What is The Best Herb Grinder for Vaping?

The best herb grinder is going to end up being the grinder that works best for you! Just because a grinder is perfect for someone else doesn’t mean that it will be a perfect grinder for you and vice versa. This is why it’s so important to consider your grinder needs before making a purchase, and there are a lot of factors to consider. There are metal grinder, plastic grinders, big and small grinders, grinders that have special compartments to hold shredded herb, and grinders that have a separate compartment for kief. There are even grinders that have a hand crank or operate at the touch of a button. Regardless of your needs, there is a lot for you to consider!

Having said that, we have a list of some of the most popular grinders that our customers keep coming back to time and time again. Take a look below and start considering the grinding features that are most important for you!

4-Piece Metal Herb Grinders

These are some of the most common grinders you will run across while shopping, and rightfully so! These kinds of metal grinders are loaded with features and can accommodate a lot of grinding needs. For example, they have ample room for shredding, have a compartment to hold the herb once it has been shredded, and a special compartment at the bottom that catches and stores kief.

Razor Sharp Silicone Herb Grinder

This is a specific kind of 4-piece grinder that has a few extra perks beyond what you might find on a “normal” 4-piece metal herb grinder. The exterior of these grinders is silicone, which serves as protection against drops as well as allowing for easier handling. The interior blades are crafted and placed specifically to make grinding as easy as possible with consistent shredding. If you want a more premium experience with your grinder, then these kinds of grinders are perfect for you!

Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder

Sharpstone is one of the most trusted names in the grinding game, and their hand crank grinder does not disappoint. The hand crank is found on top of the grinder, and its purpose is to make it easier to hold onto and grind as opposed to having to grabble with the small, circular top of a traditional 4-piece grinder. If you have problems with joint pain or hand strength but don’t want to spend money on an automatic grinder, hand crank grinders offer an attractive solution. They still come in 4-pieces, which includes a kief catching container.

Why Use an Herb Grinder When Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

You may have come across this article because you’ve been told that you should be grinding your herbs before you load them into a dry herbvape. Grinding your herbs is one of the most important things you can to do improve the quality of your dry herb vaping experience, and there are a lot of reasons this is the case.

The first reason is airflow. For dry herb vaporizers to do their job, they need enough space to heat the air, and they need enough airflow to allow vapor to be inhaled once produced. Grinding dry herbs allow for much more airflow than just cramming a nug in the heating chamber.

Grinding your dry herbs also makes them vape more consistently. This means more of your dry herb will be producing vapor at once, making it easier to get larger hits of vapor. It also means you don’t get stuck with half of your herbs brown and spent while the other half has barely been used at all. Grinding also improves the overall flavor experience and allows you to taste more subtle flavor notes than you otherwise would have.

Finally, grinding your dry herbs makes it less likely for a clog to occur in the vapor path of your device. When not ground, you are risking for large pieces of dry herb to break off and clog the filter screen that keeps debris from entering the vapor path. When ground, you have no large pieces! Instead, the small pieces of dry herb you have packed will take much longer to cause your metal mesh screen to be replaced.

In short, grinding your dry herbs should be seen as a necessary action instead of an optional one. We have plenty of grinders to choose from here at vapevetstore.com, and anyone you choose will come with free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.!

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