Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Oil Vape Pens

Similarities Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Vape Pens

Both Vapes Are Designed to Vaporize

This should be pretty obvious. Both vaporizer types will create vapor and are considered vaporizers. There is going to be all the same major parts involved and the vaporizers will generally operate around the same way.

Herb and Oil Vapes Are Discrete

All vapes are more discrete than the smallest of bowls. If discretion is a key concern than make sure to look into a vaporizer for something useful and easy to conceal.

Both Vapes Have Portable Designs

Unless it’s a desktop vaporizer, it’s extremely portable. Don’t get stuck having to worry about a heavy bong or bulky bubbler when a slim, discrete vape pen can easily provide the same level of smoothness and in a quieter, easier format.

Most Vapes Are Easy To Use

There are very few complicated vape pens. Most start at a few clicks of a button (a sequence to prevent accidental misfires) and will remain on for several minutes before the automatic shutdown kicks in to save battery. With only three major parts it’s a no-brainer all around.

Most Herb and Oil Vapes Have Temperature Controls

Most vape pens do not contain temperature controls however both styles (dry herb and oil) will offer temperature controls for more sophisticated or attentive vapers. Particularly when dealing with oil or herb it’s not a bad idea to have the ability to modify the temperature and wattage settings to best match personal preferences or vaping styles.

All Portable Vapes Are Re-Chargeable

Both categories of vape pens offer the ability to recharge and ensure a full battery whenever needed. Some might come with spare batteries or they are available for additional purchase. Especially for a heavy vaper this can be an excellent option to ensure avoiding being stuck next to a charger the entire day.

Differences Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Vape Pens

Difference Between Oil Vape and Dry Herb Vape

Dry Herbs vs Oil Concentrates

So, first off, dry herb and oil are very different. Some say that the feelings produced are drastically different. Typically, this is talking about potency. Not to mention that dry herb is more conventional and familiar to most beginner vapers. In addition, dry herb isn’t nearly as sticky and potentially as messy. However, oil comes in a convenient bottle and can also be equipped with neat, interchangeable cartridges (carts) that are able to make the process of refilling much easier and more like ‘reloading’ the vape pen.

Heating Chamber vs Oil Vape Cartridges

This relates to the fact that there is a chamber where the (preferably) ground dry herb will be placed versus the threaded cartridge containing the oil heating device. While exchanging cartridges can be faster, having to purchase more or refill used cartridges can be quite messy, tedious, and sometimes add up to someone not used to it. Filling a chamber with dry herb is certainly a more familiar transition to a beginner. Neither is really better or worse and either can have problems, it’s all about preference.

How long the Battery Lasts

This often depends on the brand and quality but in general there will be more heat necessary (and therefore energy output) to vaporize dry herb over oil. This means that a battery for an herb vape can certainly get used up much more quickly. No need to fret, again, remember that this can be extended substantially by proper use, good recharging techniques, and spare batteries and better batteries. This might make or break a decision alone.

Chamber Loading Process

Herbs are best ground for the best effect and this is more involved and tedious than simply installing a new cartridge. However, filling one’s own cartridge can make the oil pen a much more tedious, messy process as well. Generally, this depends on preference, familiarity, and the type of vape pen within each respective category someone is working with.

Vaporizer Versatility

Most vaporizers are designed with a single-use. This is particularly true of dry herb vaporizersand this can be somewhat of a drag for someone who is interested in more than one kind of derivative. However, this might be absolutely perfect for someone newer to vaping in general. Oil vape pens, on the other hand, are certainly more versatile particularly given that they are often designed to be a battery with a threaded top. This means that they might serve as a wax pen or can even have a compatible attachment somewhere in the market for dry herbs. Keep this in mind when deciding where to end up – versatility can often end up saving someone extra money because they don’t need to purchase an entirely new battery, charger, etc for a new vape pen.

Maintenance Cleaning

Both of these vape pens are going to require some care. This is true for anything that someone wants to use whether it’s a vape pen or a bong. However, make sure that there is attention paid to the chambers themselves. With dry herb, make sure to clean the filters regularly and to avoid burning too much at once which causes gunk and other grime to buildup and be left behind. When using an oil vape pen that is refillable it’s especially important to be careful about refilling and not spilling the oil on the ground or other places like within the vape penitself, the battery, etc. This can be quite messy. However, with the disposable cartridge it’s generally as simple as swapping it out (though if not being clean with the mouthpiece it might require a tiny bit of attention after long periods unattended).

E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vape vs SteamCloud EVOD Oil Vape

Difference Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Vape Pens

Starting with the E-CLIPSE, this is one hell of an impressive vape pen. The battery is extraordinarily powerful for a dry herb vaporizer and this is important because it allows for faster, better vaporization. Often, 1100 mah (the unit of power output) is necessary for basic dry herb vaporization and the E-CLIPSE herb vape comes with 2200 mah – double. Not to mention, this is a true vaporizer because it incorporates convection vaporization methods.

The Steamcloud EVOD, however, is a quality oil vape pen. At 900 mah it’s not as powerful, however, it’s more than enough for an oil vape pen (which needs less power). This vape pen is also 510 threaded, considered to be the ‘universal’ threading, meaning that almost all other threaded products are compatible with this oil vape.

Both are excellent choices and will come down to personal preferences between them.

AGO Vaporizer vs Stylus Oil Vape Pens

SteamCloud Stylus vs AGO Vaporizer

The AGO Vaporizer is an easy-to-use, excellent for beginners vape pen. This dry herb vape pen is also using combustion technology to heat the herbs. Remember, this means that there is actually smoke being produced. While this is not inherently bad, it doesn’t make it a ‘true’ vape pen. However, if you use glass screens inside the heating chamber, you will have the ability to create more vapor. The price point and ease of use are perfect for someone who isn’t too invested already and unsure.

The Stylus oil vape pen is a magnificent little piece of technology. Essentially, it’s the one-hitter of oil vape pens. It’s tiny, packs a powerful punch, and is one of the most discrete and convenient to carry vape pens available on the market. It, too, is 510 compatible meaning that almost any other vape cartridge will be able to work with it. Coming with a USB charger, despite the smaller battery size and power output, this vape pen is certainly useful and punches above it’s weight class. A great idea as a secondary, mobile vape pen or simply a low cost, low maintenance starter pen.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Tips

  1. Make sure to use a grinder. Dry herb can be difficult to vape if it’s not in a small nug at the largest.
  2. Watch out for the temperature of these things! Too long and too often of a puff and it’ll burn a lip or two.
  3. Make sure to keep the airflow going smoothly. Clean out filters and perform regular maintenance to avoid buildup.
  4. Start low and work your way up. Burning out a vape is a quick ticket to being mad.
  5. Make sure to pay attention to the combustion vs convection vapes. The combustion actually burn the herb while convection is a true vaporizer. Don’t get caught surprised.

Oil Vape Pen Tips

  1. Make sure that these vape pens stay upright the entire time. Oil will flow out of these and leak into the mouthpiece if someone isn’t careful with how they place them.
  2. Make sure not to come on too strong at first – burning out the vape is not going to do anyone any favors. The burnt taste will also be nearly impossible to get rid of without replacement.
  3. In cooler temperatures watch out for clogs. It can seriously hurt the vape pen if not handled with proper care. Make sure to give it some heat and then some strong pulls.
  4. Pay attention to the threading compatibility between cartridges. They’re not all the same.
  5. Make sure to go for a better battery. No one likes to vape around a charger/port.

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