Who is Suorin?

The point of pride for Suorin Vaporizers is the reliability and technological aspect that allows the company to manufacture, test and distribute their vape offerings to tons of happy customers. The manufacturing company behind Suorin is FOXCONN, which has served to aid in the manufacturing of products by some of the biggest names in the business like; Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, to name a few.

Vaporizers Offered by Suorin

Suorin is considered to be most progressive in the vaping industry. With their sleek, unique vape products, they’ve managed to make a name for their brand and continue to grow their business. With quality being their number one concern, Suorin continues to ensure that their products are reliable and totally durable so that they outlast the competition. And being that the devices themselves are top-notch, the company has also created cartridges that are considered top of the line.

With the technological advances the company has utilized to manufacture their products, it’s not surprising that they have continued to climb within the industry. Below, we’ve listed some of Suorin’s best-selling vaporizers and along with some important details.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop

One of the first products rolled out by Suorin, the Drop looks exactly like it sounds. Shaped like a rain-drop that can conveniently fit in the palm of your hand, the Drop has been a vape device with a lot of success due to its shape, small size, light-weight, and convenient use. It also has a silicone sleeve the device can be placed in for easier transportation. The vape has proven to be quite durable, even though it is pleasingly thin. This is Suorin’s go-to vape device and is used by tons of their customers

Suorin Air

Suorin Air

Suorin wanted to go even sleeker with their Air vape and they managed to do just that with a device with a footprint smaller than a credit card. It’s also one of the thinnest vape devices that exist in the marketplace. And although a lot of the smaller vape devices have a lower cloud production; the Air has raised the stakes for smaller vape devices. It provides more than enough for its users and has created satisfying results. The Suorin Air also does not lack when it comes to durability. Even with its small size, the Air provides customers with a very durable vape device that should last with proper care.

Suorin Reno

Suorin Reno

One of the new product lines that Suorin has released is the Reno. Still keeping with the sleek, lightweight design, the Reno has its own unique qualities that help distinguish it from other Suorin products. Utilizing a mesh coil was one of the main objectives behind the Reno, so that each pull from the device can deliver tons of flavor. No matter which juice its user chooses, the flavor will be plentiful and the cloud production immense. The duckbill design mouthpiece makes for a comfortable, easy use. And the product has a five-protection system for safer vaping.

Suorin Edge

Suorin Edge

A slim, futuristic design was the goal with the Edge and Suorin delivered. It’s slim, portable and uses 1.5ml refillable pods in the device for vaping. The Edge is perfect for users that prefer a device that is draw-activated, meaning that it contains no buttons to turn on the device. Once a user begins to draw from the device, it automatically turns on and provides vapor into the lungs. The Edge uses a mouthpiece that is flat to provide a more ergonomic grip. Not to be confused for a dry herb vaporizer.

Suorin Vagon

Suorin Vagon

Another of the newer devices that Suorin has to offer is the Vagon. Also having a sleek, lightweight design, the Vagon also has a clip that makes it easier to carry around and keep track of without losing. The Vagon also brings the ergonomic style to the table for more comfortable use. With a 430 mAh battery, this vape charges very quickly. It’s also activated quickly with it’s draw activated system, similar to the Edge. The Vagon has an elegant look and a very tactile design that makes it comfortable to hold.

Suorin Air V2

Suorin Air V2

And finally, Suorin decided to evolve the Air device with the Air V2. Having all the key elements that made the Air so popular in the first place, Suorin has upped the ante with the V2. The Air V2 now has a 930 mAh battery, whereas the original air has a 400 mAh battery. So, V2 will get you much more battery life out of your vape device. The other main improvement that has been made in the V2 is the amount of vape juice the device can hold. The new version can now hold up to a maximum of 3.2 ml.

What is the Best Suorin Vaporizer?

 This is obviously a subjective question, but it is still fun to discuss which may be the best device on the market. When it comes to being sleek, portable and lightweight, the original Air is always a great option. If a user isn’t consistently using their vape throughout the day, the Air will fulfill all the qualities mentioned. But if a user wants all these characteristics in their vape along with longer battery life and the ability to hold more vape juice, choose the Air V2.

A vape user who may prefer a more elegant look and places importance on the handheld feel, the Vagon may be the way to go. It almost looks like a fancy marker, especially with the special clip installed on the end. The unique design of the Vagon, the draw-activated device, and the quick charging time make it a great option for plenty of vape users.

And let’s not forget the original design that Suorin came out with in the first place. The Drop has been a favorite among many vape users with its straightforward function, unique design, light-weight, and small size. The Drop keeps things simple while providing exactly what any vape user could need. With adequate battery life and an ability to hold plenty of juice, the Drop will always be a popular item among the vaping community.

Where Can I Buy Suorin Vaporizer Products?

Suorin has made the purchase process simple and straightforward for all of their customers. With an easy click over to their website, anyone can purchase one of the many products they have to offer with ease and have them shipped right to their door.

Suorin Vapes Frequently Asked Questions

Suorin Vapes Frequently Asked Questions

The vape industry is still very new to all of us. Those who have used the products since the beginning and those who are brand new to the products are still both very new since the business is still growing with new products and information. And that leads to questions, so we want to help answer some of the more frequent ones.

How do I load a Suorin Vape?

Suorin has made this super easy for its users. Each vaping device has a cartridge that easily slides out of the unit to be filled, and can be easily slid right back into place to resume using the vaporizer. Easy as that.

Do I Need To Adjust The Vape temperature On My Device?

Suorin has taken the liberty of setting each of its devices at the correct temperature setting so that vape juices of all kinds are adequately supplied to the user without having to make any adjustments. They like to keep things simple and straightforward for their users, so vape temperature is of no concern.

Are Suorin Vapes Worth The Price?

Although Suorin Vapes are not the cheapest on the market, that may be a good thing. Many vaporizer customers who have used multiple devices have typically noted that you get what you pay for. A cheaper vape device is going to have the potential of breaking quicker, causing its user to purchase a new one. Suorin makes very durable devices, so spending a little extra for their products helps to ensure the devices will last.

How Do I Charge My Suorin Vape Device?

Suorin Vapes are very easy to charge, each having a micro USB port. Just plug the device in, let it charge, and you’re ready to vape.

How Do I Use My Suorin Vape Device?

Depending on which vape pen a customer chooses will determine how the device is used. For instance, the Drop has a button installed on the side the user will hold to activate the vape for usage. Whereas a device like the Vagon is a “draw to activate” device, which means as soon as the user begins to draw air in through the device, it will activate and distribute the vapor. So, Suorin provides choices in the matter. Some vape customers prefer to have the button to draw, while others love the draw to activate design.

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