What is a Titanium Dab Nail?

Dabbing with a rig would be impossible without a dab nail of some sort. The whole point of using a rig to vaporize your concentrates is being able to enjoy the smooth hit that comes with diffusing the hit through water. Titanium is a very popular tool for use as a heating element for use with your oils and herbal concentrates.

There are several reasons that titanium nails are the go-to choice for so many people. It is the toughest material you can dab with, as it will not shatter or explode if heated too much, Titanium is also non-toxic when it is heated and can withstand temperatures your torch will not be able to produce, making it a great match for using with the high temps that come with the vaporization process.

If you are looking for a durable material to use for your next sesh with your friends, titanium is the way to go.

Titanium Dab Nail Types

Titanium Dab Nail Types

One of the benefits of titanium is how versatile it is. You can find several different types of dab nails made from titanium. From nectar collectors to sidearms to domeless varieties, each style has its own unique benefits. With so many styles available, it will be hard to choose which one you want to try first.

Depending on your rig’s needs, you can choose between a male piece, a female piece, or a universal one. There are even various adapters available that you can use with your nail to make it fit your rig perfectly.

Regardless of which style you choose, they will all do a great job with heat retainment and giving you a great dabbing experience.

Titanium does have a large list of benefits, but whether you choose titanium over other materials is entirely up to you.

Ceramic Dab Nail vs Titanium

Ceramic Dab Nail vs Titanium

Ceramic and titanium are both great options for dabbing. While they do have some stark differences, they actually have a few similarities, as well.

Titanium and ceramic are comparable because they do take a bit of time to heat up but they both maintain heat much better than most materials do.

The major differences between the two are the flavor and durability. Ceramic Nails give great flavor no matter what you are dabbin, but it is quite fragile. Titanium, on the other hand, is extremely durable but sometimes gives off a metallic taste when heated.

Quartz Dab Nail vs Titanium

Quartz Dab Nail vs Titanium Nail

Quartz is definitely a great material for use with dabbing, but is it as great as titanium? Of course, nobody can answer that but you.

Quartz is a desirable material because it heats up quickly and evenly, it gives off no added taste so you know that you will be tasting your concentrate and nothing else, and it is more durable than glass by a long shot.

Where quartz dab nails fall short, however, is in heat retention. It gets hot very quickly and is consistent but it also cools off just as quickly so using quartz does require you to move faster than with other dabbing methods.

E Nail Dab Nail vs Titanium

E-Nail vs Titanium Dab Nail

If you are looking for the most technologically advanced way to dab, an e-nail would be a great choice. E-nails can come with a titanium or quartz nail but it does not require a torch-like with traditional methods.

The e-nail has a built-in heating device that heats the nail up automatically, taking the guesswork out of dabbing. While many people prefer the act of using the torch as a part of their dabbing routine, an e-nail is a great choice if you find heating your nail with a torch to be troublesome or a hassle.

What is the Best Titanium Dab Nail?

The best titanium nail all comes down to your personal preference and what your needs are. There are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best nail for you.

First, you should take a look at the dab rig you will be using your new nail with. Pay attention to the joint size and whether or not you will need a male or female piece to use with it.

Next, think about the style of nail you want. Do you want one with adjustable height? You may want a dozer or domeless variety. Whichever you prefer should work out just fine for you.

You should also consider the material and quality. You can find titanium nails made from lower-grade metal but most people prefer to get Medical Grade 2 Titanium, as it is the safest to heat and ingest your wax from.

It is also important to decide if you are going to be using your new nail with a torch or with an e-nail. If you want to be able to use your rig over and over without needing to pull out your torch each time, an e-nail would be a good choice. If you do not mind using a torch, you would probably prefer to use a traditional titanium nail instead of the electronic version.

Every style has pros and cons but each one has its own special features that make it shine. As long as your tool of choice is used correctly, you will be in for a good time.

How to Use a Titanium Dab Nail?

How to Use a Titanium Dab Nail?

Titanium nails are a breeze to use! Once you pick the one you want for your rig, using your new nail is quite simple.

Before you get started you will want to make sure you have all of your supplies together. Using a tray is a great way to keep everything within reach. It prevents your dabber from rolling away from you and it keeps your set-up more organized as well.

You are going to need your rig (do not forget the water!), your nail, the dome (if needed, of course), your herbal concentrate, a dabber, and a torch. Place the nail in the joint of your rig. Get your dab ready and start heating your nail with the torch. When the nail is at the optimal temperature, apply your wax and inhale at the same time.

One of the best things about using a titanium nail is that you will not need to feel rushed once your nail comes up to temperature since titanium does such a great job with retaining the heat and keeping it at the optimal temperature.

How to Clean a Titanium Dab Nail

The only downside to using a nail is that it will inevitably have to be cleaned. The good news is that titanium is very simple to clean, thanks to the great durability the material offers. Today we are going to cover the three easiest ways you can clean your nail.

The first method is the easiest way to go. It is called the torching method and it is simple to do as the name suggests. To clean your nail with this method, you simply heat up your nail with your torch until you burn off any residue that is left. This method is so simple that you can do it either before or after every use to keep your nail nice and clean. Keep in mind that this method will get your nail extremely hot so it is recommended that you have a pair of tongs or hot pads nearby so you do not accidentally grab the nail and burn yourself.

The second method is almost as easy as the first! Heat your nail until it glows red and submerge it in room temperature water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then remove it from the water. You can scrub it with a toothbrush if it still has anything left on it.

The final cleaning method is a fairly standard method that can be used to clean a variety of pieces, not just titanium. This is the isopropyl method. There are two ways that you can do this. The first is simply soaking your nail in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Let it soak for five to 10 minutes, then give it a good rinse. If you do not want to soak your nail, you can also put the alcohol on a rag or cotton swab and scrub it clean. Make sure to rinse your nail well to remove all of the remaining alcohol residue.

It is important that you keep up with cleaning your nail so you have the cleanest and best tasting dabbing experience every time.

Where can I buy Titanium Dab Nails?

Titanium dabs nails are very popular amongst concentrate connoisseurs. Because of their popularity, they are extremely easy to find. You can find them in most of your local smoke shops or head shops but you do not have as much variety in brick and mortar facilities as you do if you shop around online. If you shop online at Vape Vet Store, you can find a wide variety of titanium nails and we even offer free shipping on all US orders!

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