Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe

Crafted from high-quality silicone, the Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe features a creative barrel shape with a Sherlock Holmes-inspired twist. It offers a comfortable grip so you can have an enjoyable smoking experience. Elevate today!

Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe Includes

  • 1 Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe
  • 1 Glass Bowl Piece

Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe Details

  • Available Color - Rasta
  • Pipe Length - 4.5 inches long
  • The pipe is made of silicone. It has a removable glass bowl piece. There is also a glass barrel below the bowl piece for optimal grip and the option to place the pipe on a necklace.
  • Carb hole located at the front of the pipe.
  • Bowl Pack Size - the bowl piece will fit a small to medium amount of herb.

Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe FAQ

How to clean a Barrel Sherlock Pipe?

  • Between the multiple holes in the bowl and the carb hole, this pipe offers great airflow and even burning. And since it’s silicone, cleaning is as easy as flushing with warm water and soap!
  • To clean, start by using your pipe cleaners to remove any remaining burnt dry herbs from the pipe. Go through the bowl and inside the mouthpiece and carb holes to ensure you’re getting as much out as possible.
  • Get a sealable bag, open it and add a splash of your cleaning solution. If you’re using rubbing alcohol, you can add a few pinches of salt to act as an abrasive. Then, place your pipe inside the bag, removing as much air as possible to ensure it’s completely submerged.
  • Grab your bag with both hands and carefully and vigorously shake the pipe in the bag. You can also add a bit more coarse salt inside your dirty pipe before shaking it to help it clean the pipe. Shake it for about a minute or two, checking your progress as you go along to remove as much resin build-up as possible. You can use a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab to finish removing all resin from your pipe.
  • Take your pipe out and rinse it with warm water to keep any resin from hardening again.
  • Use your paper towels to thoroughly clean and dry off your pipe. You can use q-tips or pipe cleaners again for any detailing needed to make sure all the gunk is gone. Once the pipe is completely dry, it’s ready to use again!

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