What is the Point of a Vape?

In recent years, vaping among smoke lovers has become exceptionally popular, and it is clear that the trend is not going away soon. This increasing popularity continually begs for the question; what is the point of a vape?

A vape is an electronic device designed to heat any substance; dry herbs, oils, or waxes. It is usually handheld. All vapes work the same way; as a complete system. The system consists of a power source; usually a battery, heating element, and a mouthpiece.

All vapes are different because each serves a different purpose. Some function strictly for dry extracts, others for liquid only, and some work for both. The point of a vape is it’s the ability to cater to vapers needs.

Vapes for Quitting Cigarettes

Cigarettes vs. vapes is probably one of the most discussed topics in the vape community. Some people turned to vapes in a bid to cut down on their use of cigarettes. While vaping is not smoking, vaping helps people get control over what they consume. Numerous vaping devices are customizable to meet the needs of this kind of vaper. Furthermore, there are extracts and concentrates with rich flavor and zero nicotine content. Depending on preference then, you find something that works for you, but whether it is the best way to quit cigarettes remains an argument on both sides.

Vaping Dry Herbs vs. Smoking Dry Herbs

Smoke lovers continue to enjoy their favorite extract in many ways than one. Although many people make use of several tools like pipes, bongs, etc., others prefer dry herb vaporizers. They swear it’s the only means by which vaping dry herbs is best enjoyed.

What is Vaping Dry Herbs?

What is Vaping Dry Herbs?

Vaping dry herbs as you know is application of heat to dry herbs until it becomes inhalable vapor. There is no direct interaction between the extract and heat source during vaping. 

What is smoking?

Smoking is setting fire on your herbs. You are combusting the material until it undergoes total denaturation, and the herbs turn into ash. In the end, the result of combustion is the carcinogens that let-off when you’re having a smoke. Those guys are quite detrimental to health.

Is It Better To Vape Dry Herbs or Smoke Dry Herbs?

Is It Better To Vape Dry Herbs or Smoke Dry Herbs?

When it comes down to smoking and vaping, preference is vital. Nonetheless, a significant difference between smoking and vaping is heat and how it affects the herbs. Smoking dry herbs use up more temperature, via combustion. Vaping, on the other end, uses a lower temperature through convection.

Smoking, as well as vaping, are quite straightforward. With vaping, you grind your herbs, pack them into your device, apply heat, and begin to inhale. When compared to smoking, however, vaping has more advantages.

What Are The Advantages of Vaping Dry Herbs?

Vaping Is Effective

If you think about the amount of herbs wasted between paper rolls, burn-offs, and puffs, you will agree that vaping conserves herbs more. One significant advantage of vaping over smoking is that the dry herbs remain in your vaporizer, something that is not possible with a joint. 

Vaping Allows You To Adjust The Temperature

Vaping Allows You To Adjust The Temperature

Again, since vaping uses a lower temperature, it is safer for your lungs and throat. Vapor reduces your exposure to toxins. This is almost impossible with smoke inhalation.

Vaping Is Discreet

Vaping is more discreet. It is a classy way of enjoying your dry herbs. You don’t have to worry about stashing your herbs away as your device comes in the shape of a pen, which does not give you away. Plus, the smell never lingers.

The Cost of a Vaporizer

Between these two, smoking is a lesser investment. You get your herbs at cheaper rates, a few paper rolls, and yes, you’re good to go. Admittedly, the most affordable vaporizer in the market is costlier than paper rolls and an ordinary pipe. Therefore, the cost of vaping is generally higher.

But keep in mind that you can get a quality dry herb vaporizer at relatively cheap rates.

Vaping Requires More Maintenance, But Easier To Clean

Vaping Requires More Maintenance, But Easier To Clean

Each vaping unit requires maintenance, no matter how minute. Aside from replacing batteries, you may need to change coils or clean the vape. Smoking requires no such fuss, put away the ash, and that’s all you need. That being said, cleaning a vape is significantly easier than cleaning a smoking pipe. Smoking pipes require a more laborious process. You need to use cleaning solutions or hot water to remove the resin. On top of that, you'll also need q-tips to clean all the nooks and crannies, which are not easy to get to.

In all, smoking may be restricting, but vaping gives you control and flexibility with regards to your dry herbs.

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