What Are the Health Benefits of Vaping?

Are Vapes Really Better?

We all know that vaping is better than smoking, and it goes without saying that vaping is better because it produces no smoke, and no smoke in your lungs means better health for you in the long run. But did you know that vaping can come with some added health benefits as well? Today we will be discussing why vaping is better than smoking, and what benefits vaping has in your body. While it is inadvisable to promote vaping or vaping products to some people, especially minors, it should be noted that vaping can help those who are smokers and those looking for a better alternative to smoking a cigarette.

No matter what avenue of vaping you wish to pursue, always discuss alternative health options with your doctor. Vaping can be considered a medical device depending on what and how you use it, and who is using it. When it comes to smoking, few can tolerate its effects without eventually running into contact with health problems. First let us look at the fundamental basics of why vaping can be a better option than traditional smoking methods.

What About Those Who Smoke?

Beyond a vape vs. smoke section, we will be giving a detailed look into why exactly vaping is better than smoking. First off, there are vaporizers on the market, such as the AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer, that utilizes combustion without the need for fuel, a lighter, matches, or any other form of smoking apparatus aside from the vape itself. It is considered a vape because when a glass filter is added, it converts into a convection vaporizer. Vapes such as these are essential for many reasons.

If you smoke, or are a former smoker, vaping may be too much of a transition for you without the right type of vaping device. Vapor itself has a different consistency than smoke which can be less “filling” and requires either a strong box mod or a vape like the AGO. This allows the user to light up dry herbs without the chemicals and eases the transition to vaping at any time. Vapes like this are designed for smokers who wish to move onto vaping and provide a hybrid style of vaping without the need for external components.

Vaping in this way is much more comfortable and can result in long term results that are positive for the user. Switching between smoking and vaping on one vape is ideal for those who are trying to quit smoking altogether. This makes it more manageable and can be undertaken at any pace set up by the user. Vaping is ultimately better than smoking because you spend less money on extras like lighters and butane and save your health by reducing carcinogens over time.

How Vaping Improves Your Health

While there are many more reasons that could be listed on why vaping could be much better than smoking, it should be noted that vaping could vastly improve your health in many direct ways. For one, vaping stops you from smoking, and can also help you kick the habit of chewing tobacco. It is an unfortunate myth that chewing tobacco, or snuff, is much better or a “healthier” alternative than smoking. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, those who chew tobacco are more prone to mouth and esophageal cancers that could fare just as bad or much worse than those who get cancer from smoking.

Vaping reduces that risk by not introducing nicotine in the form of a chemically laden chewing product. Instead, vaporizers ranging from dry herb units to wax, and oil vapes are made to utilize natural material and gently heat them up to a point below combustion. This heat allows the material to release volatile compounds that accumulate to form what we know and see as vapor. With a reduced toxin load comes the ability to indulge better in sports and performance activities without worrying about being out of breath. Vaping also aids those trying to detox and those who are on light or clean diets.

What About Medical Patients?

Perhaps the biggest benefit comes to those who are in the medical community in need of a vaporizer for medical reasons. Vaping vastly reduces or virtually eliminates the toxin load accompanied by smoking. Those who are unable to smoke because of lung issues or those who have very weak bodies will find that vaping is a much better alternative. Vaping further improves your health by allowing you the freedom of not being confined to just one specific product. If dry herb vaping is not compatible with your treatment regimen, you could tailor your sessions with something stronger and more effective.

Those who are on pain management or have trouble sleeping at night will find comfort and relief by using a vaporizer that is meant to utilize a stronger product. The added benefit of having a vaporizer like the SteamCloud Box Mod that can accommodate any type of vaping modality is a plus. Being able to switch modalities based on your medical needs is an invaluable resource. Those who are too fragile for strong pills and those who reject other forms of alternative treatments can look to vaping for solace and relief.

Final Thoughts

Vaping has come a long way thanks to improvements within the medical community. While vaping can be enjoyed by anyone, it is the medical patient that takes vaping to new heights. Units are specially made with the patient in mind and can be made without resulting in metals with residues, plastics that melt, and chemicals in adhesives and solvents that could contribute to declining health. Most high quality vapes utilize glass and mitigate heat issues in various ways. No matter what type of vape you have, know that you are making a wise choice for the health of yourself and those you care about.

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