What Is Vapor?

One of the hottest trends going on right now is vaping. Today we are going to break down how vaporizers work and take a closer look at some of the key benefits, in addition to the difference between smoke and vapor.

The main difference between smoke and vapor is how they are created. To get vapor, hot air is blasted onto the dry herb, allowing the compounds in the plant to evaporate and turn into the vapor that you inhale. This gives you a cleaner flavor and allows you to truly taste the plant itself and all of the terpenes that are released during the vaporization process.

Smoke happens when the heating element comes in direct contact with the herb. This burns the material, thus creating the smoke that you inhale. While this is a very fast ingestion method, there are some negatives to smoking rather than vaping.

Vaporizing is the preferred method of many people because it is less harsh on your throat and lungs. In addition to it being more gentle, it has a cleaner taste and the aroma dissipates much more quickly than the smell of smoke.


What is a Vaporizer?

There are several different styles of vaporizers available for you to choose from. You can find larger stand-alone vaporizers that sit on your table at home, such as the Arizer Extreme Q. A countertop vape is a perfect home vaping set up for you to use alone or for your next sesh with friends or family. This style of vaporizer is used for dry herb. Many of these kits even include a grinder so you can get the most out of your herbs.

A desktop vaporizer is easy to use, as you simply load the bowl, set the temperature, and let the machine do its thing. The heating element heats up the air, then uses convection heating to release the vapor from the herb. All that is left to do is inhale the vapor and enjoy. The only downside to using a full-size vaporizer is that it is not portable.

Luckily, there are many different portable dry herb vaporizers that you can choose from if you want a device you can take on the go. With many styles available, it is easy to find one to fit into any budget. Whether you want a slim stick style vape such as the AGO Vaporizer or a wider brick-shaped one such as the Flowermate Mini Vaporizer V5 0S Pro, these vapes are easy to slide into your pocket or toss in your purse so you have access to your herb anytime, anywhere.

While there are many dry herb vaporizers, you can also find hand-held vape pens that are used with oil and wax as well. The portable vaporizers consist of a battery, heating chamber, mouthpiece, and a charger.  You load up your concentrates or herb into the heating chamber, the atomizer heats up and creates vapor. Once the vapor has been produced, you simply inhale the vapor.

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

What Are The Benefits Of Vaping?

When comparing vaping to smoking, it is said that vaping can be a healthier option when ingesting your preferred herbal blend. Now, there are always risks to anything when you are putting things into your body, however, vapor can definitely be a safer alternative. There are a few key benefits that come from vaping!

Vaping Is Discreet

The first benefit is that vapor is much more discreet than smoke. When using a portable vaporizer, the device you use is typically small enough to fit in your pocket and does not require any additional pieces to make the vapor happen. If you were to smoke on the go instead, you would either need to take some rolled herbs or a glass pipe, plus a lighter. Only needing one small item makes it much easier to take a hit when you want without needing to worry that you have multiple items with you.

Vaping is also more discreet than smoking because when you vape, the cloud disappears quickly while smoke sticks around much longer. If you are smoking inside, this is a very desirable benefit since you do not have to worry that the smell is going to leave your room or apartment.

Vaporizers Don't Have A Lasting Smell

Another great thing about vaping over smoking is that the smell is not as strong, plus it dissipates much more quickly than the aroma that goes along with smoking your dry herb. Even if you are inside with other people, there is a good chance that the smell of your herbal blend will go away rather than traveling across the room or into other areas of the building you are in.

Vaping Allows You To Get The Most Optimal Flavor

If you want to truly enjoy the flavor of your herb, vaping is the way to go. After the first hit or two when you smoke, the flavor tastes more burnt than anything. Vaping allows you to get the most out of the full flavor spectrum of the terpenes that give your smoking herbs their taste.

Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking

The reason smoking is not as safe as vaping is that when you inhale smoke, no matter what it is that is burning, there are more toxins that are brought into your lungs, such as tar and carcinogens. Since vaping does not cause combustion, you are not inhaling smoke. The hit is much more gentle on your throat and lungs.

Vaping Can Be More Efficient Than Smoking

The final benefit we are going to cover is how much more efficient vaping is rather than smoking. Heating the herb in a more gentle way allows everything you want to enjoy to be released rather than burning it and wasting a portion of your preferred herbal blend.

Does Vapor Smell?

Does Vapor Smell?

While vapor does have an aroma, the smell that is given off is not as pungent as smoke.  In addition to a more mild scent, the smell of the herb dissipates much more quickly than smoke does. The hazy cloudiness that people associate with smoke is not something you will experience when using a vaporizer as the vapor more or less dissolves into thin air.

Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking

While there are similarities between vaping and smoking your dry herb, there are some key differences between the two.

The vaporization process heats up the herb using a process that is called convection, which is a term you may have heard before in relation to baking in an oven. As with a convection oven, a vaporizer utilizes hot air to heat up the herb, allowing the terpenes and other compounds to be released via evaporation, thus creating vapor.

Smoking utilizes the process of combustion which basically burns the herb. This method creates the smoke that you inhale. You can use combustion for consuming your herbs with a lighter or other heating elements.

Vapor is very gentle on the throat and lungs, has a more mild aroma, and the cloud of vapor dissipates quite quickly. Smoke, on the other hand, has a stronger smell and sticks around much longer.

Vaper vs Vapor

Vaper and vapor are pronounced the same way and it is easy to get the two mixed up. If you have gotten them confused, we definitely understand. Both words are relevant when talking about vaporizers!

A vaper is a person who vapes or is vaping. A great way to remember this is that the -er ending on this word means that it is a person that is doing the action of vaping.

Vapor is the smoke-like cloud that comes from your vaporizer. Since the word vaporizer starts with vapor, this is a simple way to remember which vapor someone is referring to.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

If you prefer to use an herbal blend rather than concentrates, a dry herb vaporizerwould be the way to go.  Whether you want a model that you can use at home or on the go, there are several types available. These devices are as simple as loading your herb, setting the heat, and inhaling.

What is a Wax Pen Vape?

Also commonly referred to as a dab pen, wax vaporizers are a great option for people that prefer to use various types of concentrates such as shatter or honeycomb.  Some models even have a dab slick built-in, such as the Yocan Evolve Plus XL.

To use a wax vaporizer, you place your dab directly onto the coils. The coil heats up and the wax melts onto the wick which heats up and creates the vapor.

What Is An Oil Vape Pen?

There are two types of oil vaporizers. You can use pre-filled cartridges or drip tanks. The steel wick that is located above the coil pulls the oil toward the heating element and creates vapor.

Vaping vs Dabbing

Vaping vs Dabbing

The key difference between vaping and dabbing is how the concentrate is heated.  With a vape, the wax is put into a chamber and a heating element heats up the concentrate and creates vapor.

Dabbing, however, requires you to preheat a nail with a blowtorch before applying the concentrate to the nail. You may use a rig or a nectar collector to do your dabs.

Both of these methods are great options and come down to personal preference.

Is There A Vapor Shop Near Me?

With the increasing popularity of vaping, there are many places you will be able to purchase your vape supplies. Many head shops sell vaporizers and corresponding supplies. If you live in an area that does not have many options for places to find a vape in person, you can shop around online! Luckily for you, there are several vape products available right here at vapevetstore.com, where there is no minimum for free shipping anywhere in the USA!

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