What Is A Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs are a unique type of bong, often it is a homemade bong that mixes power with smoothness. Even more interesting is the fact that gravity bongs are probably some of the most popular types of smoking apparatus that are homemade. This has more to do with how simple a gravity bong is (compared to glass blowing or woodworking) and less to do with the relative quality of purchased gravity bongs.

How a Gravity Bong Works

The way a gravity bong works is extremely simple. Basically, the force of gravity pulls a major hit into the bottle/chamber without the smoker having to do any extra work. This is usually done using water as the means to create the suction effect that pulls the smoke into the bottle/chamber. Simply remove the top and suck in the smoke (although some simply reverse the suction action in order to force the smoke into their lungs for a harder, more powerful hit). All in all, gravity bongs are popular for their power, reliability, ease of use and manufacture, and the overall fun they provide.

Homemade Bong v. Store-Bought Bong

Homemade Bong vs. Store-Bought Bong

The first question one has to ask themselves is truly whether or not they want to make a gravity bong or purchase a silicone bong. There is not a single right or wrong answer to this question. For example, someone who is more handy than not should find no trouble gathering the materials and quickly putting together an airtight, fantastic gravity bong. On the other hand, someone less mechanically inclined might find it too much of a hassle or unreliable to want to do all of that. Homemade gravity bongs can certainly save a little money but, overall, the models in store are not pricey and are guaranteed to be airtight and 100% effective. Again, it will come down to personal skills and preferences as well as budgetary concerns. All in all, there is nothing wrong going either way so make sure to consider all of these factors.

Bottle Bong vs. Waterfall Bong

Bottle Bong vs. Waterfall Bong

There are two main varieties of gravity bong – particularly homemade ones. The first one, the bottle bong, is a different version of a waterfall bong (they both operate using gravity so the difference isn’t enormous) and simply involves treating the bottle a bit different. In a bottle bong, there is a plastic bottle that has been cut in half or at least had the bottom removed from it. This is so that when the bottle is placed into the bucket, the water will begin to fill the bottle up. The cap of the bottle either is or contains the bong bowl piece.

The bottle cap/bowl should not be on top of (or filled) when filling the bottle (this will cause a jet of air to shoot any herb in the bottle cap/bowl out of the bowl and everywhere else). Attach the bowl/cap and then light the herb inside while slowly pulling the bottle out of the water. This will cause the air to reverse and flow into the bottle causing the bottle to fill with smoke from the lit herb. Once the entire bowl has been consumed, simply remove the top and shove the bottle back down into the water while inhaling the smoke coming out.

Waterfall Bong

A waterfall bong on the other hand simply does the same mechanical function but with one bottle and no need for a bucket of water to keep the bottle in. Rather than cutting off the entire bottom segment, simply make a large enough hole to drain water somewhat quickly but small enough that covering it is a simple task for a single finger. Fill the bottle with water while covering the hole. Then, place the bowl on top and pack it. Finally, light the bowl and allow the water to flow out from the water bottle, like a waterfall, and into a bucket, sink, or on the ground. Similarly, the gravitational pull of the water leaving the bottle will fill the bottle with smoke that can be quickly, easily inhaled once the bowl is cashed. These are the two main types of gravity bong.

How to Make a Gravity Bong

How to Make a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are super simple to make and only require:

  1. A plastic bottle – preferably a 1 or 2 liter
  2. A sink, bucket, or additional bottle
  3. Knife or scissor
  4. Aluminum foil
  5. Something to poke holes (thumbtacks or nails)
  6. Dry herb

Step 1: Use the knife/scissor to cut the bottom off the bottle (or just make a hole for the waterfall)

Step 2: Fill a sink, bucket, etc with water.

Step 3: Take of the cap and now place the aluminum foil over the hole/opening on the bottle. Keep the cap (or drill a hole and place a bowl piece) so that the bottle can be closed if need be.

Step 4: Poke enough holes in the foil to allow airflow. Otherwise, make sure the bowl is unclogged.

Step 5: fully loaded, make sure to carefully light and begin to pull the submerged bottle out of the water

Step 6: Once completely filled with smoke, remove the cap and proceed to enjoy!

Bukket Pipe Bongs

Bukket Pipe Bongs

The Bukket Pipe Bong that looks like an accordion and uses air instead of relying on water. This can be a significantly easier bong to use for those worried about spilling water everywhere while they use their gravity bong. Instead, this type of bong is handheld and lightweight to ensure that the process of filling and emptying of air is done seamlessly and without a problem. These bongs can be a bit rougher than a water-filled gravity bong because the water helps mask and insulate the hit from the harshness. All told, this is an excellent purchase (can’t really make this one at home).

Gravity Bong v Silicone Bong

Gravity Bong v Silicone Bong

Gravity bongs, compared to silicone bongs, are probably more powerful in almost any matchup by the very nature of a gravity bong, the way they hit, and how much smoke can be generated without having to sacrifice lung capacity. However, silicone bongs are likely sturdier and more lightweight to say nothing of probably a little less nerve-wracking for someone who is somewhat clumsy. All told, both use water and both provide great hits so the most important aspect is going to be preference.

Gravity Bong v Vaporizer

Gravity Bong vs Dry Herb Vaporizer

Unlike the previous example, gravity bongs and dry herb vaporizers are much different. For someone who prefers flame and smoke a gravity bong should win. Not to mention there is no reliance on batteries. However, vaporizers are smooth and powerful too and more portable because of their size and lack of reliance on water. Vaporizers can handle a wider variety of herb derivatives as well: dry herb, wax, and oil.

Gravity Bong v Dab Rig

Gravity Bong vs Dab Rig

Gravity bongs are much safer to use than dab rigs (no need for a blowtorch) but wax often is stronger than herb (no matter how good the quality). This comes down to personal preference on the power and convenience factors. Either is an excellent option.

Is Gravity a Good Option?

Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference. There is absolutely no reason to avoid a gravity bong unless someone is SUPER clumsy or simply dislikes bongs. The fact that they can be homemade is even better because the cost of trying one out isn’t nearly as bad as other pieces.

Where to Buy a Gravity Bong (or the Parts)

Gravity bongs, again, can be homemade or purchased. In order to get the materials for a homemade gravity bong it simply means acquiring basic household items (like a bucket, bottle, tape, etc) as well as something to serve as the bowl piece (which can be purchased wherever other pieces can be purchased – online, retail, etc). A bowl piece can also be homemade. Simply go to whatever preferred convenience store to stock up on all the basic items.

Gravity bongs can be purchased at a local smoke shop or online from a variety of reputable retailers. Check out the variety of bongs available at Vape Vet Store. Don’t forget, all orders shipped in the USA are 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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