Payment Information


Please be sure to provide the correct billing address that your bank has on file for your card at checkout. If the billing address does not match what's on file, we cannot process your order. Both your street address and ZIP code must match. If you're having problems at checkout, remember to leave apartment numbers and other information for the end of the street address, and lead with your street address number. Also, if you've moved recently, your billing address may be an older address. Your billing address is not necessarily your shipping address, it may be a previous address.

Proper Billing Address format:

John Doe

123 Main Street Apt 5

New York, NY 10001

Our payment system is fairly strict in order to prevent fraudulent orders. Sorry for any possible frustration, but security first, sales second.


Prepaid Gift Cards

If you're using a prepaid gift card at checkout, it's important that you've set up the billing address with the card provider. Otherwise, you may run into problems at checkout (all cards require an appropriate billing address).

Here are some excerpts from the Visa and American Express FAQ:



If I am declined while making an online purchase, what should I do?


Online and telephone purchases require that the "billing address" for your purchase match the address on file for your Visa Gift Card. You can confirm and/or update your address at this website. Simply login and click on ‘Edit Profile’ to view/update your personal information.

(American Express)

Try registering your card here to set up your billing address, or call 1.877.AXP.GIFT. There should also be a number on the back of the card you can call.


Again, for any other prepaid gift cards, try calling the number on the back of the card to set up your billing address.


Sales Tax

A sales tax of 8.88% will ONLY be charged for orders DELIVERED to New York addresses. Since Vape Vet LLC is incorporated in New York, we are required to collect sales tax on all sales made to customers living within the state.


VAT / Import Tax

Please note that for International orders, you may be required to pay an addition tax before Customs releases your products to you. This additional fee is NOT included in our price. For a detailed list of countries and tax rates, please refer to this chart.