Who is Puffco?

As a company, Puffco combines the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create award-winning vaporizers that deliver a cleaner, safer, more potent, and more flavorful concentrate consumption experience.

Currently, Puffco offers two high-end vaporizers, the Puffco Peak and Puffco Plus, both of which utilize all-ceramic atomizers, compared to quartz coils used by most competitors. The company also offers its Pro 2 atomizer, a more traditional 510-threaded option with a single self-cleaning coil for concentrates.

All of Puffco’s products are manufactured without the use of glues, fibers, or chemicals in any airways, designed in-house, and boast no learning curve, despite their focus on forward-thinking technology.

Customers can also purchase a variety of Puffco accessories, replacement parts, and some merchandise.

Vaporizers and Accessories Offered By Puffco

With concentrates becoming increasingly popular, Puffco offers two high-end vaporizer models to meet consumers’ needs: Peak, a handheld tabletop device, and Plus, a pen vape. They also manufacture the Pro 2 quartz coil atomizer and a few accessories, all of which we will examine in greater detail below.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak

Puffco released their Peak dab rig in January 2018, which features a distinctly angular design, an LED light band, hand-blown borosilicate glass, and a rugged silicone base (7” high, 2.75” wide) that’s available in a wide variety of eye-catching color designs.

Inside the Puffco Peak, you will find a 1400mAh battery, four unique user heat settings, 20-second average heat up time, and intelligent temperature calibration in Sesh mode that delivers a more consistent experience during repeated use. The Peak even features haptic feedback to let you known when it is the optimal time to enjoy.

Simply add a small amount of concentrate to the Peak’s removable, all-ceramic bowl (there is no traditional quartz coil), add a tiny amount of water in the main tube for filtration, and enjoy. The external light band provides information about the Peak’s battery level,

After enjoying about 30 dabs of shatter, you can recharge your Puffco Peak in two hours.

Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus

The Plus was Puffco’s first vaporizer model, which they released back in 2016, in a 6-inch long pen shape that is manufactured from precision machined alloy and a fingerprint-resistant coating.

Inside the Plus’s durable exterior is a 520 mAh battery that powers a coil-less ceramic bowl, similar to what is found in their Puffco Peak dab rig. With 15 percent more life over previous versions, the battery delivers approximately 25-30 minutes of run time, followed by a recharge time of about three hours.

After adding a small amount of concentrate to the Plus’s bowl using the cap’s built-in extendable tool and replacing the extendable mouthpiece, you will choose between three different temperature settings by clicking the front button: Low (blue), Medium (Green), and High (White).

In addition to a loading tool, the Puffco Plus’s mouthpiece also features a built-in splashguard and carb cap.

Puffco Pro 2 Atomizer

Puffco Pro 2 Atomizer

Compared to the previous models, Puffco’s Pro 2 Atomizer features a 510-thread connection to attach to the battery of your choice (sold separately), along with a single Kanthal heating coil that instantaneously burns your concentrates for an optimized vaping experience.

Just add your contents to the coil, heat, and enjoy. According to Puffco, the Pro 2 atomizer (available in single, 3-packs, and 5-packs) is self-cleaning.

Puffco Pro 2 Full Top

Puffco Pro 2 Full Top

The Pro 2 Full Top atomizer from Puffco features the same Kanthal heating element as the base model, but also adds their mouthpiece with a built-in splash guard for quick cleaning and easy reloading.

The Peak Atomizer

The Peak Atomizer

Puffco’s Peak Atomizer uses a thermal-banger style atomizer that contains a ceramic bowl (no quartz coils) made without glues, plastics, or fibers. When the time comes, you can clean it—fully assembled—in 99% isopropyl alcohol.

The Peak Glass

The Peak Glass

The hand-blown, borosilicate glass attachment helps the Peak deliver a smooth hit each time, with its blasted inner cone and snap-in attachment. Puffco currently offers Peak glass in clear, pink, black, purple, green, orange, and blue tints.

The Peak Carb/Ball Cap & Tether

The Peak Carb/Ball Cap & Tether

The Peak’s Carb and Ball caps are made from the same borosilicate as their Glass attachment, both of which increase air velocity, maximize vapor production, and help you achieve the maximum experience.

Each cap secures to your Peak’s atomizer using a black silicone tether.

What is the Best Puffco Vaporizer?

The fact of the matter is that the best Puffco vaporizer for you will primarily depend on your unique combination of needs and preferences.

Although Puffco doesn’t necessarily release new models frequently, when they do, they are often groundbreaking in their design and implementation of technology.

While Puffco’s products have many similarities between them, they are each targeted at specific audiences. For example, if budget is your top priority, their original Plus vape pen comes with a significantly lower price than their more recent Peak.

Furthermore, the Puffco Plus is targeted more toward individuals who require a wax vape pen that can help them enjoy concentrates on the go. In contrast, the Peak is a tabletop device intended for in-home use. However, at 1400mAh, the Peak provides more than double the power delivered by Plus's 650mAh battery.

Finally, the Pro 2 is Puffco’s only standalone atomizer, which could be ideal if you want a 510-thread connection to attach it to the box mod of your choice.

Where to Buy a Puffco Vaporizer?

Given their forward-thinking designs and technology, it is no wonder that Puffco has grown to become a top-rated vaporizer manufacturer among concentrate enthusiasts over the past several years.

You will find Puffco’s vaporizers and accessories available at local head shops. If you are unsure where to buy, you can use the Store Locator feature on their website to find the location nearest to you.

You can also find Puffco’s vaporizers here online at VapeVetStore.com, where shipping is always free!

Puffco Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Puffco Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Vaporizers are a relatively new technology, so it's no wonder that people often have questions about how they work, whether or not the investment delivers value, and so forth.

We will quickly touch on a few of the most common questions we receive so that you can make a more informed purchase.

How to Pack a Puffco Vape

Puffco's Peak and Plus vaporizers utilize all-ceramic bowls without traditional quartz coils. As a result, they are designed for use with wax concentrates and cannot accommodate dry herb vaporizers, regardless of whether you have passed it through a grinder first.

All you have to do is use a dab tool to add a small amount of concentrate to the Peak or Plus's bowl and avoid overfilling, which can damage the atomizer. Then, replace the carb cap, heat the concentrate, and enjoy vaping.

How to Adjust Temperature of the Puffco Vaporizer

Adjusting temperature on your Puffco Peak vaporizer involves single-clicking the front button, which allows you to toggle between its four different heat settings. After selecting, you will double-click the button to initiate the heating process and wait for the Peak to vibrate and flash once it is ready.

When it comes to the Plus pen, you will press the button four times rapidly to access its three different temperature settings.

Is Puffco Worth It?

Whether referencing the Peak or the Plus, the reality is that Puffco sells some of the highest-priced electric dab rigs and pen vaporizers available. However, the company’s vaporizers also represent some of the most advanced and highest quality technology currently available, which could justify the higher price tags.

For example, you will not find the Peak’s haptic feedback among most competitors, nor their proprietary atomizers and bowls, intelligent temperature calibration, or LED light band, if these are important to you. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preferences and budget.

Puffco Peak vs. Kandypens Oura vs. Dr. Dabber Switch

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak comes with a $379.99 MSRP, unique design features (borosilicate glass, a broad silicone base, etc.), as well as groundbreaking technology like haptic feedback, four heat settings, and intelligent temperature calibration.

The Peak measures 7” high with a 2.75”-wide base that houses a 1400mAh battery, which delivers a 30-dab life and 2.5-hour recharge time.

Dr. Dabber Switch

At $399.95, the Dr. Dabber Switch boasts a meaningfully different design than the Puffco Peak, along with a slightly larger 10" x 4" footprint.

With up to 120 watts of output, Dr. Dabber also outfitted the Switch to work with both oils and flowers, using 25 temperature settings between 300°F and 800°F. The vaporizer heats in four seconds, lasts about 1.5 hours, takes one hour to recharge, and even features a self-cleaning mode.

Kandypens Oura

The Kandypens Oura dab rig comes with a meaningfully lower $349.95 MSRP than either the Puffco Peak or Dr. Dabber Switch, while still delivering many similar features like a 7” height, four heat settings, five-second heating time, and LED illumination.

However, the Oura’s battery measures a whopping 3000mAh for a 30-dab life and a one-hour recharge time.

How to Charge a Puffco Vaporizer Battery

Both Peak and Puffco Plus vape batteries recharge using micro USB connections—the one most commonly utilized with cellphones—and include cables with your purchase.

Once empty, the Peak's battery will take about 2.5 hours to recharge fully, while the Plus will take about three hours.

How to Use a Puffco Vaporizer

Each Puffco model will come with its own set of instructions about how to operate, clean, and store the vaporizer.

However, from a high-level perspective, you will start by filling the Peak’s glass with water just above the air holes. Then, affix the glass into the base, turn the device on, choose your preferred heat setting, place the contents into the ceramic bowl, replace the carb cap, initiate heating, and enjoy.

The Plus vaporizer is a bit simpler to use: power the pen on, add concentrate to the ceramic bowl, select your heat setting/mode, and enjoy.

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kim emon
kim emon

April 21, 2022

i bought a puff co unit that allows has it built in spoon to fill with oil. I never did get a good hit off it, i bought a 2 gram tube syringe. the puff co unit stop working before the 2 grams were used up. fortunately the battery screws onto the vape oil cartage. can the piece that vaporizes the oil be replaced..

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