Portable Vaporizer Buyer's Guide

Not sure which portable vaporizer is right for you? Want to know the difference between the different vape pens we offer? Look below for our complete Buyer's Guide to all the vaporizer designs we offer, and see which one is right for you based on your preferences.

There are 3 types of substances that will be used in a vaporizer.  Dry herbs, wax concentrates, and oil - There are vaporizers and vape pens for each of these products. There are also multi-functional vape pens that can vape all 3 substances, however, you may need an additional attachment.

Convection Dry Herb Vaporizers

This type of dry herb vaporizer is the one responsible for creating vapors versus smoke. This type of portable vaporizer has heating chambers made of solid ceramic or stainless steel with no exposed vape coil or heating element that can burn the dry herbs. We call these convection vaporizers, and they are healthier than normal combustion which creates smoke. Convection dry herb vaporizers allow you to achieve True Vaporization, versus combustion which leads to smoke. Without an exposed heating element, the dry herbs are evenly baked like a convection oven. This will lift all the aromas into a vapor that can be inhaled. The dry herbs will not burn or turn to ash, they will only brown.

On the contrary to convection, with an exposed coil, the direct heat will ignite (or combust) the herbs, producing smoke instead of vapor—just like a traditional pipe.  When dry herbs burn, they will turn to ash.

Below are some vaping devices we carry with this type of functionality.  Click on any of them below to learn more and make an informed purchase.

  1. Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer for sale $39.99
  2. E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer for sale - $99.99
  3. Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer for sale - $49.99
  4. Stoner Joe's Dry Herb Vaporizer - $99.99
  5. Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vaporizer - $69.99

Combustion Dry Herb Vaporizers

Exposed Vape Coils for Dry Herbs and Wax

Any vape pen that has an exposed heating coil will combust your herbs unless you create a barrier between the heating element and the dry herbs. With combustion vapes, the herbs are ignited by the direct touch to a heating element. A glass screen between the herb and element could turn a combustion vape into a convection vape. The best-exposed coil for the dry herbs would be the pancake style coil which is a circular vaporizer coil that lies at the bottom of a heating chamber.

If you're looking for an electronic portable option and don't mind smoking the traditional way, these types of vape pens are usually much less expensive than true dry herb vaporizers and they will definitely get the job done. If you buy glass screen filters, you'll be able to prevent combustion and have a more true vaporization experience. Read our blog post about using glass filter screens to learn more.

We carry Five combustion style vape pens at Vape Vet Store. Click on any of these vaporizer pens below to learn more and make an informed purchasing decision.

  1. AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer for sale - $29.99 (You can use this vape for both dry herbs and wax)
  2. Yocan Evolve D Vaporizer for sale - $39.99
  3. Yocan 94F Vape Tank for sale - $69.95 (This vape pen is for dry herbs only. Glass Screens included)
  4. Micro Vape Kit for sale - $39.99 (Dry Herbs or Wax)
  5. Yocan Mak 2-in-1 Vape Pen - $49.95 (Dry Herbs and Wax)

Wax Vaporizer Vaping

Pocket Vape Pen for Wax with Quartz Coils

Heating chambers with exposed vape coils are best for shatter or wax concentrates.  It allows for the wax to come in contact with a very high rate of heat.  The vape coils will melt the wax into oil and produce vapor. It's best to only apply a small amount of shatter or wax at a time; otherwise, you'll run the risk of over-saturating the chamber with the oil. Wax Atomizers with cotton wicks can help absorb any excess oil, but wick vape coils have an impact on the flavor of the wax you're vaping.

Vape Pens for wax originated with a wick coil, but they are now offered with ceramic rod coils, and the most recent addition - quartz rod coils.  While the wick coil is great for absorption, the ceramic and quartz rods will create a better vapor taste.

The Pocket Vape pictured above is one of the most common designed vape pen for wax, shatter, crumble, etc. Every kit comes with 2 vape pens plus accessories. We have other wax vape pens available at Vape Vet Store. Check out our list of the Best Wax Vape Pens here

The best way for vaping e-liquids and oil

Most E-liquid Tanks are 510 thread and are generally used with box mod vapes.  The atomizer pictured above is one of high-quality versus lower priced e-liquid atomizers such as CE 4 Clearomizers.

Clearomizers are attached to 510 threaded vape pen batteries.  There are hundreds of pen-shaped batteries in all sorts of colors and designs. The clearomizer and pen style batteries are great, but they are not something to get if you are looking for high quality and long term use. They break more easily and are more prone to leaking.

Box Mods are larger and a much better quality vape battery then what you find in the vape pens. You can sync them perfectly with your atomizer attachment and control the input/output.  Functionality and size varies from product to product but most box mods are superior to the vape pen batteries. We carry THREE types of box mod vape kits in our store. Each of these box mods can work with any of our Eliquid, Dry Herb or Wax Atomizers. Click on any of our Box Mod vaporizers below to learn more and make an informed purchasing decision.

  1. SteamCloud Box Mod Vape for sale - $59.99
  2. Kamry 30W Box Mod Vape for sale - $49.99
  3. Kangertech Box Mod Vape for sale -$59.99

How to Choose a Vaporizer

Now that you know what works best for each portable vaporizer, you can now start to figure out which vape pen is right for you. To keep things simple, we will rank these in order of price, with the least expensive first. We'll explain the pros and cons of each device, and provide the link to our full review and product page.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Options:

Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer

on SALE $49.99

The Titan 1 is the best way to get started vaping at a lower price point. Yes, I know, $100 is not a small chunk of change, but considering some portable vaporizers approach the $500 price tag, it's best to think of price relative to what's out there.

Aside from price, the Titan 1's biggest benefit is its ability to reach 420 degrees Fahrenheit. At 446 degrees, herbs will begin to combust instead of vape. But, the closer you get to 446 degrees, the more vapor you will get.

The Titan 1 uses a stainless steel chamber that is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

You'll get roughly an hour of use on a full charge if you're using the highest temperature setting (which drains more battery). It takes about 3 hours to fully charge, so it's best to use it a few times a day, then let it charge overnight.

Flowermate V5.0S dry herb vaporizer kit

Flowermate V5.0S

Buy now for $99.99

The Flowermate is a well-built device that boasts 2 internal batteries. This gives the Flowermate a running time of over 2 hours, which is tough to beat. This version also includes adjustable temperatures 385°, 400°, and 415°F for more vapor and a glass mouthpiece for more flavor. Finally, the Flowermate's ceramic chamber reaches its highest temperature (415 degrees) in roughly 30 seconds—quite impressive, considering it takes a Pax over a minute to reach 410 degrees.

Flowermate V5.0 Pro dry herb vaporizer kit

Flowermate v5.0 Pro

on Sale - $129.95

There have been several versions of the Flowermate Vapormax V vaporizer. The V5.0 Pro is the best. Here's why. The Pro features digital temperature controls (like the Da Vinci Ascent), allowing you to set the temperature to the exact setting. And speaking of setting the temperature, the Pro reaches a max temp of 446 degrees Fahrenheit. This is about 30 degrees above the V5.0s, but what's more impressive is that it can reach 446 degrees in 30 seconds. Every degrees helps when it comes to producing more vapor, so the reaching 446 sets the Pro apart.

The size, shape, design, and long battery life all remain the same. So while the price is higher than the previous entries, the Pro earns it by having superior features.

Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vape Tank

Buy now from $39.95 - $69.95

The Yocan 94F sets out to do one thing and do it well, rip through insane amounts of herbs. The 94F has the largest chamber of any vape pen I've seen, and its heating coil is powerful enough to handle ever last bit of what you pack. You'll get hit after hit, no problem.

We have bundles that include custom-fitted glass screens for the chamber, which help produce real vapor, but the 94F is truly at its best when used for combustion—for which it is king.

Depending on how often you use the 94F, you will need to replace the heating coils every few months, though.

Truva Dry Herb Vaporizer by Kind Pen

TruVa Kind Pen

Buy now $129.95

After holding the TruVa Herbal Vaporizer in your hands and taking a quick glance, it's easy to see what inspired this device: the Pax itself. The heating chamber is a bit smaller and located directly below the removable top, and the metallic mouthpiece is a bit larger and doesn't collapse like the Pax, but almost everything else about the shape of these two vapes is the same.

The TruVa has three temperature settings: 320°F, 374°F, and 446°F. The lowest setting is best for vaping tobacco, while the middle and highest setting will work better for other herbs.

The slim size--again, similar to the Pax, the Truva vape ensures it fits comfortably in your pocket and remains discreet. But a noticeable and positive distinguishing factor: the TruVa boasts a lifetime warranty. Should anything ever go wrong with your device, the creators, the Kind Group, will replace the device. Now that exudes confidence in the product.

Atmos Transporter

Buy now $149.95

The Atmos Transporter was one of the first true vaporizers from Atmos. The Transporter is fairly compact and will charge in about 3 hours, making it a great on-the-go option. It also has a flask-like appearance to help hide the fact that it's a vaporizer. The shell is very durable, and features a ceramic heating chamber that is easy to maintain.

The Transporter only has one temperature setting, though. It seems to be set around the 390-400 degree range. This is enough to produce good vapor, but it won't pull quite as much as the units that go above 400 degrees.

Atmos Boss

Buy now $159.95

The Atmos Boss gets credit for its size. The Boss features a stainless steel chamber, and it is one of the only pen-style vapes that is actually a true dry herb vaporizer (most are for concentrates or combustion, or require glass screens for vapor). With just 3 clicks of the power button, the Boss will heat up and produce vapor in under a minute. So for anyone who has bought a vape pen hoping for pure vapor, but found that it combusted, the Boss is for you.

Like the Atmos Transporter and Orbit, the Boss only has one temperature setting. Again, it seems like it's maybe around the 400 degrees Fahrenheit mark. Also, the Boss will automatically shut off after roughly 2 minutes, so you'll have to be mindful a turn it back on if you want a longer vape session.

Atmos Orbit Vape Pen for Dry Herbs

Atmos Orbit

Buy now $169.95

In appearance, the Orbit is like the big brother of the Boss. In functionality, it is identical to the Transporter. In other words, the Orbit is a larger pen-shaped vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber set to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The key difference between the Orbit and Boss is that each vape session will last 10 minutes before the automatic shut off.

Atmos Astra

Buy now $199.95

The Astra is the best portable herbal vaporizer from Atmos—outdoing the Orbit, Transporter, and the Boss. What makes the Astra special is that its ceramic heating chamber can adjust to 5 different temperature settings, 356, 374, 392, 410, and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a nice range, and the highest setting will produce very nice, potent vapor.

Other perks include the addition of a wax/oil cup for concentrates and liquids, and the unit is also very durable—enough to handle a drop or two without any fear.

Probably the only downside to the Astra is its higher price tag. The battery also takes longer to fully charge than the other Atmos devices (about 5 hours vs 3), but this battery is replaceable (not built in). So you can have a fully-charged spare ready to go.

Atmos Rx

Buy now $49.95

The AtmosRx was the first big vape pen from Atmos—and one of the first in general. It has a lot of popularity. Recently, with the inclusion of glass screens and the right technique, users have found it is possible to get real vapor from the device. But, the Rx is definitely at its best when it comes to vaping concentrates and wax.

Da Vinci Ascent Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

DaVinci Ascent

Buy now $249.99

The DaVinci Ascent is at the top of its class. The Ascent is the only vaporizer on this list which offers digital temperature controls, allowing you to set the temperature exactly how you want it, up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also preset different heat settings to change the temperature throughout your vape session (for instance, gradually increase over time).

Other benefits include an all-glass pathway, which keeps the vapor and flavor as pure as possible. Throw in the medical grade glass containers for vaping oils and concentrates, and you have one of the best portable vapes around. The Ascent also boasts a battery life of about 3-4 hours, depending on the temperature you're vaping at. Not bad at all.

There are no real downsides to the Ascent. It is a bit pricier, but it's well worth the expense.

Wax Concentrate Vaporizer Options

Yocan ExGo and ExGo II

Buy now $24.95 - $51.95

The ExGo and ExGo II are made specifically for wax and shatter and they carry this out to perfection. The larger bowl allows you to pack more concentrate in at once. The ExGo II has two coils to absorb the maximum amount of melted concentrate at once, helping to produce more vapor more easily. While the ExGo I doesn't have the dual-coil design, it does work with variable volt batteries, so you can increase the voltage for more heat and vapor (the ExGo II only works with standard batteries).

Again, depending on how often you use and maintain your coils, they will need to be replaced every so often.

Yocan Mak 2-in-1 Atomizer Vape Pen Kit

Yocan Mak Vape Tank

Buy now $24.95 - $54.95

The Yocan Mak gets points for being extremely affordable and also including two types of heating coils: one for herbs and one for concentrates. It's small, portable, affordable, and versatile—what's not to love? Unlike other products in this section, though, you will need to replace your heating coils periodically depending on how often you use the device.

Atmos Jr

 Buy now $44.99

The Atmos Jr is the smallest of the 3 Atmos devices for concentrates and herbs. The small size makes it more portable than ever, but it does come at the expense of the battery (which runs for about half the time of the Rx and R2).

Atmos R2 Vape Pen for Wax and Dry Herbs

Atmos R2

Buy now $139.95

The R2 is a little pricier than the Rx, but it features some much-appreciated improvements. The grip and power button are much more ergonomic, the heating chamber and coil are larger, and the coil gets hotter than the Rx and Jr. Because the coil gets hotter, it can handle a bit more concentrate at once, and also burn through herbs more easily. The extra heat also makes producing vapor easier.

Oils and Liquids Vaporizer Options:

Kamry Box Mod Vape Kit

Kamry Mini Box Mod

Buy now for $49.99

The Mini Box Mod (pictured above) is a top-quality battery especially when compared to the batteries of the average vape pen.  Keep in mind though, this Box Mod is only 3 inches high and less than an inch wide.  It is still small and convenient, but has the battery power to last all day and functionality to keep your vaping experience perfect.

There are literally hundreds of different tanks, mods, and attachments for e-liquids. At our site, we've found that most people are here for the herbal vaporizers and concentrate vapes. However, we've kept one e-liquid vape in stock due to its positive reception...

Atmos Optimus V2 Vape Pen

The Atmos Optimus V2 Buy now $69.95

The Optimus V2 is well-received because of its simplicity and reliability. The devices looks and feels nice in your hand, produce great tasting vapor that never tastes burnt, and the atomizer does not need to be replaced frequently like other e-liquid vape pens.

It's a simple, sleek option that has you up and vaping in minutes vs trying to find the right ohm level or battery brand that works best with a crazy MOD. That's for some people, but it's nice to have an option that just gets to the point without any fuss. That's the Optimus V2.

Vape pens (concentrates and herbs)

Aside from the Atmos Boss, most pen-shaped vapes feature exposed heating coils, and are ideal for either vaping concentrates or smoking / combusting herbs and tobacco. However, keep in mind that these can also be used with glass screens to prevent combustion and produce vapor, but the experience is not the same as the true dry herb vaporizers.

Concentrates and herbs

Again, keep in mind that these devices combust herbs unless used with a glass screen inside the heating chamber. We offer or include glass screens with these items, but the experience is not exactly the same as a true dry herb vaporizer. 

That's our comprehensive list of the different portable vaporizers we offer. You can check out all the portable vaporizers here.

Contact us if you have any questions or want a recommendation and thanks for checking out VapeVetStore.com!