What are Vape Batteries?

One of the most important aspects of portable vaporizers is how they are powered. Desktop Vaporizers, for example -- must remain plugged in to be able to function.  Portable Vapes rely upon a replaceable or rechargeable vape battery in order to carry out their duties.

Almost all portable vaporizers rely upon some kind of rechargeable battery. However, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details: With such a wide variety of vape pens and box mods on the market these days, consumers must be mindful of a great deal of battery-related information before making an informed decision as to which portable vaporizer they'd like to purchase.

Vape Batteries: A Diverse Assortment

Portable vaporizer batteries may be divided into two separate groups: Those that are able to be separated from the vaporizer’s atomizer and other components, and those that are not.

Some vaporizers are built in such a way that the battery is not detachable and able to be used elsewhere. These vape pens often tend to be on on the higher end of the vaporizer totem pole. One of the best-selling vaporizers at Vape Vet Store,the Titan 2 has a battery that is not interchangeable, as does the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer. The sophistication of their designs means that these sorts of vaporizers have built-in batteries that are not meant to be mixed and matched.

There are other vape pens that are designed to do just that. The battery accompanying the ubiquitous AGO vaporizer, for example, may be detached from its atomizer and mouthpiece and applied to similar models. However, things get more complicated as we veer into the myriad of issues surrounding vaporizer compatibility and threading.

510 Thread Batteries Compatibility Threading

Another important aspect to bear in mind about vape batteries is that not all changeable batteries are interchangeable; that is to say, just because a battery can be changed, doesn’t mean it can be used on any vaporizer body.

This can be attributed to what is called a battery’s “threading”: The means through which the battery screws onto and screws off of the vaporizer. There are three primary kinds of vaporizer threadings: 510 threading, eGo threading, and Atmos threading (610 threading).

510 threading is most easily described as a small round hole into which an outside component is screwed. Two examples of batteries with 510 threading would be the SteamCloud and Pulsar APX Wax Vape box mods, which are compatible with 510-threaded atomizers such as the Yocan Cerum. (See each product page for pictures.) A simpler type of 510 thread battery is the Stylus Vape Pen Battery.

The second kind of threading option is referred to as eGo threading. This combines the 510 threading -- which features the same small round hole--  with an outside threading on an outer rim. The perfect example of this is none other than the SteamCloud EVOD vape battery, which is compatible with any oil cartridge or 510 thread wax cartridge.

The third category goes by several names: Atmos threading, AGO threading, and 610 and 710 threading. As you may have guessed, AGO vaporizers and Atmos Rx vapes all have this threading, meaning that their batteries and accessories are interchangeable. They may not, however, be mixed-and-matched with products that have 510 or eGo threading.

Also, keep in mind that there are many sellers out there that sell counterfeit Atmos Rx and AGO vaporizers. In many cases, these counterfeit vape batteries are 510 thread. So Be Aware!  If you have no idea if you have a counterfeit Atmos or not, please reach out to our support staff and they will assist you and make sure you get yourself the correct vape battery or heating chamber.

Battery Power of the Portable Vaporizer

Equally important to a vaporizer’s functionality as its threading is how much power its battery is able to provide.

Chances are, the more simple a vaporizer’s design and components, the less likely it will provide a great amount of power from its battery. For example, the combustion-style AGO vaporizer features a battery that offers 650 mAh (milliamp hours.) That is a respectable amount, given that smaller combustion-style vapes such as the Steamcloud Micro Vape Pen come in at just 350 mAh. This means that if a vaporizer is smaller and does not perform more complicated technological tasks, it is more likely to have a battery that offers a lower mAh level.

The opposite is also true- the larger the vaporizer and more sophisticated the technology, the more likely that that vape’s battery will offer a higher level of mAh.

No discussion about battery power would be complete without mentioning box mods. These batteries -- a relatively tiny frame -- pack an enormous punch. An example would be the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape, the most modestly-powered box mod available at Vape Vet Store.

At full blast, the SteamCloud is capable of providing 1600 mAh - meaning it's a long-lasting battery that is also powerful enough to let you take huge hits of ejuice or huge dabs of shatter.  If you plan to use the SteamCloud Box Mod with a Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer, don't set the wattage higher than 25. If you go over 25 watts, you'll run the risk of damaging the atomizer.

Nevertheless, the heightened power of box mods makes for the possibility of a more intense wax vaping session, making this type of vaporizer function like a portable dab pen.

Vape Battery Temperature Control

In much the same way that stick-shift driving may correlate with increased or decreased usage of fuel, so may the presence of voltage control in vaporizers correlate with increases or decreases in power usage.

A battery with a great deal of power behind it -- the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer, for example -- could theoretically last much longer off of one battery charge than most people would expect. This would be attributed to adjusting the temperature to its lowest possible ebb -- which in the case of the E-CLIPSE would be 300°F -- and maintaining that temperature for the duration of the battery life.

The problem with keeping your vape at such a low temperature -- especially for those who enjoy larger hits -- is that it does not yield a significant amount of vapor. So while you may be preserving the battery life in the short term by taking smaller hits, you may wind up expending that much more battery life in the longer term by trying to obtain an equal amount of vapor.

The opposite is also true: While you may enjoy receiving huge lungfuls of vapor affixed to the highest possible temperature setting, chances are that you are diminishing the battery life more quickly than you would by having the vape set at a more moderate temperature.

Charging Vape Batteries

Portable Vaporizer batteries may also have different ways in which they are charged, particularly if they have different threading.

Perhaps the most common method of charging is the USB charging cable, which may be found on any of the dry herb vaporizers except the AGO vaporizer. All vaporizers that require this type of vape charger and are sold at Vape Vet Store come equipped with a charger for the consumer.

AtmosRx and AGO Vape batteries have different charging options. One apparatus is the USB screw-on piece for Atmos batteries -- known as the AtmosRx Charger -- accompanies both AGO G5 and Atmos-threaded batteries sold at Vape Vet Store. This type of charger screws onto the battery and maybe plugged into any USB outlet, whether it's an A/C wall adapter or Laptop.

To Sum Up: When thinking about vape batteries, it is important to keep three primary area in mind: the battery’s size, the battery’s mAh level, it's function and the threading. As long as you know about these topics, you'll have a much easier time choosing which battery is suitable for you. If you want to learn more about vape parts, keep reading articles in our Vaporizer Learning Center or you can check out our vape batteries in our online vape shop.

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