How To Fill A Vape Pen

With vape pens rising in popularity for vaping concentrates, it comes as no surprise there are plenty of variations to this highly sought after device. Vape pens have the ability to be concentrate specific or by changing out the tanks or cartridges to allow for compatibility with multiple material options. Unfortunately, this also means the exact method for filling your vape pen can be concentrate specific. To help you understand a little more, here is a quick how-to guide for filling your vape pen.

How to Fill a Vape Pen 101

Ultimately, vape pens can cover a wide array of options. It can range from dry herb vaporizers to wax pens, to various other models. Due to such a vast assortment of devices, the exact process for filling up a vape pen can change from one model to the next. Generally, it comes down to not only the model but also what type of material it is used. For example, a wax vape pen requires the concentrate to be placed directly onto the coil, while liquids require the use of a tank.

How to Fill a Vape Pen with Liquids

Filling a Vape Pod with Oil

Whether you prefer e-juice, oil, a nicotine-based option, or some other liquid substance, vape pens are very versatile in the type of liquids you can use to vape. However, no matter what the liquid substance, the process for filling a vape pen with liquid remains the same. While liquid and oils generally can be purchased in an easy to use pre-filled cartridge, users can also purchase spare re-fillable vape tanks. To fill these tanks, vapers will need to use either a bottle or syringe to place the liquid concentrate directly into the vape tank.

While the filling process is fairly easy to master, it is important to keep in mind how easy it is to spill liquids. This is especially true if you are taking the remainder from one tank and adding it to another. However, you need to keep in mind not all liquids and oils have the same consistency or require the same temperature for vaping. Due to this, you should be very careful when mixing concentrates.

How to Fill a Vape Pen with Wax

Filling a Dab Pen with Wax Concentrates

Wax pens are a fairly easy device to use. To begin, you simply turn on the device by clicking the power button 5 times in quick succession. Once it is on, a light will flash. Users can load the device fairly easily by opening up the mouthpiece by unscrewing it. Using a dab tool you can load the wax concentrate onto the exposed coil. Once you have enough wax onto the coil, screw the mouthpiece back into place, and hold the power button. This will in turn heat up the coil, causing the wax concentrate to melt and become a vapor. 

Unlike oils or liquids, wax concentrate is a sticky substance. It can easily clog (gum) the airway of your vape pen when over-packed. If you experience an issue with a clogged airway, simply heat up the coil for a few seconds and try to take a puff. Sometimes, it can take a few tries before the airway will clear. Keep in mind wax coils are known for burning out or getting clogged. Therefore, it is recommended to always keep at least one spare coil on hand.

How to Fill a Vape Pen with Dry Herbs

Filling a Dry Herb Vape

The biggest difference between dry herb vapes and liquid or wax vapes all comes down to the loading process. Unlike liquid and wax, dry herbs need to be ground up before you fill up your vape pen. Once the herbs are ground up, place them directly into the chamber by removing the cap or cover exposing the chamber. Make sure not to overfill the chamber or to pack the dry herbs in the chamber too tight. In order to vape properly, you still need air to pass through it.

Remember, filling a dry herb vape requires more than just the filling process. You are also required to clean out and dump the chamber after each session. The leftover material within the device is often sticky from the heat, and may even require a tool to clear out the chamber fully (especially if there are any stubborn bits. If you fail to clear out your chamber properly, you can not only change the taste of your vapor but over time you can also restrict the airflow and damage the overall performance of your vape pen.

Tips for Filling a Vape Pen Carefully

In order to fill a vape pen carefully, there are a few key points you will want to keep in mind:

1. Utilize the tools of the trade

Whether you use wax, oil, or dry herbs, tools help to guide the product into your device without losing any precious materials. For example, a dab tool for wax, or a syringe to prevent spills and making a mess.

2. Do not rush

Rushing the filling process will increase the likelihood of spills or even breaking components of your device.

3. Use a well-lit area

It's important that you are in an area with enough lighting so that you aren't spilling or adding too much concentrates. Also, if you get the concentrates on the outside of the vape, it's a pain getting it off and then transferring it inside the chamber. 

4. Never Over-pack or Overpour

Over-packing and over-pouring can not only cause a loss of concentrates, but it can also overwork your device. When a vape pen is overworked it can cause several significant problems, such as the chamber to short or burnout. 

5. Make Sure The Wax Atomizers Are Closed and Attached to Battery Correctly

You can experience leakage or other loss of materials if you do not have the cover screwed on properly. The atomizer itself won't work properly if you don't attach the atomizer to the battery correctly.

How to Re-Fill a Vape Pen

When re-filling a vape pen, you fill it exactly the same way as you did the first time. Nonetheless, there are things to keep in mind you do not need to worry about during the first time you fill your vape pen. For instance, when a vape pen is new using liquids or oils, you need to be careful when refilling or changing the tanks, because when you open tank concentrate can drip out. Wax and wax parts, on the other hand, can get sticky, and require you to warm them up so you can open the vape to re-fill it. 

Dry herbs are easy to prevent loss of material. Unfortunately, they are also more likely to cause buildup. To help prevent this, you can brush the screen with a cleaning brush every time you pack in more dry herbs. If the buildup does not clean off the screen with a thorough screen, you will probably just want to change out the screen entirely.

How often you will be required to refill your device is determined by the type of concentrate you prefer. For example, wax concentrates are loaded for a single wax vape session and require additional refills if you have multiple people or prior to each new session. On the other hand, liquid or oil concentrates are filled into cartridges and can last weeks or even months before a new tank or refill is required.

Can you put Water in a Vape Pen?

Do Not Use Water In Vaporizers

Vape pens are an electronic device. Therefore, the parts they use are designed for the specific concentrate they vape (liquid, oil, wax, etc.). Unless a vape pen explicitly is meant to use water, you cannot put water in a vape pen without damaging or even ruining the device. To clarify even further, if you use a special glass attachment to your vape that has some kind of percolator or water filtration area, then, in that case, you can add water.

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