E-Cigarette vs Vaporizer

E-Cigs are a type of Vaporizer

E-cigarettes, or commonly referred to as E-cigs, are vaporizers. Simply put, they are just one of many different types of vaporizers. Different types of vaporizers are all essentially the same when it comes to the basics – they just differ most when it comes down to the purpose of them. Whether it’s to vape dry herb, wax, or get a nicotine buzz each of these vapes is going to have a heating chamber, a battery, and a mouthpiece. While vapes come in different sizes, shapes, and with additional other attachments they will all carry those three basic parts in order to function properly. 

E-Cig Vaporizer

As noted above, E-cigs are vaporizers. This means they come with the battery and mouthpiece as well as a chamber to hold the e-liquid. The main difference is that they are designed with supplying nicotine in mind. The way that nicotine is packaged in order to be vaporized is in the form of a liquid often referred to as ‘juice’. This vape juice comes in a tremendous variety of flavors (some more traditional like apple or orange and others more unique like cotton candy or apple pie). Particularly if one likes variety, they will not find themselves bored or disappointed with an E-cig. In addition, E-cigs can be equipped with different levels of potency in regards to nicotine. There are juices out that contain no nicotine at all. In fact, many E-cig users choose to use them as a means of more healthily consuming nicotine while slowly reducing the levels so that they can quit.

Generally speaking, E-cigs have a number of different variants to choose from. One of the simpler ones are the disposable models that can be found in smoke shops, gas stations, online, etc. These are popular with casual vapers that don’t have much preference as to flavor, heat, strength, etc. In addition, there are more complex and sophisticated models that allow someone to blow huge vape clouds and control more of their experience through temperature or wattage or even the nicotine content and flavor of their juice. With each type, there are certainly pros and cons and tremendous differences when compared to herb, wax, or oil vapes.

Specifically, E-cigs use coils to heat the liquid in the heating chamber. With the E-cig, there is a chamber to fill with the juice and it will contain either a steel, titanium, Kanthal, NiChrome, and Nickel wire to be heated via the battery. This type of vape coil is going to need replacing anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on how often someone uses the vape. Replacing a coil is not difficult to do and replacements are relatively inexpensive (especially compared to buying a new vape due to overheating and poor maintenance).

Some E-cigs will use refillable chambers and others will use disposable ‘pods’ or cartridges filled with the juice. This is merely a matter of convenience, frugality, and control. Some vapers like to mix the juices together and therefore prefer a tank vape. A tank is simply a chamber where you can put the E-cig juice. Otherwise, you will need to use cartridges that are threaded to fit into the E-cig.  Any reference to a ‘heating chamber’ is just a basic way of generically referring to the place ‘where the magic happens’. A chamber can be a cartridge or a tank or even refer to the place in disposable E-cigs where the nicotine juice is stored and heated.

Dry Herb Vaporizer vs E-Cigarette

Dry Herb Vaporizer vs E-Cigs

The first difference to note is that a dry herb vaporizer and E-cig are going to produce two very different experiences and feelings in the user. Naturally, nicotine increases adrenaline and will have you feeling some type of way but the dry herb vaporizers will be delivering a different sort of high. In addition, there is a different heating chamber and loading mechanism involved with a dry herb vaporizers.

Dry herb being solid, there is not a screw-on, threaded attachment chamber to place liquids but rather a chamber to place ground herb in with a glass screen covering the heating element. That type of dry herb vaporizer is a combustion vape. When the glass screen is placed over it, you can create more vapor. Without the glass screen, then its a combustion herb vape.

Moreover, when loading this dry herb vape one wants to be careful about overpacking and making it too ‘tight’. This creates airflow problems and may result in burning, rather than vaporizing, the dry herb and creating a harsh vaping experience (not to mention dirtying up your chamber). The maintenance for a dry herb vape and an E-cig is going to be relatively along the same lines – avoid overfilling, avoid overheating, and make sure to clean and replace the chambers (for combustion vapes only) and coils with some regularity based on the amount of use it receives. Keep in mind that most convection vaporizers cannot replace the chamber. So you will need to use a cleaning brush for maintaining the chamber.

Just remember that each of these types of vapes is great in their own right. It all depends on a person’s preferences what they decide they may want. Not to mention, that applies to all the different kinds of dry herb vaporizers and all the different attachments and options they come with.

Wax Pen Vape vs E-Cig

Wax Vape Pen vs E-Cig

A wax pen and an E-cig are about as similar as the dry herb vape and an E-cig were. A wax pen also has a battery, mouthpiece, and heating chamber just like an E-cig will. However, a wax pen is going to be modeled around vaporizing a sticky, thick substance that can make a real mess if it gets everywhere. While nicotine juice can certainly stain and make clothing smell like the flavoring, there is not quite the mess that one can have with wax.

Wax vape pens will use either wick, ceramic, or quartz coils. However, most new wax pens will have a ceramic or quartz coil rather than the older wick models. This is because the ceramic and quartz will provide a cleaner, smoother, tastier vape experience. Again, E-cigs use metal coils in order to heat the juice inside the chamber. Wax pens, like all vapes, come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes and offer different and unique features. All of this will be based around preferences. 

Oil Vape vs E-Cig

Oil Vape vs E-Cig

An oil vape pen is fairly close to how an E-cig will work. Both oil vapes and E-cigs use cartridges that are filled with a liquidy substance. Predominantly, oil vape pens will come with either reusable cartridges or tanks or might simply use disposable cartridges. This is the same with E-cigs. Essentially, the main difference between the two is the different styles of vape and the effect one will get from vaping. Plenty of models, if threaded the same, will be interchangeable and provide and nice level of versatility between models and types – particularly if someone doesn’t want to have to pick one or the other. All in all, oil vapes and E-cigs are rather useful as a combo because of this very reason.

As usual, the same maintenance rules and understanding applies. Do not let your vape clog or get too dirty without a good cleaning in between. Especially given that oil, like wax, can get rather nasty quickly if not handled and dealt with properly.

Box Mod vs E-Cigarete

Box Mod Vape vs E-Cig

Box mod vapes are a particularly kind of vape that is meant to be rather powerful and give huge, cloudy rips to the user. They often come with temperature or wattage settings and have interchangeable 510 threading to be useful as an oil vape, etc. Box mods can even be fitted with E-cig attachments if the threading is the same. In this way, box mods really bridge the divide between an oil vape or a smaller, more traditional E-cig. Just like an E-cig is a type of vape, a box mod with a tank full of nicotine juice is also an E-cig. If someone likes versatility and power then a box mod might be the best choice. Again, it all comes down to preference.

3 in 1 Vape Pen vs E-Cig

This is probably the toughest choice one has to make – a 3 in 1 vape pen or an E-cig. With the former, you can have access to all of your favorite herb derivatives. With the latter, you can access that sweet, sweet nicotine. Depending on your priorities or preferences one will certainly scream out to you over the other. Finally, there is much to be said about the fact that with the right cartridge size someone can turn this into a 4 in 1!

Disposable E-Cigarettes

These are extremely popular in the E-cig market. They are usually slim, concealable, and carry a size-able nicotine punch given their size. Most folks tend to get these while they are out and drinking or simply on the go. Besides size and conceal-ability, the major advantage of a disposable E-cig is that there is little to no commitment and the device is extremely simple to use. All in all, if committing to a vape brand and maintaining a vape is too much for you than a disposable might be the best choice. There is no maintenance involved and no need to make a more substantial investment.

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