objectively better than a vape pen or a vape pen that is objectively better than a vaporizer. The best product is going to depend on the person who has the product since desktop vaporizers and vape pens and other portable vaporizers have their own pros and cons. Identify what your needs in a product are and then look for a product that is the best fit. This will guide you to the best vaporizer for you!

Desktop vaporizers work just like potable vaporizers except on a much larger scale. For example, a dry herb convection vape uses hot air to produce vapor from the dry herbs that can be inhaled. A desktop convection vaporizer would operate in the same way, except it might have built-in fans to help move air. Desktop vapes also can handle more vaping product at a time or may have varied power options or model-specific features, but their core function will be the same.

The best desktop vaporizer will be the one that best fits your specific vaping needs. Features and specific functions will vary from model to model, so identifying what you want most out of a product will help guide you to an ideal match. If you are brand new to shopping and want a solid product as a starting point for shopping, we recommend looking at the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. This can help you determine if you want a higher-end device, or if the Extreme Q has what you need!

We get this question a lot because the Volcano, while a very high-quality vaporizer, is one of the most expensive desktop vaporizers on the market, with the new model topping out at $700. Many customers have found that, while the Volcano is a fantastic product, their desktop vaping needs can be met with a less expensive device while still providing a great experience. Whether or not this will be the case for you depends on what you want out of a product, but there are quality desktop vaporizers that are much less expensive than the Volcano!

FAQ about Smoking Pipes

This is entirely up to your preference. Using a pipe offers a lot of advantages, including better air control, more control over how much you smoke at a time, and makes it easier to smoke a very small amount of tobacco or dry herb in a session. Blunts and cigarettes, on the other hand, do not require maintenance as a pipe does, and once it is smoked, there is nothing left to clean up. Each experience is unique, so pick the one that works best for you!

Yes, as long as you use them to smoke legal substances. Simple possession of a glass pipe will not usually cause problems, but police can test the pipe for the residue of illegal substances if they suspect unlawful substances have been used in them. You should always smoke legal dry herbs, like hemp, coltsfoot, or mint. It is also a good reason to clean your pipes regularly, which can be done with specialty cleaners like Formula 420 or isopropyl alcohol. Always check your local state laws to be sure that glass pipes will not cause you legal problems.

It depends on what specifically you want out of your pipe, but glass pipes offer a lot of advantages over other substances. They are relatively cheap to produce, safe to use, and easy to clean. Glass is nonporous, which means it will not absorb residue from what you smoke, nor will it leech any substances into your smoke. This makes them ideal for substances like hemp, which generally leaves behind a very sticky residue. However, be it glass, wood, or another material, what makes a pipe better is if it meets your expectations.

Using a glass pipe does not increase the health benefits of what you are smoking. For example, if you are smoking tobacco from a glass pipe, you are still putting yourself at risk in the same way that you would if you were smoking a traditional cigarette. However, glass pipes are safer to use than other materials. They do not add toxic fumes to your smoke and they are very easily cleaned, so you do not have to be concerned with toxic substances residing inside the glass.

FAQ about Herb Grinders

Grinding herbs, of course! While you can use an herb grinder for several reasons (like grinding up dry herbs to cook with), many use herb grinders to prepare their dry herbs for smoking or vaping. Herbs that are ground burn more evenly and produce vapor more efficiently. They also are less likely to clog the vapor path of a dry herb vape, and they produce a more robust flavor when either smoked or vaped. If you plan on smoking or vaping dry herbs, an herb grinder is a must-have!

The best herb grinder will be the one that best meets your needs in a product. However, there are some popular features to look for when shopping for the first time. Kief catchers, hand cranks, and even automatic grinders are popular features some look for, but they may or may not be a priority for you. If you want a starting point, Sharpstone grinders are some of our favorites, though there are many other brands that provide an excellent grinding experience.

Three-piece grinders do not collect kief. If you are interested in a dry herb grinder that does collect kief, you will want to invest in a four-piece grinder, as the fourth piece is indicative of a screen that allows kief to pass through and collect in a container below. Collecting kief is a great way to get the most out of the dry herbs you grind, so make sure you purchase a four-piece grinder if you are wanting to enjoy the kief that is produced from grinding!

There are several reasons your grinder might be sticking while you are grinding. If you are grinding too many dry herbs at once, you could be overwhelming the shredding function, which would make it hard to twist the teeth together. If you have an older grinder, the residue could have built up, causing disruptions in the smooth turning. Disassembling your grinder and giving all the pieces a thorough clean will help resolve this issue.

FAQ about Nectar Collectors

No! In fact, it’s the opposite. One of the primary benefits of using a nectar collector is that it is one of the most efficient ways to dab wax. The only time heat is applied to your wax concentrate is when you are actively breathing in vapor. As soon as you are done taking a hit, the hot coils or dab nail are removed from your wax and it stops producing vapor. This is unlike a dab rig or a wax pen, where vapor can be lost between hits while the wax is still in contact with a heating coil or dab nail.

Not any more than a dab rig or wax pen. Since the dabbing process creates vapor from the wax concentrate you are using, strong smells do not last because vapor dissipates quickly. Depending on how you use your nectar collector, you may end up producing less smell since almost all vapor produced is actively being inhaled (if you are not taking a hit, the heating coils are not applied to the wax concentrate). If you have used a wax pen or dab rig, you will not notice an increase in noticeable smells from a nectar collector.

Nope! While many manual nectar collectors (or nectar collectors without electrical components) may use water filtration, many do not. If you are using a nectar collector-style wax pen, you will almost never find water filtration being used. Many users are hesitant to use a nectar collector with water since they involve so much movement during the dabbing process. You will have a choice in which style works best for you, so be sure you understand your specific needs before you pull the trigger and buy a product!

Absolutely! Silicone nectar collectors are made with food-grade silicone, which means they will not leech harmful chemicals into your water or your vapor. While dabbing involves very high temperatures, silicone is designed to withstand high temperatures, too! Applying direct flame to a silicone dab rig might deform it, it still will not physically harm you if you use it. This is also true of silicone bongs, bubblers, and other popular styles of smoking pipes.

FAQ about Dab Rigs

There are a lot of reasons you may have noticed your dab rig cracked. Heating a dab nail usually involves a torch, and while the dab nail is designed to handle super-hot temperatures, your dab rig is not. Subjecting a part of the dab rig to direct heat can cause the glass to crack since quickly heating or cooling glass can cause it to break or shatter. Rough handling of your dab rig can also cause it to crack. If this was the case, consider a silicone dab rig.


It depends on what you want out of a dab rig! Small dab rigs are great for easy handling, storage, and transportation, but a small dab rig has a smaller water reservoir, which means less water filtration. Larger dab rigs will offer more filtration and are more likely to have extra filtration features, like percolators, but can be expensive and cumbersome to use. Which size you end up with will be based on what you need most out of a dab rig.

Yes! Like bongs, many dab rigs have an ice catcher at the end of the downstem. As the name implies, an ice catcher holds ice, cooling the vapor as it passes by and before it hits the water reservoir. You should avoid putting ice cubes directly in the water reservoir, as that may create water vapor, which is not something that should be regularly inhaled. Ice cubes in an ice catcher and cold water are the best methods for cooling dab vapor before it is inhaled!

It depends on your equipment. You absolutely cannot use a dab nail for smoking dry herbs, but most dab rigs are set up where the dab nail can be removed. If you have a bong bowl that can fit into your dab rig, then it can operate as a small bong! Many prefer larger bongs to help aid in cooling and filtering smoke, but there is nothing wrong with using a bong bowl in a dab rig (just as long as it properly fits).

FAQ about Vape Cartridges

It depends on what kind of vape cartridge you have. If you bought a prefilled cartridge, it is likely meant for one-time use only. This will especially be apparent if there is no easy mechanism visible to refill the cartridge. Cartridges like vape tanks are specifically made to be refilled and reused and are usually easy to reload. A cartridge will specifically say on its packaging whether or not it is meant to be reused, but if you are unsure, ask the retailer from where you purchased it. If you bout it from us, we will be happy to help you out!

No. While a universal fitting is commonly used (510 threading), not all vape cartridges are designed with it. Many cartridges are made for use with specific models of vape pens (often called pods) that are unusable in any other device. Even if a cartridge fits onto a vape pen, there may be other issues of incompatibility, including resistance and wattage requirements. If you want to be sure a vape cartridge will fit your pen before you buy it, ask the retailer for assistance (if buying from us, we would be happy to make sure you get a compatible cartridge!)

While there is not a set amount of times you can reuse a vape cartridge, there are signs you can look out for that are indicators it is time for a replacement. If you notice a sudden change in the flavor quality of your vapor, it is almost always a problem with the oil tank or cartridge. This is especially true if it is a burnt, popcorny taste. You may be able to resolve this by cleaning the tank out, but if it is an issue with the heating element or wick, you will need to replace it.

While the specifics vary depending on what specific cartridge or tank you have, there are general tips you can follow to refill or clean it. First, remove the cartridge from the tank. Then, look for a small hole or port (usually towards the top). Use a syringe of your preferred vape oil to refill the cartridge. To clean it, many tanks have a top that will easily detach, though many cartridges and tanks are not designed to be disassembled and cleaned. If the flavor of your vapor has deteriorated, it will likely be easier to simply replace the cartridge.

FAQ about Spoon Pipes

You do not have to use a screen while smoking with a glass pipe, but it can certainly improve your smoking experience if you do! Screens prevent small pieces of dry herb from getting into the smoke path of your spoon pipe. This debris can clog your pipe, create residue in hard to reach places, or can even end up in your mouth or lungs while smoking. Screens are an inexpensive, easy way to improve your spoon pipe smoking experience.

How often you clean your pipe will ultimately depend on the specific spoon pipe you have and your personal tolerance for building residue. If you can tell that the taste of your smoke is starting to deteriorate regardless of the dry herb you are using, then it is time to clean the pipe. The longer you wait to clean your spoon pipe, the longer the cleaning process will be once you do decide to clean it, so keep that in mind if your spoon pipe has tiny, tight spaces that could collect hard to clean residue.

The fastest way to get a thorough clean of your spoon pipe is to soak it in a cleaning solution. Soaking is a sure-fire way to make sure every single part of the pipe gets clean, and it also is a great way to tackle stubborn residue. We recommend Formula 420 for cleaning glass and silicone spoon pipes, as it is fast-acting and very safe to use. You can also use isopropyl alcohol in a pinch, just be sure you thoroughly rinse it off and let it completely air dry before smoking with it. Isopropyl alcohol is very flammable!

Smoking a spoon pipe is very simple. First, grind your dry herbs of choice. Then, lightly pack the dry herbs into the bowl of the spoon pipe (do not hardpack, just gently press the dry herbs.) Once packed, apply a flame to the bowl and breathe in. If your spoon pipe has a carb hole, airflow can be manipulated depending on how much or how little you cover it, so feel free to experiment to discover the ideal airflow and smoke combination! Once finished, dump out the ashes and safely store your spoon pipe.

FAQ about Bongs

While not all bongs are expensive, glass bongs can get into the hundreds of dollars very quickly. The reason for their high price is directly related to the craftsmanship that is involved in creating them. Glass bongs are often a single piece of glass, which requires an expert glassblower to create, and expert time costs expert money. While large glass bongs can be very expensive, smaller glass bongs or silicone bongs are very budget-friendly. There is a wide range of prices to choose from with bongs, so take your time shopping and find an option that is a good fit!

Ice is a great way to cool the smoke being produced, which creates a smooth, flavorful hit. Many downstems are built with an ice catcher at the end, which holds ice and cools the smoke before it hits the water reservoir. Some put ice directly into the water reservoir, but this can easily create water vapor, which should not be inhaled. Ice catchers for bongs is an easy way to increase the quality of your bong experience, so be on the lookout for it when bong shopping!

Percolators force the smoke created while using your bong to further diffuse through the water. When the smoke is forced to diffuse more, that means more of the smoke is coming into contact with the water before you inhale it. This results in extra smooth, extra cool, and extra tasty hits that many bong users swear by. Percolators can greatly increase the price of a bong, so be sure to take time to consider all of your needs before you commit to purchasing an expensive bong.

All bongs are water pipes, but not all water pipes are bongs. A water pipe is simply a pipe that uses water as a filtration method. They can be handheld water pipes, like bubblers, or even water pipes designed to enjoy something different than dry herbs, like a dab rig for enjoying wax concentrates. The most well-known kind of water pipe is a bong, but it is certainly not the only kind. Consider your wants and needs in a water pipe before committing to a bong. You may find an unexpected, better fit!

FAQ about Chillum Pipes

A chillum is one of the easiest pipes you will use. First, grind your dry herbs. Then, lightly pack the dry herbs into the front-facing bowl of the chillum pipe. Then, apply a flame to the dry herbs and slowly draw in the smoke. When the bowl is depleted, dump out the ashes and safely store the chillum. Other specific chillum pipes may have other features, like a carb hole, but these general steps are a good place to start when using a chillum for the first time.

Not only can you clean a chillum without isopropyl alcohol, we actually recommend you use a special cleaner instead. Isopropyl alcohol is a fire risk, and if you fail to thoroughly rinse and air-dry your chillum, you risk causing a huge fire. We recommend Formula 420 for cleaning glass or silicone chillum pipes since it provides a very thorough clean and is much safer to use for cleaning. You can find Formula 420 at various online retailers, including here at!

Chillum pipes have a huge range of pricing. They can start below $10 and easily reach a price tag of $100 or more. It all depends on the quality of the pipe, the kind of glass used to make the pipe, and whether or not the pipe was hand-crafted. We recommend starting with a less expensive chillum pipe to make sure you enjoy that style of smoking and then investing in a higher-quality piece that will stick with you for years to come!

It all comes down to what you are looking for out of a glass pipe. Chillums usually have a smaller capacity for dry herb but lack any particular weak point in their design. This makes them comparatively durable to glass pipes with large bowls. Chillums are also more straightforward to use but often lack features like carb holes, which can help customize your smoking experience. Pick what is most important to you in a glass pipe, and that will guide you to chillums or a different style of pipe.

FAQ about Dugout Pipes

Unfortunately, they are not. While many wooden dugout pipes provide a tight enough fit to keep your dry herb secure, they are not airtight. Airtight is the quality you need in a container to make it smell-proof. While wooden dugout pipes are some of our favorite products, you will want to be sure you have a separate, smell-proof container if preventing your dry herb from being smelled is a priority concern for you. Airtight containers are a great way to keep your dry herbs fresh, regardless, so consider adding some to your smoking kit!

Of course! Any dry herb, including tobacco, is a great choice for smoking in a dugout pipe kit. Many use dugout pipes for tobacco smoking because the one-hitter used with dugouts is a great choice for smoking just a tiny amount of tobacco at a time. This is a good option for those that do not smoke tobacco regularly or are attempting to wean themselves off of full-fledged cigarettes. For other ways to wean off of cigarettes, consider using a vape pen to enjoy nicotine-infused vape oils, which are available with varying amounts of nicotine.

Using a dugout pipe kit is super simple. Make sure to grind your dry herbs and then place them in the storage compartment of the dugout. Then, take your one-hitter pipe and press it bowl-first into the storage compartment. This will force dry herbs into your one-hitter, effectively auto-packing it. Then, take the one-hitter pipe, apply flame to the small bowl, and inhale the smoke! Dump the ashes out of the pipe when you are finished, and safely store the pipe in its storage compartment in the dugout kit.

It is completely safe to smoke out of a metal dugout pipe. Metal can be used as the body of the dugout kit for storing your one-hitter and ground dry herbs. Most one-hitters that come in dugout pipe kits are metal, and while you may get a metallic taste in your smoke from using a metal one-hitter, you do not need to be concerned about any negative health effects from using a metal pipe. If you do not like the taste of the metal pipe, one-hitters can be found in different materials, including glass and ceramic.