Who is Eleaf?

Founded in 2011, Eleaf is a vaping company based out of China which has grown into one of the major vaping brands in the market. After the introduction of Eleaf’s iStick series in 2014, their reputation soared as the company developed a global reach with distributors. In large part, Eleaf’s rise comes from their simple software and product design which gives beginners easy, safe vape pen kits that perform great.

Building upon the momentum of the iStick, Eleaf has gone on to diversify the iStick product line while also introducing its iJust series. In terms of their available products, Eleaf offers kits, box mods, tanks, coils, and accessories. While Eleaf doesn’t offer products specifically designed for dry herb vaping and wax use, their box mod vapes are compatible with industry-standard 510 thread atomizers. You can shop for the best atomizers in the industry at vapevetstore.com and get free USA shipping too.

Vaporizers Offered by Eleaf

Eleaf iStick Rim C

Eleaf iStick Rim C

Eleaf’s iStick Rim C is a changeable mod powered with a 18650 battery. The slim, minimalist design of the iStick Rim C feels great in your hand. It comes in gradient red & blue, obsidian blue, white, rainbow, and matte black.

With USB Type-C 2A fasting charging, the Rim C features a max output of 80 watts displayed along the side by an LED screen. The fire button sits to one side of the screen, with two more to the other side for adjusting the wattage. Eleaf also features multiple protections for over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-time, short-circuits, and reverse polarity.

When you order the Rim C, you’ll receive a box with the Rim C itself, a USB Type-C Cable, a User Manual, and a Warranty Card.

Eleaf iJust 3 Pro

Eleaf iJust 3 Pro

Eleaf’s mod design comes in a sturdy, 157-gram tube shape with the fire button along the side. It comes in an array of colors ranging from black, purple, red, rainbow, and silver – and features intricate grooves along the body, unique for every device.

You can see the battery life by the ring LED light around the fire button, indicated by the colors green, blue, and red. The iJust Pro also has a variable wattage of 30-75, which you can adjust with the Power Control Button on the bottom of the mod.

Powered by a built-in 3000mAh battery with a USB Type-C fasting charging port, the iJust 3 Pro takes just 90 minutes for the battery to charge at its capacity of 3000mAh. Eleaf’s internal components for the mod also feature a range of protections such as 10 seconds for hits, over-charge, discharge, over-current, and protection from short circuits.

Eleaf iStick Amnis 2

Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 

The iStick Amnis 2 mod packs all of Eleaf’s industry-standard functionalities into a sleek, minimalist design. You can pick from a beautiful rainbow design, or Eleaf offers red, green, black, and silver as well.

However, don’t let the irs simplistic design fool you, the Amnis 2 power comes from a 1100mAH built-in, long-lasting battery. When the battery does run low, your order will come with a USB Type-C charging cable, as well as a lanyard, user manual, and warranty card.

Amnis 2 is very beginner-friendly with its user-friendly adjustable power modes, which range from bypass, low, medium, high, and max – to switch between modes you press the power button above the LED mode displays. Like the iJust 3 Pro, Eleaf’s Amnis 2 features an intuitive power-indicator LED ring around the fire button. Not to mention the standard Eleaf protection for over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, with a 10-second cap, and short circuit protection.

Eleaf iStick T80

Eleaf iStick T80

The iStick T80 comes on the heels of the iStick TCW40W, which sold off the shelves of headshops everywhere. Eleaf’s T80 comes in shades of black, blue, silver, rose gold, grey, and red.

The sleek, elegant design of the iStick T80 fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s USB Type-C output makes for quick 90-minute trips to the power outlet. iStick T80’s built-in 3000mAh battery features an 80W maximum, and just the feel of its finished aluminum alloy body ensures the durability.

The led screen sitting between the fire button and two buttons for adjustments alerts you to the battery life, as well as the wattage. Eleaf’s design also features protections against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuits, with a 10s limit. When you order the iStick T80, you’ll get the mod itself, as well as a USB Type-C, Charging Cable, a user manual, and a warranty card.

Eleaf iStick Rim

Eleaf iStick Rim

Another member of the iStick family, the iStick rim’s slim design and beautiful color schemes make it a great option for a vaping mod. The iStick Rim comes in designs called E-Green, Maze, Wildness, Macaron, Rainbow, and Darkness.

iStick Rim’s ergonomic design makes this a perfect vape for on-the-go – it feels great in your hand and only takes 40 minutes to reach full charge. The iStick Rim features a sustainable 3000mAh battery

Eleaf iStick Pico X

Eleaf iStick Pico X

Eleaf’s Pico X comes in a unique, small-sized box mod. It features a max output of 75W powered by two 18650 batteries.

The Pico X features a unique Coil Protection Function. When you screw on your atomizer, it recommends a safe wattage from reading your coils detected resistance. You can charge the Pico X with a micro USB, or an external battery charger.

The slim, soft and smooth design makes the Pico X a perfect on-the-go mod for vaping wax or dry herbs. The Pico X’s firmware can also easily be updated by connecting it to a computer via micro USB cable and following the instructions in the user manual.

What Is The Best Eleaf Vaporizer?

What Is The Best Eleaf Vaporizer?

At the end of the day, your choice in vape mod is a matter of personal taste. But the reality is the most recent of products offered by a company are its best –vape company looks to improve with every latest product. And this is the case for Eleaf’s iStick Rim C.

If you’re looking to vape wax or dry herbs, the only downside is Eleaf doesn’t explicitly offer cannabis products, such as an atomizer for vaping ground-cannabis with their mods. But at vapevetstore.com we feature a wide range of 510 thread atomizers and other cannabis products.

Where to buy an Eleaf Vaporizer?

Eleaf has a global dominance in the vape market, and you find them in most headshops. You can also find them here online at vapevetstore.com where shipping in the USA is always free.

Eleaf Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Eleaf Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Vaping is a new trend taking the market by storm, so it’s expected people will have questions from how to adjust the temperature to how to charge your box mod vape. We can touch upon a few common questions below:

Will Eleaf Box Mod Vapes work with most wax & dry herb atomizers and cartridges?

As long as they have a 510-threading, your wax atomizers and dry herb cartridges will work with the box mod vapes Eleaf offers.

How do I Adjust The Temperature Of An Eleaf Vaporizer?

Every vape is different, but the box mod vapes have buttons for which you set the temperature, wattage, and voltage. Please make sure to keep your instruction manuals so you know exactly how to adjust the temperature.

Is An Eleaf Vaporizer Worth It?

Eleaf’s Vape mods aren’t the cheapest you can find, but their stellar reputation and reviews will leave you satisfied. They’ll get the job done in a quality fashion, and for a long time. Eleaf’s interior components and software ensure your Vape mod will go the distance. Ultimately, it comes down to preference and your budget, but you can’t go wrong with Eleaf.

How Do I Charge An Eleaf Vaporizer Battery?

Eleaf vaporizers are charged with either a USB Type-C or micro USB charging cable. Simply plug it into a power outlet and you’re good to go.

How Do I Properly Use An Eleaf Vaporizer?

The vape will come with a user manual outlining how to use it. However, there are some similarities when it comes to turning it on and off with the 5 quick clicks, plus adjusting wattage is very similar across devices, as well as keeping mouthpiece free of debris to keep the vapor pathway at its best. For the best smoking experience possible, we recommend that you use a grinder for optimal dry herb vaping. If you own a dry herb atomizer, make sure to purchase a glass screen to prevent combustion from happening.

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