Does Vaping Dry Herbs Have a Smell?

In today’s world, convection vape pens are becoming increasingly popular because they are a safer, healthier and more discreet alternative to smoking. Convection vape pens bake and vaporize the materials being consumed. This is different from traditional combustion and coil conduction methods that cause herbs to smoke and burn. One of the biggest differences between convection vaping and traditional smoking methods is the smell. Combustion or conduction methods of consumption can be extremely pungent and leave behind odors on your breath and clothing. When you use a convection vape the smell is almost nonexistent. There is the faintest hint of herb when you vape, but the vapors dissipate almost instantly. This makes them incredibly discreet. As long as you don’t stand right next to someone, there’s a good chance no one will ever smell you vaping, especially if you are outdoors.

There are some factors to consider that will impact your vapor output, and the smell, as a result. The most important is temperature. Low temperature vaping releases light vapors that are barely visible and cannot be detected unless blown right in your face. These sparse vapors also dissipate extremely fast. Vaping at higher temperatures causes vapor clouds to be fuller, thicker and more potent. Though these denser vapors are slightly more smelly, they still dissipate very quickly. The type of herb being consumed is another factor to consider. Vaping more potent and pungent varieties will in turn release more powerful aromas.

Vapor vs. Smoke

Vapor vs Smoke

There are several key differences between vapor and smoke when it comes to consuming herbs. Firstly and most importantly is the health risk. Smoke is extremely harmful to your health as it has been proven to be one of the leading causes of lung cancer and many other respiratory disorders. In fact, herb combustion produces smoke that consists of about 88% non-cannabinoid components. Plus, the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are released during smoking cause damage to every organ in the body. Vapor is much safer and healthier. Vaporization produces a gas that is 95% cannabinoids and carcinogen free!

Which Temperature is Best for Vaping?

The temperature at which the material is spent is another key difference. Herbs start to combust at around temperatures of 450°F and up. A joint can actually reach temperatures over 2000°F! When you smoke, you are unable to control the temperature that you’re burning at. The hotter a material burns the more carcinogens and harsh chemicals are produced. Vaping is done at much lower and safer temperatures. The optimal temperature varies just bit between herb varieties, but the idea range is around 330-375°F. Most vape pens on the market have a variable heat setting that allows you to completely control the temperature setting so you can have the best experience each and every session.

Enjoying smoking on the go can be tricky. Glass pieces are tough to conceal, easy to break, dirty and smelly. Using rolling papers is slightly more portable, but they are not discreet in the least bit. Plus, smoking papers leaves behind gross roaches and can become quite costly. Both of these methods require you to keep track of a pesky little lighter and you must go outside to try and be stealthy. A vape pen is easy to use, you just load and go. Their compact size makes them a perfect traveling companion and extremely discreet; most are small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse. Plus, they are completely contained and need no extra items to enjoy. Just make sure your vape pen is charged and you’re ready to go.

Burning herb tastes good, but only for the first little bit. It quickly starts to taste burnt and ashy, neither of which are pleasant. Smoke is stinky and it lingers around long after your smoke session is done, sticking to fabrics and other surfaces around you. Constant smoking causes a stench that is nearly impossible to remove. Vaping extracts the full flavor of the herb and tastes good until the very end, as long as you are vaping at lower temperatures. The aroma also dissipates quickly. Outdoors there is almost no smell. Indoors it can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes for a well-ventilated room to be completely odor free.

10 Advantages of Vapor

10 Advantages of Vapor

  1. Vaping is safer and healthier for you and everyone around you.
  2. Vaping is more cost effective.
  3. Vaping is more environmentally conscious.
  4. Vaping is subtle and discreet.
  5. Vaping is more socially acceptable.
  6. Vape pens are portable and perfect for people on the go.
  7. Vape pens are easy to use and can be completely customizable.
  8. Vape pens are a no mess no fuss option.
  9. Vapor hits smooth and tastes good.
  10. Vapor is almost 100% odorless.
6 Tips for Eliminating the Smell

6 Tips to Eliminating or Limiting the Smell While Vaping

Here are a few simple things you can do to minimize the smell of your vape session:

  1. The best place to vape to limit odor is outside, though you can just as easily be discreet in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Vape at lower temperatures for less dense and aromatic vapor. It will still be flavorful for you, but your vapors will be unnoticeable to others.
  3. If you’re indoors, exhale straight up into air rather than out and across the room; this will help the vapor disperse even faster. However, you can also exhale out an open window.
  4. Dry or fresh herbs usually have a stronger odor than other substances. Vaping concentrates like oil or wax can limit the smell even further since they are generally not as fragrant.
  5. Keeping your vape pen clean and maintained will also help cut down on the smell. Over time there will be slight build-up with use, it can become very stinky if left unattended.
  6. If you are still concerned about minimizing the smell of your vape session, you can make a sploof or doob tube. It is just a small paper tube (like an empty toilet paper roll) that has been fitted and filled with dryer sheets. Exhaling into a sploof will eliminate all odor and release the smell of fresh laundry with each puff.
Wax vs Herb vs E-liquid vapor

Dry Herb Vapors vs Other Vapors

There are several types of materials that are favored for use in vape pens. There are many pens that can vape more than one kind of material. However, specialty vapes for one type of substance are usually higher quality and function better. The most commonly vaped material is dry herb. The vapor created by a dry herb vaporizer pen is not very dense or pungent but it is very flavorful and potent, especially compared to combustion methods of consumption. For the best results, make sure the herb being used is properly cured and ground before consumption. Full nuggets or moist material will not vape well, making it hard to get a good pull. The optimal range for vaping dry herbs is around 330-375°F.

Dry herb is the most widely used, however types of material known as concentrates are becoming increasingly popular. Concentrates come in several varieties, most common are oils, shatter and wax. Oils are slick and oily in texture, their coloring can vary greatly. Shatter is hard and like amber. As its name suggests, it shatters when broken apart. Wax is soft, crumbly and generally golden in color. The optimal range for vaping concentrates is around 380-400°F. When concentrates are vaped they can produce thicker clouds than dry herbs. However, neither dry herbs nor concentrates create nearly as much vapor as e-liquids. 

An e-liquid, also called e-juice, is specially designed for vaping and is a popular smoking substitute. The liquid is generally made from propylene glycol, glycerin and water. The comes in limitless flavors and many have added chemicals like nicotine or caffeine. When people think of vaping, they generally think of thick, billowing clouds - this is from e-liquids. Despite its density, e-liquid vapor still dissipates relatively quickly. However, the smell of some flavored liquids can be very strong. The optimal range for vaping concentrates is around 390-480°F. The scientific data is still out on the complete health effects of vaping e-liquids, however they have been proven to be much safer than smoking herbs or cigarettes. 

When it comes down to it, vaping is the safest and healthiest way to consume dry herbs. It’s also incredibly discreet and almost totally smell-free, especially if you use the recommended tips from above. When it comes to portability and affordability, vape pens can’t be beaten. Plus, vaping is greener. It’s better for you, the environment and those around you. There are lots of different styles of vape pens and hundreds of features to choose from, with more options coming on the market every day. It’s important that you go through a knowledgeable and reputable source to purchase your vape pen. Otherwise, you could get stuck with a poor quality device that isn’t very user-friendly. Vape Vet Store is your one-stop shop for all of your vaping needs. Plus, our top-notch customer service and discreet shipping keep our customers completely satisfied.

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