Skull Designed Glass Globe

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The Skull Glass Globe is our most popular glass globe design. We carry the glass globe in a variety of colors and options for different vape pen batteries. Use the globe for smooth, cooled puffs of vapor every time.

Skull Glass Globe Includes

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  • 1x Green Skull Designed Glass Globe

Glass Globe Details

  • Skull Design Glass Globe is very Stylish
  • Glass Globe can fit a variety of vape pen battery attachments
  • Metal Mouthpiece provides optimal airflow

Skull Glass Globe FAQ

How to Use a Skull Designed Glass Globe

  • Using a skull designed glass globe is no different than other glass globes. First, load your coil attachment and then afterward you place the glass globe over the coil. Press and hold down the vape battery power button. After two seconds you may begin inhaling the vapor.
  • Just an FYI, you can use the skull designed glass globe on both 510 coil attachments and original micro g pen attachments.

How to Clean a Skull Designed Glass Globe

  • Cleaning a Skull Designed Glass Globe is very easy. You can use 420 cleaner to remove the residue or you can wash it by hand. If you plan on using any type of cleaning agent, make sure to thoroughly rinse your glass globe afterward. You may also use a dishwasher to clean your glass globe.

Why Buy a Skull Designed Glass Globe?

  • If you want your Glass Globe Atomizer to be unique, we suggest buying a skull designed glass globe. It is big enough to take big vape hits and the mouthpiece is designed for optimal airflow. Most important is that it can fit on a 510 thread coil attachment or an original micro g pen coil attachment.

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